community support – Robert Hofmann

Good evening everyone,

a short post regarding the YouTube channel of Robert Hofmann. He is about to hit half a milli on YouTube and I would love it if we could help him.

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Guten Abend ihr lieben,

ein guter Bekannter, der liebe Robert Hofmann ist auf YouTube kurz davor die halbe Million Abonnenten zu knacken. Ich finde seinen Kanal ganz toll und teile den Großteil seiner Meinungen zu Filmen und Serien.

Solltet ihr ihn noch nicht kennen und noch nicht abonniert haben würde ich mich freuen wenn wir ihm helfen könnten.

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my attempt at #polishmountain

Holo everyone,

if you follow me on any of my Social Media accounts you might have seen that I attempted the #polishmountain last Friday.

You may think “what the hell is this s**t?”, especially when you saw it you might have thought “WTF?! Who would wear that?!”
Well today I will explain what all of this was about.

If you are interested in nail art, chance is that you’ve come across the YouTube channel Simply Naillogical, which was build by a lovely canadian girl Cristine.

Check all her Social Media accounts below and add/follow/subscribe to her, cuz she is awesome and hilarious!

Instagram Cristine
Instagram Cristine’s feature account
Instagram Menchie (Cristine’s cat)
Instagram Zyler (Cristine’s cat)
Instagram Ben (Cristine’s BF)


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[sponsored] Halloween with Maskworld – Alice: madness returns

Good evening lovelies,

we are already on to my last Halloween look, which is actually not my idea, but was re-created from Lex (MadeYewLook on YouTube).

For my last look I picked‘s red contact lenses (saten Kontaktlinsen).


They were so kind to send me a few of their products to review., is the leading Online store for everything you need to create the perfect Costume and was founded in 1999 in Berlin. They offer a wide range of products, from high quality and trendy costumes, to Wigs, Make-up, special effects Make-up and Contact lenses. They ship worldwide and also have a huge new store located near Hackescher Markt at Oranienburger Str. 86a in Berlin.

I also used Aqua Make-up for the white pale skin and also the red blood, as well as fake blood. Since I didn’t have a black wig, I decided to just use a black scarf to cover up my natural hair. *sigh* that would have been much nicer if I’d still have my black hair haha

Anyway, if you watch the video above, you will know what I did. Lex always explains every step very well. I was also very thankful for the hint that Alice still has her eye shadow on when in hysteria mode. So that’s what I did as well.




Even I am not nearly as professional as Lex, I am very happy with the outcome. I think this is my favorite look out of all three I did this year. Would you blame me? I just love to play with fake blood^^

How do you like the look? Which one was your favorite? Please let me know in the comments below.

As a little thank you to Maskworld I also created a little nail design. I hope you like it :)


Please check out their Online store

as well as their other social media accounts

Maskworld Instagram
Maskworld Facebook
Maskworld YouTube

Have a great Halloween




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