HAULy friday – seventeen – Rituals

Hey everyone,

today  I have a different HAULy friday for you.


After I already bought one of their shower foams a while ago and since I loved it so much I decided to visit my local Rituals Shop. I wanted to try their Sakura (cherry blossom) range so bad, but since they are not really cheap I was hesitant to buy more.

Anyway, that day I went in knowing this could be dangerous haha but I still did and started sniffing around. The sales lady came running and went through the whole Cherry Blossom Ritual with me. She wet my hands, used the hand oil, the peeling, the shower foam and later the body cream. I was in heaven!

I smelled incredibly nice and actually wanted to lick myself haha

Oh well, sold. I decided against one of their big packs, which included 200 ml Zensation (shower foam), 150 ml Rice Scrub (hand scrub), 100 gr Sakura Scrub (body scrub) & 70 ml Magic Touch (body creme). Why?
Simply because I wanted the the full sized products.

So here is what I bought.


Left top to bottom right …


Sakura Scrub
Body Peeling
18,50 euro / 375 gr


Magic Touch
Body Creme
15,00 euro / 200 ml


Shower Foam
8,00 euro / 200 ml


Tea Time Candle
Green Tea
17,50 euro / 290 gr

candle in action^^



All together I paid around 60 euro, but it was totally worth it!

I used all of these products a few times already and I really love them.
Because of their price they are for sure no everyday items, but I always use them when I am super stressed or had a shitty day/week.

So I am sure these will last me a while.

The peeling is really nice, you don’t need much but it gives you really soft skin. In combination with the shower foam and body creme it is even better. For me this is a little luxury treat once in a while, to pamper myself and feel good. Mostly after I used them, I will light the candle and relax watching my favorite shows. The whole Ritual is very calming.

So far I also bought the Shower Foam from Trees, which is a Douglas brand I think, but I mostly don’t use it. I liked the smell at the beginning, but it is kind of too strong for me now.

Kneipp also came out with two different shower foams. But more on that later^^

I will definitely re-buy those products and really hope they will never discontinue them. I am a big fan of these.

Have you ever tried Rituals products? I know they sell a lot of different products and scents, also Make-up, but since I almost never use Make-up anymore I was not really paying attention to that area of the shop^^
They also sell home goods like towels, room scents and clothes. I know right now they have an offer where you get a free Hammam beach towel if you buy things over the value of 40 euro.

Let me know which Ritual products you like. I am curious to read your opinion.

Have a relaxed long weeked (if Monday is a holiday for you).





HAULy friday – nine

Hey everyone,

welcome to another HAULy friday post.


Here are some thing I recently bought.

essentials like nail polish remover, cotton pads and my favorite nail polish remover pen.


french tips, because they make things fast and neat.



nail stickers from Woolworth, aren’t those cute?




Essence paper print with the paper print transfer coat




some nail art decorations in fruits and butterflies




and last but not least some nice L’oreal nail polishes





I recently also bought a birthday present for my friend in Japan and since I spend so much money, I also got this ANAYAKE brush set for free. These brushes are so soft and I really love the design. All brushes in this set come in a bag which is prefect for travel.




Another thing I got for free (a sample) was this Biotherm Skin-Best which is supposed to smooth out your skin in preparation for the make-up. I tried it twice and I really like it.



I also bought shower foam at Douglas.
I really love the rituals one, it is perfect after a stressful day because it calms me down.


Since my skin had a lot of break-outs recently I also wanted to try the 7 day skin energy treatment.
It contains 7 small ampules which different purposes. The are supposed to give energy, moisturize and refresh your skin.
I am on day 4 now and feel a little different, but not like “super wow”.




another thing I wanted to try was the Nivea shower gel. I did and like the smell. It also contains small oil pearls.




I also bought the current hair coloration, my roots are showing :(




and last but not least, some hair ties.



I know today I am not showing too much nail related things, but I thought maybe you would also be interested to see what else I buy :P

BTW who is interested to see what I bought at UNIQLO?

I hope you are heaving a great friday!