Tips & Tricks – two– how do I care for my hands?

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last [tips & tricks] post, but today I wanted to tell you what I do (not always, but from time to time) to keep my hands nice and soft.



Usually I do this on a Saturday or Sunday when my BF and I are having a movie night. I do this maybe once a month or so.

Starting off with washing my hands of course, rings and all other jewelry off and scrubbing my wet hands with one of my favorite p2 peelings. I really love the green one, but sadly they don’t sell it anymore so I had to get the new one as well.
After this is done I usually creme my nails with the nail wax from p2 and put the cuticle care on my cuticles as well as some nail food pomelo on my nails as well.



After that I take my The Body Shop – Mango Body Creme to thickly creme my hands. Why use that? Simply because my best friend gave it to me for my birthday and since I don’t use Body Creme why let it go to waste? It is also a great moisturizing hand mask.


I always put some plastic gloves on top (the ones you use to dye your hair) before I slide my hands into a pair of pink cotton gloves :P



I leave it like that for 2 hours or sometimes even while I am sleeping.
After removing the “mask” you are left with super soft hands that are well moisturized.

If you would like you could also cut off any access cuticle skin. I use my Wilkinson cutter for that.



and after that why not put on some more creme? :D



I hope that helped. I know it is a lot, but sometimes you gotta pamper you hands too.

Have a great night



Mara’s little helpers

Hello everyone,

welcome to another one of my Tips & Tricks posts.


Today I would like to fill you in on my littler nail related helpers.

I guess the ground essentials are the same for all of us. A nail file, some cotton pads/balls and nail polish remover.
But which ones are used? Which other tips and tricks do I have for you?

Well, keep on reading and you will find out :)


First of all, there is a big difference between metal files, bendy nail files (the green one) and glass files.
I think they are all good, but I use them for different purposes.
The metal file for example is used to file my toe nails. These are usually much stronger than my finger nails. I also have problems with the nails going into my skin, so it is important for me to lift them up sometimes and file the corners so nothing hurts. The metal file is perfect for that. Besides that it is of course perfect to clean under your nail, doesn’t matter if toe nails or finger nails.
I also use it to clean up excess nail polish if I painted past the nails.
The green file is for soft/weak nails, so I use that one to file my finger nails. I mostly don’t use a base coat before paining my nails. I don’t know, when I use a base coat it is more difficult to apply the nail color evenly. So I end up not using a base coat UNLESS I have to, because I am using a polish I know will leave stains and discolor my nail.
IF that happens, because I am trying a color for the first time, the green file is great for gently file off the discolored top of my nails.
I also own a glass file from Ciaté, the first glass file I used so far.
I must say I really like it, but sometimes it files too much off. So my favorite file is still the green one my p2.

Having this said, there are some other tools I use to make nails arts more easy.

Tooth picks are also great to clean up if you applied polish past your nail.
A two-sided dotting tool, to create polka dot nails, color a larger design, add eyes or pupils to a character and so on and so forth
A tweezer, to pick up small nail art objects (characters, stickers, pearls, shiny stones) and place them on your nail art.
Cuticle gel/creme and an oil in cuticle skin pusher pen to take care of your cuticle.
A nail polish correcting pen. So much more easy to clean off any excess polish.
And also a nail art brush to apply glitter or what not AND last but not least, funnels to fill back in all the pearls and glitter.


A skin clipper to cut off excess cuticle skin that you pushed back before.



A hand peeling. Mine is by p2 and I really, really love this!!!
I am so mad at p2 for distributing this! Mine won’t last forever and I was really satisfied with this.
I hope I can find something similar to it.


My favorite hand-creme.


Pink cotton gloves to put on after applying loads of creme or a hand mask. Makes your hands so much smoother :)
Preferably used after a hand peeling.
Also toe seperaters for pedicure and make-up sponges for gradient nail art design (I did not try this though)



Nail care. I recently bought these two bottles. Cuticle care gel and Nail food (hihi) for weak nails.
Be careful though with the cuticle gel, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES after putting this on!



Nail polish remover (either the acetone free one from Ebeline or the one from Rossmann), cotton pads and aluminium foil.


Express dry drops, helps drying you polish much faster. I must say though, for me it leaves bubbles in my polish, I don’t know why. But that’s why I don’t use this particular one often.
I prefer Ciaté’s speed coat pro (NT014), which is a fast dry top coat.


A black nail art pen, you never know when you will need this puppy :)


Don’t laugh, but circle stickers/markers and clear tape.
This helps to create and easy french nail or other nail art designs.

Besides that I have cut my own nail art brushes from normal thin art brushes.
Who needs expensive nail stripers if you can cut your own?

Let me know if this was helpful and if you have any other questions on what I use or if YOU have tips and tricks to share with me.

I am interested to hear your feedback!



Tips & Tricks – 1 – glitter polish removal

Hello everyone,

since we are through all the mini glitter polishes from Ciaté’s Tree Trinket gift set, I thought it is time for another new category on my blog – Tips & Tricks.


In this category I want to try giving advice or tips and tricks regarding working with nail polish.
I also want to talk about the miths like what helps to dry polish faster or is it good to use drops of nail polish remover to loosen up dry polishes?

My first post is about the removal of glitter polishes. We all know having a glittery manicure is much fun, but removing the polish is such a pain. Simply rubbing nail polish soaked cotton pads back and forth over the glitter manicure takes way too long and can be pretty frustrading.
Some of you might already know the solution to this problem, but I will show you anyway.
There is a simple trick to help you remove glitter polishes.

What you need?

– 5 cotton pads cut in half
– nail polish remover
– aluminium foil  (10 stripes)
– 10 – 15 minutes of time


Cut the cotton pads (I use the circle ones from my local drugstore) in half so they have a half moon shape.
Also cut the aluminium foil in stripes. You will need 10 in total, one for each of your filangies (fingers).


Look at this nasty chipped nail polish. Time to get rid of it.
Soak one half moon shaped cotton pad with nail polish remover and place it on top an around your fingertip. I usually place the round part on my cuticle.


Take one stripe of the aluminium foil……


…..wrap it……


…..wrap it around your finger. Make sure to kee the cotton pad in place.



Continue on all your other fingers until you look similar to Edward scissor hand. :)
This gets more tricky with every covered finger.


Now watch TV, read a book or simply relax for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove all the foil/cotton pairs by slighty moving it from from left to right.

You will be left with an almost fully cleaned nail. Soak a normal cotton pad and clean over all the nails again.

You are left with clean nails :)
(don’t mind my discolored nails please)


What do you think?
Did you already know this trick? Did it help you?
What else would like me to help you with?
Leave everything in the comments.