[sponsored] Fing’rs – 2332 pink glitter flower – nail wraps

Good evening everyone,

today I have the first of a few posts about Fing’rs products, which were sent to me to test out.

The flashing pink brand Fing’rs specializes in artificial fingernails and nail decorations like nail wraps, studs and stones. They are on the market for over 20 years and established to become the Markets leader for artificial fingernails in Europe. 

I have a lot of experience with their products, since I used them regularly during my teens and early twenties.
If you remember, I also used their Fashion Normal Acrylic nails for my “Dracula untold” manicure in September.



I was very surprised and excited about the amount of products I got sent to try, because all these are things I haven’t tried so far.


What did I get?

Fing’rs – perfect fit flexi – 2294 red edition (limited) with glue

Fing’rs – Glam Girl – 2263 wilde tiger, easy application tab

Fing’rs – perfect fit – 2290 natural, with glue

Fing’rs – eyelash set – 70114, with glue (left)
Fing’rs – pocket eyelashes – 70935, with glue (right)

Fing’rs – 3D color pads – 2332 pink glitter flower (nail wraps)


Fing’rs – heart 2 heart – 33037 embellish me (decorations)

Fing’rs – heart 2 heart – 33032 lace up (nail wraps)

Fing’rs – heart 2 heart – 33042 embellish me (decorations)

Fing’rs – base & top seal – 2510


Fing’rs prints – girlie glam – 31032 blooming beauty

as well as a Fing’rs key chain.

I want to try all of these products and review them one by one, BUT since my nails have a nice length at the moment I won’t apply the artificial nails for now. I am quiet sure though that my nails will chip again and I will have to file them down some time. That will be the perfect time to try these, so please be patient ;)

Meanwhile I will use the other products, starting with the pink glitter flower nail wraps today.


I really like the design. It is cute and girly with a nice color combination of dark burgundy pink, white and silver with cute little butterflies on top.

After I took the nail wraps out of the package I realized that they were pretty stiff and thick, at least for my taste. In general I find it quite difficult to apply wraps like this, which is why I usually don’t use them. But I always  love to try new products and am open to be positively surprised. Do you remember the O.P.I. nail wraps I used for my new years nails? They were a surprise, since they were nice and thin and therefore easy to apply without any flaws.

Anyway, the Fing’rs nail wraps are placed on a clear piece of plastic and come in different designs, shapes and sizes. I liked how round the bottom of the wraps are, which would be placed at the cuticle area. The design switches, you have wraps with butterflies on the left or right and also on the white/silver base or the dark burgundy pink base. I really found it positive because you are more free on using the wraps in different ways.


Sadly I was a little disappointed about the application process of the wraps. It is positive that they are strong and not easy to rip, but that also makes a flawless application very difficult. As you can see in the pictures, the wraps don’t adjust well to the curves of the nails. This causes folds and bumps especially at the left and right edge as well as the tip of the nail.
I tried pretty hard to apply it without flaws, but it was just not possible.




I will contact the Fing’rs team and let them know what I think and ask them if all people have these problems and, if so, I will ask if they could find a way to make them thinner so they would be easier to pull a bit and apply without folds and bumps.

How do you feel about these? Have you tried them? How do you like the design?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks again to the team of Fing’rs Europe for sending these through.

 photo Mara2.jpg

Off topic … [filofaxing – essentials]

And once again good evening lovelies.

Today I have another post for you which is kinda off topic from all this nail related stuff.
I was never really the type of person who used a pocket calender or organized and used the calender in my phone / tablet. I tried a few times, but never really stuck with it.
But since I always liked decorating and using different colors and folders and such in school I kinda got intrigued by the whole filofaxing. Recently Tchibo sold set’s of Washi Tape and Calender Inserts and Dividers. So what did I do? I bought them even though I didn’t even have a personal planner to use them with.

I went on the lookout to find the perfect planner for me and also checked the internet. Honestly, I didn’t really like all thos one toned or two toned planners. They felt so boring….but then I found Willow.
She immediately called out my name, so I had to buy her.


I love her pattern to death, it is just so pretty and she was only 35 euro which is pretty cheap for an original Filofax!Willow open




On the inside Willow is a pastel pink, usually not my kind of color, but in this case I like the girly color. It just matches perfectly with the outside.

Willow is in the size personal, which is measured as seen on the picture.

FILOFAX size guide



Since I want to use this Filofax for a while I decided to get this super cute protection bag which is handmade (not by me).
I bought it second hand from Janina which I got to know in the Germany Filofax Group [Filomaniac] on Facebook.
Go check them out if you speak German :)

I am really in love with this cover because elephants are my all-time favorite animals.


Filofax bag 1


It is even reversible.

Filofax bag 2


Currently I am using a Vivienne Westwood wallet which holds all my important belongings and money. Since these are a bit on the pricey side I thought IKAT would be a cheaper option to maybe switch to. Also I loved the idea of always having a shopping list with you.

IKAT closed

Looking at it, it would have worked well I thought, BUT there is not enough space to hold all my plastic cards (insurance and bank cards).  I was bummed. I really like the design and would have liked to use it as my wallet.

IKAT open

IKAT wallet

IKAT calender

IKAT calender in

Still I won’t re-sell it. I will probably use it when I am on holiday and don’t need as many plastic cards.
It will be good to hold my money, passport and work well as a diary I think.

pencil map

Now what do I use to actually take notes in my planner?

  • LAMY al-star in dark violett with the B nib
  • Mitsubishi PROMARK j-value ball-point pen and highlighter line marker in pink
  • Farber Castell  pencil strength 2B
  • retractable pencil
  • Schneider Slider Edge XB in 6 colors (orange, pink, violet, light green, blue, black)
  • Stabilo pens 68 neon also in 6 colors (yellow, orange, coral, pink, green, blue)
  • Stabilo fineliner point88 fine 0,4 in black

For now I use the calender inserts from Tchibo, because I really don’t like the original ones from Filofax. But I am already working on some myself. For now only the things I really need, like Blog planning inserts and other. I am not sure if I will create my own calender inserts because that is A LOT of work.

For punching my own inserts and dividers I got the Rapesco 6 Hole Diary 66-P Adjustable Punch and I love it so far.
It is also used, I got it together with a few washi tapes and sticky note from Miriam which I also got to know in the Filomaniac Facebook group :)

punch and washi's

You see, that group is great for used things, but at the same time very dangerous haha
Let me warn you that you might loos a lot of money there. ;)

Now for the fun part, the decoration.

I store my washi tape collection in a wooden box I got from Nanu Nana here in Berlin.

Washi storage 0

Washi storage 1


On the left I put the more TESA paltic feeling tapes. Don’t like them as much, because they are a bit stiff and you can’t really write on them.

On the right I store my thin washi tapes in several different colors.

Washi storage 2

As you can see, the second row is full of quality tapes in a lot of different patterns.
Many are from the set I bought from Tchibo 2 weeks ago.

Washi storage 3


The last row hold the thick tapes which so far I am not sure when or how to use^^

Moving on to the stickers and sticky notes Miriam also sent with the tapes and punch.

Sticker and Stickies


I LOVE the little colorful caterpillars and Japanese girls in Kimono.

Japan Stickies

Together with the tape from Tchibo I also bought those sticky notes.

Tchibo Stickies

Tchibo Stickies open


From the ony euro shop and Woolworthd I bought some basic neon sticky notes.


Stickies normal

Sticky frog

And at TIGER I bought these cute stickers.

Stickers Tiger

At REAL I bought this notepad. I thought the colors were really fun.


and again from TIGER I bought this super cute elephant tape holder. Might not use this for filofaxing though^^

Tape holder

Now I would like to know if this is something you are interested or not. I will definitely use my planner to get more organized with my blog (even though I already are).

Let me know what you think.



[GIVEAWAY – closed] Essence Limited Edition “Cookies & Cream” nail polishes [Update]

Hello everyone,

I am so happy to announce that I am hosting my first giveaway!

[THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED – the winner was announced here]

Essence Cookies and Cream LE giveaway


Please read this post carefully.

I can not believe how lucky I am to already have so many people who like my blog. People who supported me almost from day one, when I started 2 months ago and in general people who followed and come back daily to see what I have want to show you.

To show my appreciation, I am hosting this giveaway.

I am sorry, but this time there will only be one price. I thought it might be more intresting to enter if one person can get all of the polishes from this LE at once. Especially for people who live outside of Germany and can not get these in their country. Please respect my decision :)

Maybe for my next giveaway there will be more prices.

The winner from this giveaway will get all four nail polishes from Essence current Limited Edition “Cookies & Cream”.
As you can see on the picture, you will also get 2 sets of stickers who came with these polishes.


The rules / Die Regeln:

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Terms & Conditions

The Giveaway starts March 25 and ends April 2nd GERMAN Time (EET).
This giveaway is open worldwide.
To participate in this giveaway you must be at least 18.
The prize can ONLY be shipped to a real address. I will not ship to PO Boxes, in Germany Packstationen or Post Offices.
The Winner will be selected by me via rafflecopter.com and be notified by email.
The Winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.
I paid for the price, therefor the prize will be shipped by me. I will NOT ask you to pay for shipping! I will pay for shipping.
Wordpress, Facebook and instagram are in no way associated with this giveaway.
By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone.
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If you agree to these terms, please click
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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

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I know it is not much, but I hope I could make you happy with this little giveaway.


Sharing would, of course, be very much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.


Have a great night,