[blogger cooperation] 2nd Advent nail design

Happy 2nd Advent everyone!

2nd Advent

Here in Berlin you can really feel the winter. It dropped down to a few degrees and at night even to minus degrees. The wind is freezing cold and it really puts me into the mood for Christmas. I really hope it will start snowing soon.

Speaking of snow, we are at the second Advent nail design today.  Jule from JulchensTraumwelt and I chose snow and snowflakes for today’s design.

When I think of snow, beautiful white shimmer pops into my head. I love when the sun shines on snow. The reflections totally look like twinkling, holographic glitter polishes. So I feel those are the perfect occasion to use one on top of another to make your design stunning like snow on a sunny day.

Do you remember the Japanese polishes I showed you? The ones my friend sent from Japan for my Birthday?
It included so many beautiful polishes and one of them is perfect for winter nail designs.

What did I use?

  • la Lawish nail color – T18 (from Japan)
  • Ciaté – PP067 regatta
  • Catrice Million styles effect top coat – 02 holo, que tal?
  • O.P.I. – snowflakes in the air

The design is very simple since I didn’t draw on snowflakes, but let the polishes shine on their own.



As you can see I used la Lawish nail color – T18 as a base one each nail except the ring finger, there I used Ciaté’s PP067 regatta. From that point I just kept layering the other top coats. I used Catrice’ Million styles effect top coat at first, then O.P.I.’s snowflakes in the air and again the Catrice top coat. On the ring finger I only used on coat of the Catrice top coat and some cute nail stickers I found at TEDI. Seal everything in with a fast drying top coat and your design is complete.



What I always find difficult is to get the nail stickers to the nail also after putting on a clear top coat. They always lift up somehow. Do you have any tips for me?

I hope you like the design.

Have a great Sunday.



Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 16

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 16

Hey everyone,

today I decided for a simple black nail design with lots of glitter.

Here is what I used:

  • Essence – LE Twilight Breaking Dawn – 04 Edward’s Love
  • O.P.I. – Snowflakes in the air

This is really one of the more simple nail design. You start by applying 2 coats of 04 Edward’s Love and wait until it is dry.




Now you use O.P.I.’s Snowflakes in the air to apply a lot of glitter at the tip of your nails. To get the fading effect make sure your polish brush is almost clean of product and apply the access glitter more towards the cuticle. If it is easier for you, you can also use a thin nail brush and pick up the polish piece by piece and place it on the nail.
That’s it. Apply a clear top coat and your design is done.






Hod do you like it? Let me know in the comments.




Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 15

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 15

Hey everyone,

this time I tried something different, using some of the holographic polishes I own.
Sadly some of the colors are not as bright and popping as I wished them to be.

Here is what I used:

  • as a base color Catrice – Holomania – C04 Plum Me Up Scotty
  • Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers – Holomania – C01 Holo Manolo
  • Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers – Holomania – C03 Holo In One
  • Catrice – LE Haute Future – C01 Eletrix Blue
  • O.P.I. – Snowflakes in the air
  • Catrice – LE Haute Future – C03 iROSEdescent

I applied two coats of C04 Plum Me Up Scotty and let it dry. After that I put two drops of color onto a stamping plate and started applying different length lines of C01 Holo Manolo on each nail near the cuticle, then did the same with C03 Holo In One and C01 Eletrix Blue.
After that I used O.P.I.’s Snowflakes in the air to apply some bling as well-
On the ring finger I used only two coats of C03 iROSEdescent and their new polish 04 Lost ‘N Roses.






What do you think? Is it pretty like that or should the colors, I used to apply the lines, be more bright?