my favorite Essence products

Hey lovelies,

welcome to today’s post  which will be about one of the most popular Drugstore Brands in Germany.




As most of you might know, Essence is a brand that is often sold at DM or Rossmann here in Germany / Europe, but also around the world. I saw they are even sold in the United States! Another important thing is that Essence is a Brand which is strictly against testing on animals. They also offer good quality products for a fair price.

From my experience I can say that Essence is a good way to try new trends, no matter if it is regarding Make-up or nails. They have a wide range of products and regularly offer Limited Edition products which are always fun to try, but mostly sold out pretty quickly.
I own a lot of Essence products, especially nail polish of course :)

So today I would like to review my favorite Essence products.


Make-up related things


I am a fan of liquid eyeliner. I think it is easy to handle and with a bit of practice gives you a flawless winged eyeliner. My personal favorite are the regular and waterproof eyeliner from Essence.

Top to bottom you can see the regular liquid ink eyeliner and their waterproof eyeliner.


Sometimes they change the packaging, but as for right now, the eyeliners look like this.

csm_70545_87a0c2dc46      csm_70546_c1e0b32107
(pictures taken from the Essence Website)


In the past Essence also offered different colors of Eyeliner, the metal glam eyeliners.


I still own the brown one (01 got a date?, 02 on the go, 03 pretty cool).
I don’t know why they took them out of the shelves, but I am very sad about it.
I especially loved the brown one. Please, please bring it back!


Eye Shadow

The next product is their eye shadow.


Of course I have a few favorites here as well. In the picture (top left and bottom right) you can see number 02 dance all night, which is a super pretty light sparkling eye shadow which I love to use at the inner corner of my eye to brighten it up and give a highlight under my brows as well. It can also be used for blending and is an eye shadow I use regularly if I wear Make-up. The next color is number 23 soul mate (top right) which is a nice brown with a light metallic effect and is nice to be used all over the lid or in the crease. Last is number 77 sandy says hello, also an eye shadow with metallic effect. I am not good at explaining colors, maybe you should check it out at the store, but I guess you could say it is a light copper? This brightens the eyes and I mostly use it all over the lid, top it off with number 23 in the crease and you are good to go.

Another thing you can use all their pretty eye shadows for is creating your own nail polish.

Check out all the pretty colors I picked for that.




Loose pigments

Next is a product that is also not sold anymore as far as I know. Loose pigments.
I like to use these to get a nice sparkle in the inner corner of my eyes or also to blend and as a highlight under my brows.
They use to offer them in the Limited Editions as well, in the picture you can see 03 a piece of forever (2012 – twilight breaking dawn part 2 LE) and 02 smell the caramel.



Do you see a trend here?
Another of my most favorite products ever are these two form the 2010 fairytale LE.


On the left you can see the eye shadow 01 Tinka’s dress and the highlighter powder 01 pixie dust on the right.
Oh darn it, I forgot to take a picture of the Eyeliner that also came in this LE. The name was 02 Tinkas’ dress.

I really love the eye shadow. It is such a light coral-rose color, which makes the eyes look so pretty! The highlighter powder can be used for it’s purpose or also as an eye shadow. Together with the eyeliner this is the perfect spring look.


Nail related products

Essence studio nails 2 in 1 cuticle remover and the studio nails nail polish correcting pen.


I think I don’t have to say much. They do what they are supposed to and they do it well. Also, they smell nice. :P


Essence – Show your feet nail polishes

I picked four of my favorites.


left to right:

26 kiss of the mermaid
27 electric blue
08 divalicious red
30 oceana

They last long, the dry fast and they come in super pretty colors. Electric blue is one of my all-time favorite blue polishes. I own 5 bottles of it haha


Effect polishes


left to right:

24 i feel gritty (sparkle sand top coat)
03 hello holo (holographic glitter)
19 bird of paradise (feather effect)

Each of these represent the effect I really like. I love their new sparkling sand top coat, it works with every polish and ads an interesting sand effect. Hello Holo might be one of my favorite polishes. I never got as many complimnets on my nails as when I was wearing this for the first time. I simply layerd 2 good coats and BAM! there was the crazy holo glitter madness. I love it! But it does distract me a lot from work haha

Last but not least the feather effect. I don’t know if you saw my Instagram post on the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection I own, but it shows how much I love the feather effect and the Essence one is a nice affordable version of it. More color mixes please.


more effects and regular polishes


left to right:

07 blue-jeaned
190 kiss me, freddy
171 galactic glam
04 skyfall

I don’t know what to say about these, but I love how blue-jeaned gives a different look and the other are just very nice blue polishes with a lot of sparkle, which I love.


Aquatix LE


left to right:

06 under water love
05 finding Dori

Yes, yes, YES! Essence you have done everything right on these! And may I also mention the awesome fish tail effect stickers? Gorgeous!
Please put them into the regular counter so I can get them all year long.


Dark Romance and Love letter LE


left to right:

02 red romance
05 inkheart

Red romance is such a nice old-darker red matte polish, so pretty. Inkheart is a very good stamping polish, which is why I bought 3 of them to have stock.


Nail tape


I bought these recently and love them. I didn’t necessarily bought them to stick them on the nails and leave them there as decoration, but to create designs with them and take them off to show color below. I will try using them as decoration tape as well. More of these please Essence. Maybe a clear one?


Girl, as you can see they offer a super wide range of products for a fair price. Maybe if you have the chance, check them out at your next Drugstore visit. Some shops have the three meter counter which is packed with Essence products.




I hope you liked today’s post.

Have a great night



HAULy friday – fiveteen – DM and Claire’s

Hey everyone,

sorry for being a little late today.
Today was a very productive and super exciting day!
We had an appointment to check 2 apartments today and one of them was super nice. It is basically like a small house over 2 floors.
It also has a terrace and garden! Just one hour after I brought all the needed papers to the house company I received a call and they told me that we are welcome to rent it and move!!!
We are so happy and relieved because our living situation has been terrible the past 2 and a half years.
Now we are looking forward to a new start and great life in this little home.
I might even get my Japanese room and garden which I dreamed about for sooooooo long!
Well we will move in about 4-5 weeks. I will try to prepare as much as I can blog wise, so that you still will be able to read posts everyday. Let’s see how fast I get internet in the new apartment :D

Anyway, enough haha

HAULy friday time!


Today I want to show you again what I recently bought.

Rossmann had these on sale at the cashier so I picked up those three. I thought the colors were pretty.



They also sold tons of other stuff, for example my favorite blue polish ever. I already have 3 of these, now I have 3 more hahahaha


I also bought the goo stampy polish from the Essen LE love letter (already have 2 of these as well)



At my local DM I bought 2 polishes from p2’s LE Sea la vie. I bought them for my little sister because she saw the dark blue one in one of my blog post’s and told me she liked it. So I got it for her and the light blue one on top :)
She is 16 and has an addiction similar to me, nail polish haha


I also saw that Manhattan has a new white polish which I wanted to try, since I am still looking for the perfect white polish.


Same goes for this black polish from Catrice. I will let you know how the quality of those polishes is.


Also, before I went to the BeautyBloggerCafé, were I won some p2 polishes, I bought these three beauties.
The pink and green one I own twice now, but that’s okay. I’ll give them away to my sister.IMG_0198


And the other day I passed by a Claire’s shop and bought these 2 sets of studs.



I know today’s post is not super big and crazy, just a little something.
I promise next weeks HAULy friday will be better :D

Have a great friday.





[Review] UMA – 07 laserbeam on Essence Show your feet 27 electric blue

Hello everyone,

today I wanted to show you another of my UMA polishes.
Like I said before, I am so sad they don’t sell these anymore, because I really love them.

Since this is more like a topper and not an opaque base color I decided to combine it with Essence Show your feet – 27 electric blue.

Essence Show you feet - 27 electric blue  UMA glamorous 3D crystal shine - 07 laserbeam


Essence Show you feet - 27 electric blue close up  UMA glamorous 3D crystal shine - 07 laserbeam - close up


DSC05435  DSC05438

DSC05434  DSC05439

DSC05436  DSC05440

DSC05437  DSC05441


I love the combination of the electric blue and the silver.

What do you think?

Sorry for the short post, but I gotta watch the season finale of The walking Dead now :P