[sponsored] Rossmann – Schön für mich box July 2015

Good evening everyone,

today I would like to show you the products from the Rossmann Schön für mich – Box from July.
I was lucky again and received the box directly from Rossmann. Thanks again for sending it through.

I must say that I am really in love with their box design. They seem to always pick different flowers for the box and the card which introduces you to the contained products.



sfmb july 1

picture from my instagram

sfmb july 2

picture from my instagram




As you can see on the picture above, the following products where included in the box.

Rossmann products:

  • Rival de Loop – Revital Q10 light – extra light face cream
  • Rival de Loop young – sun powder – 03 matte bronze
  • Alterra – perfect lash mascara – black
  • Zeckito sensitive – against mosquito and bug bites
  • For your Beauty – non slip comb



The face cream was one of the first things I tried from this box. I am still searching for the right face cream for myself. I can agree that this is a very light creme and at first I also liked the feeling on my skin, but I gotta admid that I have found another creme that suits my needs better. Before I bought that other creme, I also got a few other highly recommended face care products from Rival de Loop that I will review in another post.


The sun powder is a bit dark for my pale skin, even if I wanted to use it as a bronzer or contour powder. So i will give it to my younger sister who was looking for a nice matte bronzer.



Same with the Alterra mascara. I can simply not stand the smell of the Alterra products. I am sorry.



Now the Zeckito product is something I am REALLY excited about. I put it on, it was gel like and was absorbed by the skin very fast. No sticky-ness, no strong scent and I read it works really great! You gotta know that I am always the first victim of mosquito or bug bites so I really hope this will be my new hero.


The comb is fine for me. I always use one to cut my hair and also for parting my hair. I haven’t tried it yet so I will see how it works.

other products:

  • sebamed – foot creme with 10% urea
  • Kneipp shower foam – lemon and mint
  • Palmolive – hand soap – lime and mint
  • Neutrogena – visibly renew hand creme
  • Salthouse – the dead sea salt, oil and pomegranate

as well as discount coupons for all the products.



The foot creme is a really nice product. I used it right after I took a bath and got rid of all the access skin and was left with a baby smooth skin.


I admit it. I love shower foams, especially the ones from Rituals and Kneipp. I recently saw this exact foam at DM and thought about buying it, glad I didn’t. Lemon is always a good choice, especially for summer when you want to feel all fresh and clean.


So far I didn’t use it, first I wanted to empty my current hand soaps. But it makes a good impression and smells nice. In general I am more into the Palmolive cream soaps, but I am excited to try it.



If you remember, the #sfmb from May also came with a Neutrogena hand creme. If I would have to pick I would go with the one from the May box. Somehow I am not into the texture and feeling on my skin.



Yay for peelings! I love to try new peelings or bath products. So of course I am excited for this product.


Overall I am pretty happy with the box for July, good choice of products, good quality and a little bit for everyone.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

 photo Mara2.jpg


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 photo Mara2.jpg

[Review] Rival de Loop Young – Cupcake Collection – 03 Apple Green

Hey everyone,

I recently went to my local Rossmann and saw the Cupcake Collection.
Sadly there was only one polish left.

Angi, from Kreativchaos, made a really nice post where she shows all polishes and swatches from the polishes of this collection.

All right reserved to Angi from Kreativchaos.

Aren’t these cute?


Since the only polish left was 03 Apple Green, I bought at least this.

03 Apple Green







I must say I expected it to be a bit prettier. From the pictures above I think the white one is the nicest.
Also I was disappointed by the quality of the polish. The texture is really gluey which makes it difficult to apply.
I felt the dry time was pretty long too and it started chipping after 3 days or so. So all in one not a polish I would recommend or buy again. After seeing all these “cupcake” polishes I was kinda expecting them to be difficult, so maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised haha

What do you think?



Sunday Mani – six – Rival de Loop young – Glitter Sensation on Safari green crocodile

Hello everyone,

I hope you have a great sunday.

Today I want to show you two more polishes from my HAULy friday – six post.
If you remember, I recently bought 4 Rival de Loop polishes. One of them was the Safari Look – 01 green crocodile, then the polish 02 Glam Gold from the Glam Collection and the two polishes I want to show you today.
They are from the Glitter Sensation Collection and really caught my attention when I saw them in the store.





These polishes don’t really have a name, it’s just 01 for the black glitter polish and 02 for the blue glitter polish.

I was really hoping they would look on the nails like they do in the bottle.
I was also hoping that they have a clear base and not black/grey and blue.

As you can see I paired them with 01 green crocodile as a base. Turns out they sadly do have a base color in them.
You can see that where I used the blue glitter, the base color is not visible anymore, same goes for the black glitter polish. I can imagine though that they would look very nice on a polish with the same color.

I will try that out later, but for now, this is what I came up with.






I must honestly say, that I don’t like the result, so I took it right off again^^

What do you think?