baking bad[ass] – premiere for demain tout commence

Baking Badass

Hello everyone,

today I am back with another cake :)

This time a real special one. Tobis Film, who will release the new movie demain tout commence, or in german plötzlich Papa, on January 5th, asked me for cake related help.  On Monday was the Premiere at Zoo Palast in Berlin and I was asked to create a cake inspired by the movie.


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Sally Hansen collection and nail designs

Hey everyone,

if you follow my blog for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of the american drugstore brand Sally Hansen.
In the USA they sell a big variety of nail care products and of course nail polishes.
They have different types of collections. Some are the Salon Manicure, Diamond Strength, Xtream Wear, Insta Dries and of course  special editions like Fuzzy Coats, the Gem Crush Collection, Sugar Coats and they also sell Nail polish Strips.
In Germany we sadly don’t get the full range of products which I am very sad about.
Mostly we only get some of the nail care and the Salon Manicure. The bad thing, they cost a loooooot more then in the USA.

While we were in New York I bought some of their USA polishes, to try them out since I heard so much good things about their products.

I bought the following:

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength – 460 Save the Date

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 460 Save the Date

Sally Hansen Xtream Wear – (left) 390 Red Carpet and (right) 310 Gunmetal

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear duo

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat – 500 Fuzz-Sea



Thanks to Casey, I also own the rest of the Fuzzy Coats now, but I already showed them to you here.

Back in Germany I was so angry at myself for not buying more of the puppies.
The quality is really great and the price in the USA is so good! The Xtream Wear polishes are around 4$ if I remember correctly and the Fuzzy Coats and even Diamond Strength polishes are only about 6$. Here in Germany the Fuzzy Coats were available last year and cost 9 euro, which is around 12,50$. What?

Anyway, that is why I don’t really want to buy them her in Germany, plus I love the Diamond Strength and Xtream Wear more then the Salon Manicure….so that is that….
Recently Rossmann offered 30% on all their nail polish products, which was the perfect chance for me to get some Sally Hansen products here in Germany as well.

I bought two nail care products, Doubble Duty and Complete Care.
I tried them and really like them because they both can be used as base coat and top coat or the Complete Care simply as nail care on its own.


I also bought three of the Salon Manicure polishes. I think the colors of the Salon Manicure Collection are not so special. They are simple but of good quality.

Here are my favorites.

From left to right, 679 – Pennies for Heaven, 630 – Haute Chocolate and 670 – Midnight in New York.





Here are two nail designs I did after getting these.










What do you think of Sally Hansen products? I heard that the Insta dry fast drying top coat is super great, maybe I will try this one next :D
I also would love to try the Nail Polish Strips! awwww~~ my poor wallet.

Let me know what you think and which are your favorites if you use a lot of SH products.



[Review] Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear – 390 Red Carpet






Hey everyone,

as promised, today I will show you my second polish from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear collection.
When I saw it in store I thought it was a pretty red color with a little glitter shimmer. You know me, I love glitter/shimmer and since I am always looking for a nice red polish I decided to buy it.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear – 390 Red Carpet

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear - 390 Red Carpet

Since it is kind of sheer, I love to wear it on another red polish. Here I picked the Essence Show your feet red.






This polish as well has a long thin brush. The consistency of the polish is good and it is easy to apply.
On the red base it looks very dark red with a light shimmer.
I also love this polish because the quality is simply amazing. I can never mention enough how much I love Sally Hansen polishes. Sure so far I only own 4, but I have no complaints at all.

What do you think?

I also used this polish on the tips of my Buffy/Drusilla manicure from Sunday Mani seven

Let me know what you think!