HAULy friday – 22 – new polishes: Sally Hansen 2 for 1, Catrice, p2 & Teddi polishes

Hey everyone,

today I have another HAULy friday post for you. I realized that I haven’t showed a few of the polishes that I had bought over the past weeks, so here we go :)

This special offer by Sally Hansen was all over the internet and instagram. Everyone kept blogging about the fact that they sold a few specific colors with an extra “160 Shell we dance” for the price of one polish.

I decided to buy the white polish “171 bleach babe”, a very nice white polish with a pearl shimmer. Surpisingly well pigmented and opaque!
“shell we dance” on the other hand is a rose color. for my taste not opaque enough. But I will review both of them later one :)



Weeks ago I also bought the p2 match it polishes in white and black. I heard that especially the white one was supposed to be super nice and opaque for a drugstore white polish. I hoped the black on would be too, so I bought this one as well.



As you know, I am always looking for good white and black drugstore polishes with good quality.
So I also bought the two babies.

I bought them before and know that the quality is pretty good for just a bout 2 euro each. My old ones were almost empty so I bought two new ones.


Catrice Le Grande Bleu LE

I don’t know what it is, but the current Catrice LE’s are really not my cup of tea. Haute Future and Le Grande Bleu seemed very similar, which I didn’t really like. Still, the dark blue and light blue effect topper caught my attention. Of course I will review these later as well.



And I also went to my local Teddi (1 euro) shop again because I needed nail wheels. I saw these two polishes and liked the colors, so I bought them. Both were just a euro.





Did you see anything you like? I think my favorite from all these would have to be the white Sally Hansen polish. I just love the pearl shimmer and opacity.

Have a great weekend.




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Sunday Mani – twelve – studded nails/dotticure

Hey everyone,

still a bit tired from yesterday I want to continue with a very cute and, if I might say, impressive Sunday Mani :)

As a base color I picked 010 vintage Lily from p2 current dress code HAPPY LE.



Instead of dotting points with a dotting tool, I decided to use different colored nail pearls on each nail.

As you can see I used the neon yellow pearls also from p2 LE dress code HAPPY, models own neon green pearls and the colorful mix from Essence where I picked out the pink, dark blue and turquoise pearls.








I don’t mean to brag or flatter myself, but  I am in love with this nail art!

I did not put a top coat on, because some of the pearls, for example Essence pearls, will loose the color if you put top coat on them.

How do you like this manicure?
Let me know in the comments below.



[Review] p2 – LE Sea’ la vie – 030 navy






Hello everyone,

today I wanted to show you another polish I recently bought. You already saw it in HAULy friday – ten.

Like I said before, I am not a big fan of this LE. This polish is the only product I bought from this.
As you can see this is a pretty dark blue polish and since I don’t have a color this so far I bought it.

The only thing I liked about this LE was the design of the polish bottles. They are big and round but pretty flat.

030 navy




In the following pictures you can see the color a bit more realistic. It is dark but not too dark and I think it looks pretty nice on the nails. I can imagine using it for several nail arts. I bet it looks good with gold, white or red.

The brush is very long and thin here, which I mentioned before I am not a big fan of. You really gotta concentrate when applying the polish to get a clean result.








How do you like this polish?