[sponsored] Essence – come to town LE

Good evening guys,

I feel like I have been away for forever. I am really sorry about that! There are so many things going on right now which cause me to have no time for the Blog at all. I promise I will be back 100% by beginning of December.

Today I have a new Blog post for you though. Last week I received a package from Cosnova, sending through some products of the new Essence “Come to Town” TE/LE.


I was really excited since I am already 100% in Christmas mood and wait for December to come.
By the end of November I will even pick out my Tree and get it delivered so I can start decorating.

Anyway, the “Come to Town” TE is full of colorful products fitting the Christmas mood.


As you can see, it includes 2 quattro eyeshadow pallets (each 2,79 €), 2 cream blushes (each 2,29 €), 2 lipsticks (each 2,29 €), a shimmering body powder (3,29 €), 3 eye pencils (each 1,99 €), 2 nail polish sets (each 3,49 €), the Lametta topper (1,99 €) and seasons greeting cards (1,99 €).

What Essence sais about the “Come to Town” TE

make a wish! Essence whisks you away to a christmas shopping spree in New York with the new trend edition “come to town”! Beautifully decorated window display, the xxl Christmas Tree in front of the Rockefeller Center and a sparkling sea of lights puts you in the ideal mood to shop for gifts.

This trend edition is a perfect present: the gorgeous color scheme consists of classic yuletide shades like red and green but also silver, gold, beige and pink. highlights include the shimmering body powder with a powdery light vanilla fragrance and two cute nail polish sets with three different colors each – all with a festive gift look that no beauty will want to give away. There are also exciting beauty pieces for your eyes, lips, face and nails. On top of all this, there is a set of five cards so that all girls can send their loved ones christmas greetings.

A wonderful christmas time… with Essence!

on sale from November 2014 to December 2014


What was sent to me?



Cosnova was very kind and send me the 2 nail polish sets, the Lametta topper, the 2 lipsticks, 2 of the 3 eye pencils, the 2 cream blushes and the seasons greetings cards.

Let’s start with the greeting cards. Already when I saw the press pictures I was totally excited and wanted to buy them. You get 5 cards in one set. They are of good quality and super cute. I will definitely use them this year.

01 Season Greetings

Next up are the products which were obviously most interesting for me. The nail polish set’s and the topper.


They are available as 01 Naughty Or Nice? and 02 Got My List?

01 Naughty Or Nice? is a warm toned set of three polishes. A bright red/orange which seems to have a pink undertone. It also includes a golden topper and a burgundy red (somewhat dark purple looking in the picture) polish, which looks really pretty.


02 Got My List? cold toned set with a dark turquoise polish, a silver topper and a bright pink polish.


The set’s seem perfect as little presents for either a self-made Advent Calender or Christmas itself. I will for sure create some cute designs and review the polishes in a separate post.

01 The Most Wonderful Tree is the nail polish topper which you can buy separately from the set’s. As you can see it is a nice turquoise green topper which looks like Lametta.


The 2 blushes were kind of difficult for me to photograph and edit. Everytime I tried to get rid of the grey-ish / blue background the colors of the blushes changed. Anyway, those to babies are cream blushes which appeared to be very soft and smooth when I swatched them. I can imagine them not drying out the skin, which is very important during winter. They might even moisturize a bit.

The colors are not really my cup of tea, even though I must say they look very pretty. I might try them once at least and then give them to my younger sister if I won’t use them :)

right: 01 Is That You, Santa? left: 02 Wrapped In Pink

swatches of the cream blushes

The Lipsticks are kind of the same thing for me. The colors are too bright and the red Lipstick is not relly the kind of red I would wear, but the went on pretty smooth when I swatched them and will also go to my sister or one of my friends if they want them.

left: 01 Is That You, Santa? right: 02 Wrapped In Pink

swatches of the Lipsticks

The eye pencils though are more for me. They are available in 3 colors. 01 Make A Wish02 Naughty Or Nice? and 03 The Most Wonderful Tree (which I did not get).

01 Make A Wish is a pretty golden eye pencil which, I can imagine, would be great for a nice golden eye Make-up for a Christmas Party. It is metallic and went on very smoothly. I love how it looks on the skin and will defenitely try it on the eyes as well.



02 Naughty Or Nice? is also metallic and very soft. Therefor it went on just as smooth. This is defenitely my favorite! I usually wear brown and bronze tones eye Make-up’s and think this will look super pretty with them.



The Quattro Eyeshadow (01 Make A Wish and 02 Naughty Or Nice?), as well as the Shimmering Body Powder (01 Make A Wish) I did not get, which is not so bad since I probably wouldn’t have used them anyway.

All together I think it is a cute Winter/Christmas TE, especially for younger girls that are not afraid of bright, popping colors. My favorites would obviously be the nail related products and the eye pencils.

Stay tuned for reviews and nail design with the polish set’s, which I will be posting in December.

Take care,








[sponsored] DM – Dontodent LE – pink grapefruit

Hello lovelies,

I know I have been away far too long. Life got the best of me the past 3 weeks and I simply had to enjoy all those things that opened up to me.

Today I am back with a little review. A few weeks ago I received some new products from  the German drugstore DM.
They sent me the new pink grapefruit LE by Dontodent and also the new intensive clean toothbrush and toothpaste so I could try them out.


I regularly buy Dontodent products, because I really think they are good quality for a fair price. In general I love the DM brands like Balea, Ebelin and well Dontodent. They also have their own range of household products, candles, pet food and pet products in general etc.

Trust me, I tried A LOT of the DM products, my boyfriend always makes fun of me for spending so much time at this drugstore.
Of course they do have products I didn’t like that much, but most of the things I tried I really liked.

No matter if sponsored or not, I will honestly tell what I think.

Let’s go

Dontodent – pink grapefruit mouthwash 

IMG_1493 IMG_1494


I am quite sure girls who love pink and grapefruits, would really like this product. I felt the mouth wash was very refreshing and it also smells so good. My boyfriend told me he could really smell and taste the grapefruit when I kissed him. He did use it though, because he is pretty sensitive to mouthwash.

This mouthwash is basically alcohol free (ethanol free), which I really like. I don’t like mouthwash’s that have this super strong, almost burning, alcohol taste. You use it as probably every mouthwash, sip a bit, rinse for about 20 seconds and wash your mouth with clean water. Make sure not to swallow^^
That would be a bit gross I guess.

The bottle is huge, so you get a lot of product (500 ml) for the small price of only 1,15 euro.


Dontodent – pink grapefruit toothpaste and intensive clean toothpaste

IMG_1495 IMG_1496


I bought the intensive clean toothpaste a while ago, but apprenetly it has a new formula now. I was pretty happy with the “old” one, so I haven’t gotten around to try this one now. I wanted to concentrate on the pink grapefruit toothpaste and use it for a few weeks so I could give an honest opinion.

The toothpaste has a nice smell and taste to it. It foams nicely when you brush your teeth and I feel it also did a good job on cleaning my teeth. Again, if you like grapefruit, this might be a nice option for you – to get a good alternative to the usual menthol or mint flavored toothpastes.

You get 125 ml each for 0,75 euro.



Dontodent – intensive clean toothbrush



This is my absolute favorite product from this sample mail. I love the way the bristles are aranged and I love that it is not too hard, not too soft – it’s just right! I am usually very sensitive when it comes to toothbrushes, which is why I normally use my electric toothbrush.

But it was not hard to use and try this one out for about a month now. Definite recommendation.

This would definitely be my go to travel toothbrush. I just wish they would have them in different colors and maybe also sell travel cases for them :)
Recently I wanted to buy a few more of them as stock, but my DM sadly didn’t have them. I hope I will be able to get them at the other DM which is also near my place.

Price: 0,85 euro



intensive care toothbrush with pink grapefruit toothpaste


I was pretty happy with these products. The grapefruit flavor is a thing of personal taste and preference though. For the price you have nothing to loose, so maybe give it a try.

Thanks again to Tanja and Arndt for sending these products to me, so I could try them out. You know, I always love to try new products.


Have a great night