[sponsored] Rossmann – Schön für mich box May 2015

Hello everyone,

about three weeks ago I received a lovely package from Rossmann. It contained the Schön für mich – Box for the month of May.


I was very happy to receive one of these, because I was never lucky enough to actually win one of the Rossmann or DM Boxes. So thank you to Rossmann for sending it through.

I really love the design and color scheme. So pretty and it’s giving a nice feeling of spring. I think I might put a sticker over the Schön für mich label and use it as a gift box for my friend in Japan.

Anyway, let’s dive right into it.

The box contained several products some of the Rossmann brand but some higher priced products as well.

Rossmann products:

  • Isana – eye make-up remover & face cleaning gel
  • Isana – soft face peeling
  • Isana – face toner
  • Isana – make-up removal wipes



So far I was able to try the removal wipes only. However I will try the other ones as well. The removal wipes are okay. The wipes have a nice scent, but not too much. They do not irritate my eyes and remove waterproof make-up as well.


I must admit though, that I prefer the removal wipes from Florena. They are super gentle on my skin.

Other products:

  • bebe youngcare – pomegranate smoothie shower gel
  • Palmolive – aroma sensations – feel glamorous shower gel and peeling
  • Nivea – care body and face creme
  • Nivea MEN – body, face and hand creme
  • Essence – #mymessage eau de toilette (scent: luck)
  • Max Factor – Pastel Compact Blush – 15 seductive pink


Since I started trying the shower gel and peeling from Palmolive I didn’t get the chance to try the one from bebe young care yet. I will keep you up if I find this to be super good and  a recommendation. If not it might just be as okay as most of the shower gels on the market^^


The Palmolive shower gel and peeling is pretty nice. I like the scent, even though I am usually not a fan of fruity products. The peeling effect is gentle, so it’s perfect for everyday use between the regular peeling I use from Rituals every other week.

It also comes in different scent and costs around 1,50 – 2 euro. If you like one product for a soft peeling and cleaning, maybe give it a try.


The Nivea MEN creme might go straight to my younger brother, since my boyfriend only uses specialized skin products.

The regular creme I will definitely try. I am using the Nivea soft creme on my face for years and I never had any problems, so this might also be a nice product for me.


This is the only product I didn’t feel was needed in this box. There was so much commercial on these different scents that I am actually a little annoyed seeing them haha

My sister might be happier to receive it from me. If not I will do a giveaway.


This was the product I was most excited about. Max Factor products are usually pretty good and the color seemed a good match for my skin tone. I swatched it and must say I am pretty happy with it. I will definitely use it.



All together the box was a clear hit instead of a miss.

How do you like the products? Would you have enjoyed this particular box? Let me know in the comments.

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[Review] Rossmann Christmas Box

Good evening everyone,

I know I am late, but today I am reviewing the Christmas Blogger Box from Rossmann which most Bloggers got around the middle of December. Due to some circumstances my package did not get to me in time, but the lovely Blogger team from Rossmann was so kind to send me the box again. I already saw what was in the Box all over Instagram but that’s okay. It actually made me even happier because I was really looking forward to the products.

Let’s take a look at the Box



I was so surprised of how pretty the box is! All the pictures I have seen on the Internet didn’t do it justice. It is such a cute purple and white winter wonderland pattern. I will keep it and use it to wrap and send over some Christmas presents to my best friend in Japan by the end of this year. She will surely love it as much as I do.


Inside the box you could find a Christmas Card and a press paper that included information about all the products that were included.



What was inside?

  • For your Beauty face-peeling pad
  • Weleda MEN active-shower gel
  • Rexona cotton deodorant spray
  • Pantene Pro-V dry-oil
  • Essence lash princess mascara
  • Sebamed body-milk
  • Tetesept bath salt – time for you
  • ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel
  • NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry
  • Colgate total whitening tooth paste


NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry

YAY! for Neutrogena Hand Creme, it is prefect for my everyday bag. I love their cremes because my hands tend to get dry at work. I am very happy about this product.

Essence lash princess mascara

This is the only product I will try, but probably give to someone else. I do not use make up that often anymore and I already have 2 of the Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara which I got with all those Birthday Colours polishes a wile ago. There is no way I can use that many Mascara^^

Sebamed body-milk

One of the great products I was really looking forward to. I am sure we will use this body milk, since my boyfriend and I have sensitive skin with dry spots, especially during winter.

Rexona cotton deodorant spray

A nice small bottle of spray deodorant, great for my everyday work bag. Rexona makes great deodorants, so I am sure I will use this regularly.

ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel

One of the two products they included for men. My boyfriend might try it or he might not. We will see, but I am happy they not only included products for women.

Weleda MEN active-shower gel

I was very happy to see that they included another product for men and even happier when I saw it was from Weleda, which is a great company for sensitive as my boyfriend has it. He doesn’t use many products because his skin reacts negatively.

For your Beauty face-peeling pad

A year or so ago I bought the peeling pad from Ebelin, which looks very similar. I am excited to see how this one is working.

Tetesept bath salt – time for you

I am a big fan of the Tetesept bath products. I regularly buy them and use them, so I was happy I got this one. I used it before it is really relaxing and calming after a stressful day.

Thanks again to Rossmann for sending this cute Christmas present full of nice products. I really appreciate it!

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[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2014 – update

Hello everyone,

I am still super happy about today. As I told you before on my blog and facebook page, I went to the a Blogger Event named the BeautyBloggerCafé.

Before that I want to show you what I ordered for the event.


Blog Business Cards :D
I am really happy I got these, made it much easier today…..but anyway, yesterday I went to DM because I needed a concealer and powder. Since I also heard that the Ebelin “beauty blender” make up sponge is supposed to be pretty good I also bought this.







Now on to the Event today.
I was really excited since this was my first event ever to attend.
The lovely Julia from Julchens Traumwelt told me that she would be traveling to Berlin just for the event so we met up and went to the Event together.

Honestly, we were super excited and when we arrived and entered the location we were simply overwhelmed.
But since the Team of styleranking was super nice and welcoming we loosened up immediately.

The location was “The Apartment” and was a pre-WWII residential building which was very pretty.
I love these kind of buildings, we have a lot of them here in Berlin.

Now let me show you some pictures I took.

p2 room, where they had the full product range to check out and two stations to either get hand care with hand bath, peeling and other hand/skin care products or you could pick a p2 polish and get your nails done :)
I did both :P





as well in this room they had a chair with a bag full of p2 products in it.
We had to guess how many products were in there so we could win.

The room next to it was the Dawanda room, where we had the chance to make floral wreath’s with fake flowers.


I tried to replicate my blog flower, the cherry blossom


In the next room we could check out new perfumes from different brands and also Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Nicky Minaji.




They also had a corner for Elizabeth Arden products, which was interesting for me because I never really tried anything from them.



and here you can see the pretty bike we could win, but I didn’t^^
well at least not this, I won something else. More on that later.



hmmmm yummy cakepops


also in this room was a super nice mirror where we could try out some of the p2 make up products
in the background you can see the next room, they had 2 red carpets and lots of high heels which we could try and participate in a workshop on how to walk in those shoes^^



They had some crazy models



do you see the eiffel tower heel? …. what? haha



and here my personal favorite :D
those were awesome, but sadly not in my size


look at all those pretty feet :)
my fellow blogger, do you recognize yourself?


the workshop was a lot of fun, you can see that pretty well in the following picture


learning how to work it



of course they also had loads of drinks and food so we wouldn’t starve^^


networking (usually it was more full in the kitchen, even if you can’t see it in this picture)



The event was really great and if this is not enough, we also got a super heavy goodie bag on our way out.

Curious to see what was inside?
Here you go

Perfume – Juicy Couture



Schwartzkopf – got 2 b hochkaräter + strand matte



Weidemann – cream eyeliner








Perfume sample



Fair squared cosmetics samples



p2 goodie bag



containing the following:

  • silk peeling pen for nails
  • impressive gel kajal – 050 dramatic blue
  • pearl + glow lipgloss – 020 pretty in peach
  • drama lashes mascara – 010 black billion
  • perfect face multi blush cheeks + lips color
  • 4 in 1 complete care for nails
  • last forever nail polish – 230 hot tango



Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream


health drink



Dawanda bag



containing washi tape, fake tattoos



as well as stickers and post cards



my favorite sais “shut up …. I am very nice”



and of course information on the products and the lovemag



As I mentioned above I also won something from p2. Besides the main bag with tons of products they also picked 10 more winners to win smaller goodie bags and I was lucky enough to be picked as the last person :D


what was inside?

a book!!!!
nails, nails, nails – 25 creative DIY nail art projects


and a nail related good bag


containing the following:

  • lost in glitter polish – 090 live intensively!
  • sand style polish – 120 dreamy
  • volume gloss gel look polish – 009 california girl
  • iridescent top coat
  • volume gloss gel look polish – 008 beach babe
  • french white tip polish
  • french manicure stickers
  • nail art tip stickers
  • last forever nail polish – 011 city love
  • last forever nail polish – 621 summer calling
  • last forever nail polish – 999 aloha dreams
  • last forever nail polish – 230 hot tango
  • so gold shake up top coat


and since I got to know and try some products in the p2 room, I went to my local DM after the event and bought the following






I am simply overwhelmed by what happened today.
I met so many nice and awesome people today. We talked and shared experiences and gave each other tips on several things.
Hearing everyone’s story and seeing the faces and people behind the blogs was really great.

A big thank you to everyone who was there and took the time to make this an awesome day.

Also a huge thank you to styleranking and the people organizing the BeautyBloggerCafé, especially René who always had a smile on his face and was super nice and involved in everything. He kept asking everyone how they like the event and also listening to our stories.

I really appreciate today and am very very happy.

Thanks again to everyone.


Here are some blog posts of my fellow bloggers who were also at the Event, just in case you want to read some more about it. (mostly in German, but hey! the pictures speak more than words)

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Anja from inFarbe

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Angelika from Leidenschaft Make-up

Moppi from Moppis Blog

JayJay from PinkLoveliness


If you also blogged about the event, leave me a comment and I will add you to the list above :)


Last but not least I would like to link  two more people, who haven’t blogged about the event yet, but might be in near future.
Their blogs are worth checking out anyway, so go go go !


Janine from Lackliebe