Off topic … [filofaxing – essentials]

And once again good evening lovelies.

Today I have another post for you which is kinda off topic from all this nail related stuff.
I was never really the type of person who used a pocket calender or organized and used the calender in my phone / tablet. I tried a few times, but never really stuck with it.
But since I always liked decorating and using different colors and folders and such in school I kinda got intrigued by the whole filofaxing. Recently Tchibo sold set’s of Washi Tape and Calender Inserts and Dividers. So what did I do? I bought them even though I didn’t even have a personal planner to use them with.

I went on the lookout to find the perfect planner for me and also checked the internet. Honestly, I didn’t really like all thos one toned or two toned planners. They felt so boring….but then I found Willow.
She immediately called out my name, so I had to buy her.


I love her pattern to death, it is just so pretty and she was only 35 euro which is pretty cheap for an original Filofax!Willow open




On the inside Willow is a pastel pink, usually not my kind of color, but in this case I like the girly color. It just matches perfectly with the outside.

Willow is in the size personal, which is measured as seen on the picture.

FILOFAX size guide



Since I want to use this Filofax for a while I decided to get this super cute protection bag which is handmade (not by me).
I bought it second hand from Janina which I got to know in the Germany Filofax Group [Filomaniac] on Facebook.
Go check them out if you speak German :)

I am really in love with this cover because elephants are my all-time favorite animals.


Filofax bag 1


It is even reversible.

Filofax bag 2


Currently I am using a Vivienne Westwood wallet which holds all my important belongings and money. Since these are a bit on the pricey side I thought IKAT would be a cheaper option to maybe switch to. Also I loved the idea of always having a shopping list with you.

IKAT closed

Looking at it, it would have worked well I thought, BUT there is not enough space to hold all my plastic cards (insurance and bank cards).  I was bummed. I really like the design and would have liked to use it as my wallet.

IKAT open

IKAT wallet

IKAT calender

IKAT calender in

Still I won’t re-sell it. I will probably use it when I am on holiday and don’t need as many plastic cards.
It will be good to hold my money, passport and work well as a diary I think.

pencil map

Now what do I use to actually take notes in my planner?

  • LAMY al-star in dark violett with the B nib
  • Mitsubishi PROMARK j-value ball-point pen and highlighter line marker in pink
  • Farber Castell  pencil strength 2B
  • retractable pencil
  • Schneider Slider Edge XB in 6 colors (orange, pink, violet, light green, blue, black)
  • Stabilo pens 68 neon also in 6 colors (yellow, orange, coral, pink, green, blue)
  • Stabilo fineliner point88 fine 0,4 in black

For now I use the calender inserts from Tchibo, because I really don’t like the original ones from Filofax. But I am already working on some myself. For now only the things I really need, like Blog planning inserts and other. I am not sure if I will create my own calender inserts because that is A LOT of work.

For punching my own inserts and dividers I got the Rapesco 6 Hole Diary 66-P Adjustable Punch and I love it so far.
It is also used, I got it together with a few washi tapes and sticky note from Miriam which I also got to know in the Filomaniac Facebook group :)

punch and washi's

You see, that group is great for used things, but at the same time very dangerous haha
Let me warn you that you might loos a lot of money there. ;)

Now for the fun part, the decoration.

I store my washi tape collection in a wooden box I got from Nanu Nana here in Berlin.

Washi storage 0

Washi storage 1


On the left I put the more TESA paltic feeling tapes. Don’t like them as much, because they are a bit stiff and you can’t really write on them.

On the right I store my thin washi tapes in several different colors.

Washi storage 2

As you can see, the second row is full of quality tapes in a lot of different patterns.
Many are from the set I bought from Tchibo 2 weeks ago.

Washi storage 3


The last row hold the thick tapes which so far I am not sure when or how to use^^

Moving on to the stickers and sticky notes Miriam also sent with the tapes and punch.

Sticker and Stickies


I LOVE the little colorful caterpillars and Japanese girls in Kimono.

Japan Stickies

Together with the tape from Tchibo I also bought those sticky notes.

Tchibo Stickies

Tchibo Stickies open


From the ony euro shop and Woolworthd I bought some basic neon sticky notes.


Stickies normal

Sticky frog

And at TIGER I bought these cute stickers.

Stickers Tiger

At REAL I bought this notepad. I thought the colors were really fun.


and again from TIGER I bought this super cute elephant tape holder. Might not use this for filofaxing though^^

Tape holder

Now I would like to know if this is something you are interested or not. I will definitely use my planner to get more organized with my blog (even though I already are).

Let me know what you think.



HAULy friday – five – organization

Hello everyone,

today’s is not a normal HAULy friday.
I was thinking how I could organize myself and my nail art stuff better, so I went to different shops and bought the following:

3 small make-up / jewelry organizers (5 euro each at McGeiz)

I thought these were good to store my stamping plates all the other things needed for stamping, as well as other small things and tools I need for my nail arts. For example nail art glue, funnels and nail art sticker for example.

Like I said, I bought three, so now I have six jars to put stuff into.



a separating box (that’s what it sais on the bottom) 1 euro at the euro shop

to store my selfmade nail art brushes and other things.


two pearl boxes (1 euro each at woolworth)

I am not sure yet what I will store in those, but I am sure the longer I will blog and the more stuff I will buy, I will find something to store in here^^


a medicine box (1 euro at the euro shop)

Since the separated boxes are smaller here, I thought I would use this to store nail art figures(characters).


here you can see what I meant, the little Santa’s and christmasy nail art things as well as stars and other nail art stuff.
I think the small boxes have the right side for these and the weekdays I can cover with white labels and maybe re-name them.






How do you or how would you organize all these tiny nail art related things? Any ideas or recommendations?

I am interested to read your thoughts.