[Review] Maybelline NY – The Nudes eyeshadow palette

Happy Monday everyone,

today I have a quick review about Maybelline New York’s The Nudes palette.



I recently bought the palette for around 10 euro, because I love brown eye shadows and because I wanted to see how well pigmented they are.

The package is super sleek and simple, which I love. I don’t use the applicator though, I always use eye shadow brushes from Shiseido.

In general I gotta say I don’t wear make-up on a regular basis anymore, so I only tried only a few looks within the past 3 weeks, but I am very happy with this palette.

It has a great concept, which arranged the 12 colors in particular order so that you can apply them as followed:




I always use a primer, which is what I recommend for using these shadows as well, but as you can see on the picture with the swatches, they mostly work well without an eye base as well.



At the top you see the colors with primer, on the bottom I applied without a primer.

The light tones are perfect for me since I have very pale skin. I also love that there is a mix of nudes, matte, shimmers and slight glitters. I can’t even pick a favorite because I really like the bronze tones, the dark browns and the light nudes. Only the black could be of a better quality if you ask me. I am not sure how it will turn out on the lid, but while swatching it seemed a bit chalky.

What do you say? Would you buy the palette? Could this be a good alternative to the NAKED palettes by Urban Decay? I couldn’t say, because I don’t own them^^

I would love to read you opinion. Please let me know in the comments below.

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HAULy friday – eighteen – my first ever O.P.I. polishes

Hey lovelies,

for today’s HAULy friday I want to show you what I got two days ago :)

If you follow me on Instagram or have liked my Facebook page you probably seen this picture.


To not spoiler today’s post I put a filter on it so you won’t be able to see the colors :)

Now the reveal….tadaaaaaa~~




To my O.P.I. fanatics, can you name them all?

From their “25th Happy Anniversary Collection” I bought Birthday Babe


From the “San Francisco Collection” I bought Muir Muir on the wall and Dining Al Frisco



and from their “India Collection” I bought Yoga-ta get this blue


Here are the swatches, but of course I will review them separately late on this month.





Here the close-up




Aren’t these lovely?
I picked those because because I think I don’t have a color like Birthday Babe or Dining Al Frisco. Muir Muir on the wall looked like a nice dupe to the Rival de Loop polish I love so much. After applying it on the nail wheel I realized it is a bit more liquid and therefor not as opaque, but that is ok because even three coats dry pretty fast. Last but not least Yoga-ta get this blue is just such a pretty dark blue, I am so happy I bought this.

Oh and the best thing I haven’t told you yet, THEY WERE ALL 50% OFF!!!!
So I got 4 polishes for the price of 2, SCORE!

How do you like these?



Sunday Mani – sixteen – dotticure – beige

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well and enjoy you Sunday.

I personally can’t stand this heat, we currently have 33 degrees in Berlin and it’s getting hotter over the next few days.
I definitely struggle, so I won’t leave the house until Tuesday, when I really have to for work.

How do you cope with such heat?
Any tips for me?

Anyways, it is time for my Sunday Mani and after I reviewed the first few KIKO polishes I wanted to do a nail design with them.

These are the polishes I used:

KIKO 508 – base color


I applied 2 coats.


After the base color was dry I used KIKO’s 511 for the dots and Wet n Wild’s E435G sparked for the accent ring finger nail.

KIKO 511 – dots


E435G sparked – accent ring finger nail


On the pictures you can see how I arranged the dots. The thumb was covered completely, the other nails only with french tips.





I liked this manicure and found it to be cute. It was also very easy. So maybe a nice try for beginners :)

What do you think?