[sponsored] Rossmann – Schön für mich box May 2015

Hello everyone,

about three weeks ago I received a lovely package from Rossmann. It contained the Schön für mich – Box for the month of May.


I was very happy to receive one of these, because I was never lucky enough to actually win one of the Rossmann or DM Boxes. So thank you to Rossmann for sending it through.

I really love the design and color scheme. So pretty and it’s giving a nice feeling of spring. I think I might put a sticker over the Schön für mich label and use it as a gift box for my friend in Japan.

Anyway, let’s dive right into it.

The box contained several products some of the Rossmann brand but some higher priced products as well.

Rossmann products:

  • Isana – eye make-up remover & face cleaning gel
  • Isana – soft face peeling
  • Isana – face toner
  • Isana – make-up removal wipes



So far I was able to try the removal wipes only. However I will try the other ones as well. The removal wipes are okay. The wipes have a nice scent, but not too much. They do not irritate my eyes and remove waterproof make-up as well.


I must admit though, that I prefer the removal wipes from Florena. They are super gentle on my skin.

Other products:

  • bebe youngcare – pomegranate smoothie shower gel
  • Palmolive – aroma sensations – feel glamorous shower gel and peeling
  • Nivea – care body and face creme
  • Nivea MEN – body, face and hand creme
  • Essence – #mymessage eau de toilette (scent: luck)
  • Max Factor – Pastel Compact Blush – 15 seductive pink


Since I started trying the shower gel and peeling from Palmolive I didn’t get the chance to try the one from bebe young care yet. I will keep you up if I find this to be super good and  a recommendation. If not it might just be as okay as most of the shower gels on the market^^


The Palmolive shower gel and peeling is pretty nice. I like the scent, even though I am usually not a fan of fruity products. The peeling effect is gentle, so it’s perfect for everyday use between the regular peeling I use from Rituals every other week.

It also comes in different scent and costs around 1,50 – 2 euro. If you like one product for a soft peeling and cleaning, maybe give it a try.


The Nivea MEN creme might go straight to my younger brother, since my boyfriend only uses specialized skin products.

The regular creme I will definitely try. I am using the Nivea soft creme on my face for years and I never had any problems, so this might also be a nice product for me.


This is the only product I didn’t feel was needed in this box. There was so much commercial on these different scents that I am actually a little annoyed seeing them haha

My sister might be happier to receive it from me. If not I will do a giveaway.


This was the product I was most excited about. Max Factor products are usually pretty good and the color seemed a good match for my skin tone. I swatched it and must say I am pretty happy with it. I will definitely use it.



All together the box was a clear hit instead of a miss.

How do you like the products? Would you have enjoyed this particular box? Let me know in the comments.

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my 2nd obsession….lip care products

Hey everyone,

today I have a different kind of post for you again.

Event though I am addicted to nail polish, it is not my only obsession. Today I want to introduce you two my 2nd obsession – lip care products.

I have tried many lip care products, from normal Labello, Blistex to Baby Lips and several others in different price ranges.
Here are a few and what I personally think of them.

Regina Lip balm

I am not sure anymore where I bought this, maybe at Rossmann or the Pharmacy? I don’t remember, but what I do know is that I am not really happy with this. It is similar to Labello, which is only greasing but not moisturizing at all.

I would not buy this again.



Labello Milk & Honey

The only Labello product I use. You won’t be able to get it at any drugstore, somehow I can only get it at my local Kaufland.
I just love the Milk & Honey flavor and smell. I am a sucker for anything honey. I bought some of these as stock for myself, just in case I run out of my favorite lip care product, which I will review later on.



Balea Lip care with Urea

I bought this when my lips where chapped and dry during the winter but I must honestly say I would not buy this again.
I just don’t like how this is more a cream then a balm. Also you always have a white layer of products on your lips since this is difficult to apply the right amount of product.



Here are 2 products I bought in Japan, one is peach, the other strawberry flavor. I only tried the peach flavored one so far but I can say I am not a big fan of it. The smell is too intense and gives me headache haha
I wouldn’t  buy this again, maybe that’s why I haven’t used the strawberry one yet.



Bee Natural

I thought this would be a dupe to the Burt’s Bees lip care products, ohhhh was I wrong.
They are different as day and night. I tried this lip balm but I don’t really like it.



The Body Shop – Honey Mania lip balm

I like this lip balm for at home and using before I go to bed, but not for outside when I am on the way to work or wherever.

The product itself is good, even though the smell of it can be annoying after a while. And the thing I dislike the most is the packaging. It is really annoying always having to stick your finger in it to apply the product. Not very hygienic.
Also with a price of over 5 euro it is quite expensive.



My two most favorite lip care products:


Nivea Deep Moisture – Honey and Milk lip balm (Japan only)

oh god I love this product! It promises deep moisture and it really does offer deep moisture! The smell is just right which makes it perfect. The only sad thing, it is not available in Germany, so I always have to buy a few of them while in Japan.



Burt’s Bees!

Yes, it is true! This is the best lip care product I have ever tried. I was checking on the net and all people said the same thing, this is IT if you want a great lip care product. And they were all right. I gave the Burt’s Bees lip balms a try and I must say I can’t go a day without anymore.

My favorite is the one with the orange/brown-ish cap, which is the Honey Lip Balm.

Here in Germany they are a bit more expensive (around 4 euro), which is why I bought a few of them when I was in New York in January. I simply love these. CVS pharmacy offered set’s of them for a smaller price. For example 4 of the Burt’s Bees – Beeswax which is supposed to be moisturizing and cooling, which is because it contains peppermint^^

While researching on the net I saw Target offers them as well, for only 9,99 dollar.


My favorite is available at Douglas here in Germany for around 4 euro.

Seriously, if there is one product I would recommend to any person in the world, nonetheless if female or male, it is Burt’s Bees Lip Care. They have tastes and smells for every liking.


Which products do you use? Any recommendations on Burt’s Bees products? I heard that their cuticle cream is awesome as well.
That will probably the next product I will try out.

Have a great Saturday



HAULy friday – nine

Hey everyone,

welcome to another HAULy friday post.


Here are some thing I recently bought.

essentials like nail polish remover, cotton pads and my favorite nail polish remover pen.


french tips, because they make things fast and neat.



nail stickers from Woolworth, aren’t those cute?




Essence paper print with the paper print transfer coat




some nail art decorations in fruits and butterflies




and last but not least some nice L’oreal nail polishes





I recently also bought a birthday present for my friend in Japan and since I spend so much money, I also got this ANAYAKE brush set for free. These brushes are so soft and I really love the design. All brushes in this set come in a bag which is prefect for travel.




Another thing I got for free (a sample) was this Biotherm Skin-Best which is supposed to smooth out your skin in preparation for the make-up. I tried it twice and I really like it.



I also bought shower foam at Douglas.
I really love the rituals one, it is perfect after a stressful day because it calms me down.


Since my skin had a lot of break-outs recently I also wanted to try the 7 day skin energy treatment.
It contains 7 small ampules which different purposes. The are supposed to give energy, moisturize and refresh your skin.
I am on day 4 now and feel a little different, but not like “super wow”.




another thing I wanted to try was the Nivea shower gel. I did and like the smell. It also contains small oil pearls.




I also bought the current hair coloration, my roots are showing :(




and last but not least, some hair ties.



I know today I am not showing too much nail related things, but I thought maybe you would also be interested to see what else I buy :P

BTW who is interested to see what I bought at UNIQLO?

I hope you are heaving a great friday!