Ciaté Month 2015

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are all well. I am super busy since Februar is happening right now!

Depending on how long you follow my Blog, you might know that last year I started blogging a whole month about one of my favorite nail polish brand, Ciaté. I blogged a whole month abouth products like their Mini Mani Month Advent Calender, their Tree Trinket Set and many more. If you want to go back and read those posts, please click here

This year I would like to continue the tradition, starting tomorrow.

I declare February official Ciaté month, again!



During the past weeks and months I bought a lot of new CIaté products which I would like to review for you.
What can you expect?

  • Mini Mani Manor Advent Calender 2015
  • Candy Cane House
  • Haute House
  • Haute House
  • Nail Taxi Set
  • Under the Sea Set
  • Denim kit
  • Flower Manicure

as well as some single full sized polishes and the gorgeous Nail Lab!

Are you excited?

 photo Mara2.jpg

HAULy friday – fourteen – Ciaté will make me poor

Hey everyone,

I am so excited I can’t even tell you haha

I recently went on ASOS to buy something for a very good friend of mine in Japan. I also checked the Ciaté section and what did I see?

A Bargain!

The Caviar manicure Luxury kit and the Emerald collection kit.
First was only about 8 euro (original 22 euro) and the second was only 15 euro (normally 30 euro).
If you ask me, a total steal :D





PP050 – ladylike luxe (left) and caviar luxe pearls – lustre (right), also with a gold funnel ;)




Somehow the pearl bottle is much heavier then the normal ones, but I saw it contains 60g instead of only 20g like the normal pearls.
Maybe it is real gold and I should sell it ($_$) mwahahaha


Emerald Collection



I liked the saying in the packaging so I cut and kept it





This set contains four full sized products.

  • PP060 – ditch the heels
  • caviar pearls – ball gown
  • luxury crushed velvet in green
  • Sequins in the color Penthouse ( a mix of green and gold)

It also contains a funnel and a small brush for the velvet and Sequins.









I love this kit, it is really gorgeous and I wanted it to buy for so long, but 30 euro is a lot, so I am super happy about the great deal I got.

The other day I also went to my local Karstadt. As I told you many times before, they often have great deals on the Ciaté kits as well.
I already own two of the feathered manicure kits, the chalkboard kit, one caviar manicure kit, as well as the tree trinkets and the x-mas calender which I bought in New York in January.

Just that day I read that there is a Karstadt only kit, which is similar to the caviar manicure but is basically used with crushed shells :D

When I saw the PR pictures I got all excited. I needed to have this!
I checked out the color options online. They sell a white kit, a pink kit and a kind of more purple kit.

The following pictures were taken from Karstadt Website. I you want to buy the kit go online here

Ciate white 1

Ciate white 2

Ciate pink 1

Ciate pink 2

Ciate purple 1

Ciate purple 2

I also checked them in the store and decided on the purple kit.









Same as the caviar kits this one conatins a full sized paint pot, which in my case was PP103 – pillow fight and the crushed sea shells CRS001 – mermaid you look. In the PR picture the shells look mus pinker and lighter, so if you wanna buy the kit take the chance (if you can) and check the real color in store. I think it makes a big difference, because the appearing pink/rose shells look definitely purple in “real life”.

Nevertheless a great kit which I can’t wait to try out!



crushed sea shells CRS001 – mermaid you look



PP103 – pillow fight




When I reviewed the colorfoil manicure kit I was so excited about how easy it was that I decided to also buy the other two kits with different colored paint pots and foils.

So that’s what I did :)






This kit contains the full sized paint pot PP101 – kiss chase











This kit contains the full sized paint pot PP104 – pepperminty




and to remind you, this is the kit I already owned



This kit came with PP082 – cream soda


They also each come with a nail wheel to try out designs and a foil fix, which is a glue.

Also if you remember, a while ago I told you that I bought a paint pot which was discounted by half because the bow was ripped off the label. Well this time there was a polish in perfect condition, but it was also discounted by half. Why? I have no clue, but I also don’t care haha
Do I have to tell you I also bought this one? I didn’t think so :P

PP058 – cookies and cream



And theeeeeen I also saw that they had discounted a lot of the care products from Ciaté as well, so I decided to give the nail tonic strengthener a try and  bought this one as well.




whew that was a lot haha

Since my Ciaté collections is huge now, I will show the whole collection to you tomorrow.
I hope you like this post.

Any specific nail colors from Ciaté you would recommend to me?

I know I will definitely have to buy skinny dip and some other…..I can not decide – HELP!


Have a great Friday!



[Review] p2 LE Summer Attack – 040 hot berry and 050 green palm tree

Hello everyone,

on to more favorite polishes!
Besides my favorite polish by UMA (08 supernova) there are some others that I really really love!

Last year p2 had a Limited Edition which was called Summer Attack.
Since you know that I don’t care much about other stuff then nail polish, here are the polishes from this LE.



(pictures by p2)

Back then I bought only two of the colors. I remember the red and green one constantly being sold out, so I was happy when I found them back in store in my local DM. I bought the red one first and was super happy with it, so every time I saw it, I grabbed one more. Later on I also tried the green one and also bought one more bottle.
Now I own three of the red and two of the green and I still totally love them!

The go on super quick and dry in no time at all. I just wish p2 polishes would always have such great quality and color mix.

See my pictures here

040 hot berry

p2 LE Summer Attack - 040 hot berry

p2 LE Summer Attack - 040 hot berry - close up





050 green palm tree

p2 LE Summer Attack - 050 green palm tree

p2 LE Summer Attack - 050 green palm tree - close up





I am sorry for the bad coloring in these pictures, but the colors of the polishes seemed to have affected the outcome.

What do you think of them? Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the gold glitter/shimmer in them. Makes them so summer-ish and fun.