[blogger cooperation] 2nd Advent nail design

Happy 2nd Advent everyone!

2nd Advent

Here in Berlin you can really feel the winter. It dropped down to a few degrees and at night even to minus degrees. The wind is freezing cold and it really puts me into the mood for Christmas. I really hope it will start snowing soon.

Speaking of snow, we are at the second Advent nail design today.  Jule from JulchensTraumwelt and I chose snow and snowflakes for today’s design.

When I think of snow, beautiful white shimmer pops into my head. I love when the sun shines on snow. The reflections totally look like twinkling, holographic glitter polishes. So I feel those are the perfect occasion to use one on top of another to make your design stunning like snow on a sunny day.

Do you remember the Japanese polishes I showed you? The ones my friend sent from Japan for my Birthday?
It included so many beautiful polishes and one of them is perfect for winter nail designs.

What did I use?

  • la Lawish nail color – T18 (from Japan)
  • Ciaté – PP067 regatta
  • Catrice Million styles effect top coat – 02 holo, que tal?
  • O.P.I. – snowflakes in the air

The design is very simple since I didn’t draw on snowflakes, but let the polishes shine on their own.



As you can see I used la Lawish nail color – T18 as a base one each nail except the ring finger, there I used Ciaté’s PP067 regatta. From that point I just kept layering the other top coats. I used Catrice’ Million styles effect top coat at first, then O.P.I.’s snowflakes in the air and again the Catrice top coat. On the ring finger I only used on coat of the Catrice top coat and some cute nail stickers I found at TEDI. Seal everything in with a fast drying top coat and your design is complete.



What I always find difficult is to get the nail stickers to the nail also after putting on a clear top coat. They always lift up somehow. Do you have any tips for me?

I hope you like the design.

Have a great Sunday.



[sponsored] Catrice new 2m counter products

Good evening everyone,

about 2 weeks ago I received a package from Cosnova. I was one of the bloggers who were picked to try out the new Catrice products from their 2 meter counter. Let me tell you, when I opened the package I got soooo~ excited to try and play will all those lil’ puppies!

So first of all a big thank you to Cosnova for sending those through and especially for sending the right shades for my super pale skin.
It is very much appreciated!


Let’s see what was inside and let me tell you a few first impression things about each product.

(* exclusive at the 2 meter counter at Müller)


From left to right

Fixing Brow Wax*



To be honest, I was happy about this product. My brows are rather annoying so for a while I was thinking about buying a brow wax again, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet – luckily :)

I tried this product a few times already and all I can say is that I really like it. It does what it’s supposed to do, does not have any scent and stays on all day. You can use it on it’s own or over you finished make-up routine.

Price: 2,99€

Longlasting Brow Definer – 030 Chocolate Brow’nie*



I am not sure what to think of this product. Back then when I did my make-up daily (now I rarely use make-up anymore) and while I was working in the Business I always used a brow pencil or powder. I don’t really get a natural finish with this product. If you made different experiences, please let me know.

Price: 3,29€

Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette – 010 Eyes Wide Matt*



I must admit, so far I only tried to swatch the eye shadows. No matter if with fingers or applicator, I didn’t get much pay-off. Maybe the shadows stay on differently on the eye, I will have to try it. I read on other blogs that they loved the palette. They said the pigmentation is great and that this is a good nude alternative to some heavier priced products. I can not say anything so far, I am sorry. But I will get around to trying these, and then I will let you know. I promise.

Price: 4,99€

Velvet Finish Concealer – 010 Velvet Ivory*


Honestly, I really like this concealer. It has the right amount of coverage without caking everything up and making your face look like a mask^^ In combination with the Velvet Finish Foundation an affordable make-up set-up.

Price: 4,49€

Velvet Finish Powder with Hyaluron – 020 Natural Velvet*



I have to say I am not so happy with this powder. I also own their All Matt plus powder which I like a lot more. The Velvet Finish powder sadly shows accentuates every facial hair and wrinkle. Not very flattering :(

Price: 4,99€

Velvet Finish Foundation – 010 Light Velvet*


I haven’t used a foundation in a few years now. If I want some coverage I use my Japanese BB creme. The last foundation I used was the MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation which I was very satisfied with, but let’s be real here – MAC is pricey and not everyone can afford it. I am not saying that the Catrice Foundation is a dupe or whatever, but it is a good alternative for me. I will continue to use BB creme, but if my have some face demons I or simply want a more flawless finish, I will definitely use this foundation.

Price: 7,99€



Lash Applicator*


Since I am not using fake lashes anymore, I didn’t have a chance to try this one yet. But I might be able to try it for some fun Halloween things.

Price: 3,99€

YAY! Nail polishes*

Colour Brightening Base Coat with Keratin (2,79 €)*
Luxury Lacquers – Liquid Metal – Shiny – 03 My Satin Ballet Shoes (3,49 €)*
Million Styles Effect Top Coat – 02 ¿Holo, Que Tal? (2,99 €)*



Let’s be real here, how could I say anything bad about these? I love nail polish. So far I swatched all of them and I wore the Million Styles Top Coat over my  blue O.P.I. polish (yoga-ta get this blue). I love it! The name of the pink/rose polish is also just the cutest :D

Illuminating Blush – 020 Coral Me Maybe*




Even though I am not much into blush, more bronzer for contouring, this is so pretty. I swatched it and it shows off a very pretty discreet rose tone with a hint of golden shimmer particles in it.

Price: 3,99€

Volumizing Lip Booster*




Put it on and feel the tickle :)
This Lip treatment contains menthol which gives a cooling, tingling effect.  If you have irritated or sensitive lips, you should not use it is written on the package. The slightly rose shimmer is also very discreet which is nice I think. A good product for a first date maybe :)

Price: 3,49 €

Vitamin Lip Treatment*




This gloss promises to combine intensive (contains vitamin E) care with a shiny finish. If I want care I only use Burt’s Bees^^
I tried so many different products and the Burt’s Bees lip balm is the only product I use daily and can’t live without anymore.
I guess I can’t really give you an opinion about this, since I haven’t used it long enough to really feel a caring effect^^

Price: 3,49 €

Ultimate Stay Lipstick – 050 Mauve Your Lips*




I am in love with this lipstick!
About 2 weeks ago, shortly after I got these products I went to my friend Gunnarolla’s live show here in Berlin. One of the rare days when I wear make-up. I used the foundation, concealer AND this lipstick. It was so easy to handle. No lip liner needed, no lip pencil brush. I applied it right from the lipstick and only had to re-touch it twice (because of food and many drinking) all through the day and night.
The color is prefect for me. Not too much, but still visible.

I want more!


Price: 4,99 €


My honest opinion:

Most of these products turned out to be really good and as I said I would recommend them. Some of them might be a bit up the price range for drugstore products, but they are worth it. The quality is very good and let me tell you that they also smell very nice!
They have a nice discreet but yet comfortable scent to them :)

Maybe give them a try if you have a Müller nearby.

I hope my review was helpful to some of you.

Have a great night