[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2016

Good evening everyone,

today’s blog post is about the 4th BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking October 15th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.


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[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2015

Hello everyone,

if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I was invited to the third BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking on October 17th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.

Along with 120 other Beauty Bloggers I was able to experience my 2nd BeautyBloggerCafé and a wonderful day of networking with fellow bloggers and companies/brands as well as getting to know new products of the beauty industry.

I met up at the location with lovely Heidi from HeidisPolish and Mandy from PaintHarmony

The location had a total of 300m² and was divided in separate rooms. We arrived early and were stunned by the beautiful old building and the pretty rooms. For me, the kitchen was first. The team of StyleRanking always takes such good care of the invited Bloggers. They prepared a lot of snacks, drinks and other goodies to try out. If you check the links of the other Bloggers you will find tons of pictures of the food ;)

In the several rooms we found all the partners and sponsors of the event and immediately started chatting with them and asking tons of questions about the displayed products.

I started with Tria Beauty, a company that invented the LightSheer™, a in-clinic laser for hair removal. They made it their goal to transform the LightSheer™ (which weighed in at a whopping 120 pounds and cost $100,000) into a handheld laser small and easy enough for at-home use, and capable of delivering permanent results.



I talked to the representatives for a while and was really intrigued by the different laser-products. They basically offer three interesting variations that are available at Douglas now. If you checked the link you saw that there is a bigger laser (~450,- €), which is perfect to be used for bigger areas like the legs and a smaller precision version (~300,- €) which can be used for smaller areas like the armpits or bikini area. They also offer the age defying laser which is supposed to give you a fresher complexion and in general get rid of smaller wrinkles. (please correct me if I am wrong)

I tried all the products for a short amount of time and was surprised that the lasers didn’t hurt at all. They come with different settings so you do feel the laser depending on how strong you set it, but for me, it didn’t hurt.

If you do have the money to purchase one of the above, give it a try. And if you already own them or tried them, please tell me about your experience.

Located in the same room, in the so-called Beauty-Attack Area, were three brands I was already pretty familiar with. First up bareMinerals, the popluar american make-up brand from San Fransisco. On the market for over 35 years now, bareMinerals creates innovative products powered by nourishing, skin-loving materials. They offer a wide range of products from skin preparation to face, eye and lip make-up products to enhance your beautiful features.

Sadly I have to say that I totally missed to photograph their presentation, but like I said before, please check the other Bloggers posts. There you will find tons of pictures. The same goes for the other two brands, Beni Durrer from Berlin and Schaebens.

There is so much to tell about the Berlin based brand Beni Durrer. You should check out their website since they nicely wrote down all the needed information about founder Beni Durrer and the companies philosophy. I already heard of the brand and was really excited to meet the team behind the products and learn more about them. Beni Durrer also creates the full range of make-up products, as well as skin care products and make-up brushes and other essentials. But not enough, Beni Durrer also founded a make-up school in Berlin, where you can learn to be a professional make-up artist oder take workshops on how to do bridal make-up or other things as well. I got the chance to visit the school and again, learn more about the company and everything involved. Since I have a lot to tell you about it, I will publish another blog post soon. As for now, you should definitely check out their website and online shop to see what they offer.

The last brand in that room was Schaebens. They offer different products, but are mostly known for their high quality facemasks. Furthermore they offer beauty concentrates with highly concentrated active agent combinations and a dead sea product line for people with problem skin. Other than cosmetic products they also distribute food supplement products, over-the-counter products and medical products for better health, vitality and efficiency. I know the brand for a long time and always re-purchase their face care products. I also buy them as gifts and make little care and relax packages for friends and family. They also love their products.

The next room was dedicated to the new home brand of DM, the make-up brand trend IT UP.





They offer several different make-up products, but let’s be honest, I have my focus on the tons of pretty nail polishes and nail care products they offer.



trend it up

I spend a lot of time in this specific room, not only to try out all the polishes, but also because I was able to meet dear Tanja again. Our Blogger contact for everything DM. I already met her at the DM Marken Camp in Dusseldorf in 2014, so I was happy to see her again and catch up with her.

Another great thing was the brand new trend IT UP LE Sparkling Glamour, which was introduced to us at the BeautyBloggerCafé. Of course Heidi, Mandy and I had to swatch the polishes first. How do you like them?

You can find the products in stores now or learn more about them here.



Oh~ and I almost forgot to tell you about dear Janine from Lackliebe! I met her the first time at BeautyBloggerCafé 2014, as well as Inga from NostalgiaQueen. Two people I really like and appreciate. I was really happy to see them again this year.

Back to trend IT UP. Polishes as far as the eyes could see.


Needed a new mani? No problem, they were there for us.


I already owned a couple of the trend IT UP polishes, so I knew that the quality was really good and that they offer some really pretty colors as well as nail care products. This was the chance to try all the products I haven’t been able to try so far. Also at the end of the day, Tanja told us that we could take as much products from the display as we wanted, so I grabbed all the polishes and nail care products I didn’t own so far.

Guess what, I own all their nail products now and I am currently preparing a HUGE blog post for you guys to review all of them! In there you can find swatches and manicure example for all the polishes in one place!

Last stop was the room of Braun, which I was also very familiar with. I already own a couple of their hair styling products, and visited them with a specific wish. I wanted to try out the new Satin Hair 7 brush for thin hair (white) and also the Satin Hair 7 EC1 hair curler. Said and done.

They displayed a lot of products, not only hair styling, but also hair removal tools….



…. as well as their face cleansing brush.


I used the opportunity to get dolled up. Dear Miriam, thanks again for all these pretty curls and the stunning hair style.


Like I said, I already do own the black Satin Hair 7 brush and tried the new brush at BeautyBloggerCafé 2015. I also tried the hair curler and I can tell you that both products totally convinced me. I also already own the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare hair straightener, which is a really great product as well! If you care for your hair but still want to straighten it, this straightener is the way to go. I will not go into too much detail, since I will have another post specifically about a all these great Braun products. Please bear with me and let me give you more informations on the products in the seperate post.

By the end of the day we got a nice goodie bag full of products from the partners and sponsors, as well as further information’s.











Beni Durrer









trend IT UP






IMG_4681b IMG_4682b


I had a really wonderful day! Thanks again to StyleRanking and all the partners and sponsors who made this day possible and so special. I think the BeautyBloggerCafé will always be dear to my heart, since it was my very first event shortly after I started blogging. I really appreciate all the hard work and passion everyone put into making this day so great.

If you would like to learn more about StyleRanking or their events FashionBloggerCafé, BeautyBloggerCafé or ElternBloggerCafé please check the links below.

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If you want to read more and see more pictures of this years BeautyBloggerCafé, please check the Blog posts of all the fellow Bloggers who attended this year and wrote a post about it.

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I hope you have a great day, please let me know how you liked this post.

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[sponsored] Absolute NY & Nicka K. NY – face and eye Make-up

Good evening lovelies,

today I have a long, picture loaded post for you. So grab a drink and enjoy.

As I promised in my Absolute NY & Nicka K. NY – introduction I would like to review all those lovely products I got by subject. Today I will start with the face and eye products.

If you have question please feel free to ask them in the comments.

A big thank you to Nicka K. New York and Absolute New York for sponsoring the products so I can test and review them for you.

Nicka K

picture rights reserved by

picture rights reserved by

Like with every make-up, let’s start with the foundation primer, which is offered by both brands.




available for about 10$

  • weightless  and ultra smoothing
  • seamlessly blends across the skin and extends the wear of the make-up
  • suitable for all skin types

key ingredients:

Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Rose Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Mineral Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate

how to use:

  • spread product all over the clean and moisturized face
  • blend in with the fingers
  • follow by the foundation of your choice

I tried the primer several times and even though I don’t haven’t tried any other so far, I am pretty happy with them. After applying them the skin feels super smooth, which might be because of the silicone dimenthicone in it. Most primers use silicone so I wasn’t surprised. Personally, I don’t have a problem with silicone based products.


The Nicka K. waterproof concealer comes with great pigmentation and therefore full-coverage but is also very lightweight. These concealers are around 6$ and come as a jumbo pencil in 5 different shades.

waterproof concealer


key ingredients:

Isododecane, Ozokerite, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ceresin, Paraffin, Polybutene, Microcrystalline Wax, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol

how to use:

  • apply on spots or dark circles and blend in

The one I received is in shade NYA32, which is in the exact middle of all 5 colors, also found as deep caramel. Since I am super pale, this shade is too dark for me to be used as a concealer, but I think it would also be great as a contour pen.


The Nicka K. eye shadow base is available in 3 shades, each for around 5$.

NYA10 white
NYA11 pearl
NYA12 nude

I received NYA10 which is a matte white which is supposed to give an incredible boost of vibrancy. Pearl gives a delicate touch of iridescence and nude is for seamless, natural canvas.
In general these products have a special designed formula that latches onto the pigments to keep your favorite eye colors in place.


key ingredients:

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Candelilla Cera, Mica,  Isododecane/Isobutylmethacrylate/Bis-Hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Acylate Copplymer, Isopropyl Isostearate, Petrolatum, Phenyl Trimethicone, Silica, Hydrogenated Microcrystaline Wax, Paraffin/Glycol Montanate/Synthetic Wax, Beeswaxm Phenoxyethanol, Titanium Dioxide (CI77891)

how to use:

  • apply all over the eyelids to create a smooth base for eye shadows and to enhance pigmentation

So far I used the eye shadow base from p2 which spread very easily due the creamy texture. I found the Nicka K. base a bit “harder” and therefore a little difficult to spread over the lid, but I have read a lot of recommendations on it, people saying it is the best they ever used. So maybe I have to get used to it. I will definitely use it a few more times and see how it goes. What I can say is that the white base really does intensify the colors and vibrancy of eye shadows.


Next on the list are the Absolute NY true palettes. They come in a set of 5 eye shadows specifically designed for different topic/color schemes.


NF073 Element
NF070 Nude
NF072 Carnival
NF071 Romantic Affair

The names in bold font are the ones I received.

The palettes feature shades that are curated to create a range of seamless eye looks for any occasion. They are super smooth and again have a long-wearing formula that packs a punch of pigmentation that can easily be blended for natural definition, or packed on for dramatic smokey eyes.

Each palette is around 6$.

First of all I would like to review the nude palette, which is a nice mixture of natural tones. From a matte beige, to a shimmer beige which are perfect for my pale skin, to slightly darker beige, brown and dark brown.

Absolute NY natural nude


From left to right I swatched all colors. The top row is with and the bottom row without primer. As you can see the pigmentation is good either way (sorry for the bad lighting in the picture) and I feel they picked really nice colors for a natural brown eye make-up. The only color that doesn’t match well with the others is this beige, almost a bit orange color in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, the eye shadow is pretty but I feel it is a bit too warm for the rest of the palette, which seems rather cold toned. All colors go on and blend pretty well. I think my favorite is the 2nd from the right, which is this nice bronze brown that really compliments blue eyes.


The second palette I got is the carneval palette.

This one is so colorful and simply amazing. I opened it immediately and started swatching and the first note I made was “THE BOMB”. The pigmentation is simply amazing. All, except the red, are eye shadows. The red one is supposed to be a blush. But honestly, why use this gorgeous color as a blush? I can see myself using this palette for halloween or carneval looks and very colorful eye make-ups.



Just look how pretty these are!



The dark eye shadow is especially unique. I tried to catch the different colors within. It is somehow dark, almost grey and black, but also blue at the same time.

On the swatched you can see how crazy the pigmentation is with just one stroke.

I can’t even decide which one is my favorite, that’s how much I love these.


key ingredients:

Talc, Mica, 2-Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polybutene, Zinc Laurate, Silica, Dimenthicone, PropylparabenMay Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Black Iron Oxide, Red 40, Manganese Violet


Next is the Absolute NY perfect eyebrow pencil. It’s supposed to effortlessly shape, fill, and define your brows with this sleek eyebrow pencil. The formula is specially designed to provide just enough waxiness, for natural fullness that stays in place all day. Unique angled tip allows for precision and control, with each application, while the attached spooly brush grooms brows into place. Available in black, brown, and dark brown.

I received NF056 brown.

each pencil is around 4$

Absolute NY eyebrow pencil




I gotta say I am not a big fan of eyebrow pencils. I prefere eyebrow powder. I feel it give a more natural look instead of using a pencil and drawing the brows on. Using a pen always irritates my skin, which was kind of the case for this product as well. I simply felt it was too hard and didn’t have a good color pay-off.

key ingredients:

Carnauba Wax, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Zinc Stearate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, DImethicone, Phenylpropyldimesthylsiloxysilic, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butyl Hydroxy Toluene, Mica
May Contain: Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide


The Nicka K. shimmer eyeliners are a great pick if you are looking for unique colors. Specially formulated and equipped with a foam tip applicator to apply effortless and set for long-wearing, water, smudge, and fade-resistant wear, these eyeliners add an instant touch of sparkling glamour to your eye make-up.  They are available in twelve shimmer shades and two matte shades!

waterproof eyeliner

Absolute NY shimmer eyeliners

NF014 Gold
NF013 Silver
NF012 Glitter Black
NF011 Glitter Brown
NF010 Glitter Burgundy
NF009 Red Hot
NF008 Green
NF007 Fuchsia
NF006 Purple
NF005 Navy
NF004 Blue
NF003 White

NF002 Matte Brown
NF001 Matte Black

The names is bold font are the ones I received. Each eyeliner is available for around 5$




I must say I love when companies put out unique eyeliner colors. Why does everything always has to be so boring right?
With these eyeliners I have just one problem, the applicator tip. I really hoped it would have a thin brush applicator, like the one from Essence.

Essence brush

It is thin, bendable and therefore gives me a much better control over my perfect winged eyeliner.

The colors and the pigmentation of these shimmer eyeliners are amazing, but the applicator ruins it for me. I will try to make it work just because I like the quality of the product, but please I beg you Nicka K. change the applicator tip :)

My favorite eyeliner that I could try would be the golden one. It is amazing how good and even the pigmentation is and that once it’s dry, it is super smudge and water-resistant. The are perfect for those hot summer day or trips to the beach. Your make- up will last all day. The pink and green ones were also very nice. The only disappointment was the green one that stained pretty bad and the glitter burgundy. It seemed a bit sheer and more difficult to get an even application.

key ingredients:

Water, Acrylates, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gun, Simethicone, Tin Oxide

May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Carmine, Ultramarine Blue, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide


The Absolute NY waterproof gel eyeliner have a long-wearing, pigmented formula that is designed to define and highlight your eyes all day. They are buttery smooth when applying, but set and lock the color when dry for budge-proof, water-proof, transfer-proof color that lasts and lasts and lasts.

These eyeliners come in 14 colors and cost about 5$ each.

gel eyeliner

gel eyeliner 2

NFB93 Mystical
NFB92 Pink
NFB91 White
NFB90 Turquoise
NFB89 Purple
NFB88 Lilac
NFB87 Blue
NFB86 Navy
NFB85 Teal
NFB84 Brown
NFB83 Dark Brown
NFB82 Green
NFB81 Gold
NFB80 Pearl
NFB79 Twinkle Black
NFB78 Black

The names is bold font are the ones I received.





I must say I was very impressed by these. The texture is great and once they are dry they really are smudge and water proof. I will definitely try to work with these, even though I feel liquid eyeliners are easier to work with. I tried them also on the waterline and they work pretty well. I wish they would also offer a soft beige one for the waterline since I prefere beige to a bright white on the waterline.

key ingredients:

Isododecane, Ozokerite, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ceresin, Paraffin, Polybutene, Microcrystalling Wax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Black Iron Oxide, Black 2, Ultramarine Blue, Red 7, Red 6, Blue 1, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Manganese Violet, Carmine Curl”
For all of you Marcara addicts Nicka K. offers a wide range of Mascara, each one with a different brush for different purposes.

The ultra-black, formula is designed to seamlessly bind to, and coat lashes to effortlessly create lush, dramatic volume with definition. These mascara promise long-lasting, smudge-proof wear.

super volumedefine and lengthen

divide and volume lash multiplication

curl and volume volume and extension
pictures taken from http://www.ikatehouse.com

I received WMo2 – define & lengthen waterproof mascara


At first I was really surprised how easy the brush was to bend. But after trying it I actually liked it. It makes it very easy to coat the lashes evenly without smudging the product everywhere. I didn’t really see a crazy lengthening effect, but it is still a nice mascara and yes, it is smudge and waterproof.

Last but not least, Absolute NY also offers a wide range of lashes made of 100% human hair.

They offer regular, double lashes, classic-flare and ultra thick black single under lashes as well as knot free classic-flare and knot free ultra black single lashes.

You can view the whole range here

regular – each about 4$
double lashes – each about 6$
classic flare black single under lashes – each about 4$
ultra thick black single under lashes – each about 4$
knot free classic flare single lashes – each about 4$
knot free ultra black single lashes – each about 4$

Here is what I received:













Currently I am not using lashes but a few years back, when I lived in Japan I always used lashes and I loved it. well besides applying them haha

I gotta get back to that. I kind of miss glam-ing up myself.


The beauty mark pen from Absolute NY is a little accesoire goodie. It comes with different designs so you can pick which one suits you best. You want to add a little spice to your look for the night? Rock a tattoo without the commitment. Designed for both the face and body, these unique felt-tip, ink, beauty stamps create authentic looking, temporary tattoos that can easily be removed when desired.

Absolute NY stamp

beauty mark pens


I received ABM03 Star, each pen is about 13$, but I gotta say I was worried. Sure it lasts pretty long and once you get the hang on how to press the stamp on your skin you will get a great result, BUT it stains a lot. I am not sure if I simply used the wrong products to get it off or I simply tried to remove it too fast. Please let me know about your experiences.



here you can see the result after trying to remove it with a normal make-up wipe and oil based remover.


and here even after using nail polish remover, the starts were still a bit visible.

Now imagine you would use them on your face. I would be pretty angry if this stained my face like this.

how to use:

  • select design and size of choice
  • press stamp onto desired location and hold for 2 seconds
  • let dry
  • lightly dust your tattoo with translucent powder for a long-wear boost

key ingredients:

Water, Aloe Extract, Polyurethane-35, Polyglceryl-2 Caprate, Methylpropanediol, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Tri-C12-13 Alkyl Citrate, Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Tocopherol, Pehnylpropanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Citric Acid

May Contain: Red 40, Green 3, Red 33, Yellow 5, Red 28


Overall I am very impressed by the quality of both brands products and I am not saying it because I got them for free. All opinions stated above are my honest opinions of the products and even some of them are not colors I would use, I still think the quality is good. In many cases the pigmentation really convinced me.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask them. I will try my best to answer them.

Also them me know which products you liked best.

Have a great day

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absolute logo

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Nicka k logo

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