Sunday Mani 25 – scaryween 2

Hello everyone,

since  I haven’t posted a Halloween Mani in a while, I thought today I would surprise you with two posts. A new Sunday Mani being one of them :)

I hope you enjoy it.




polishes I used

on my thumb:

  • Sally Hansen – 670 Midnight in NY
  • SPARITUAL – intuition
  • Halloween stamping plate from Tedi with Essence stampy polish 001 stamp me! white

on my pointy finger:

  • ORLY – tropical pop
  • wet n wild – fast dry – E222C
  • Manhattan – 1010N and a thin brush to draw on the pumpkins face

on my middle finger:

  • pop beauty – 37 foggy
  • O.P.I. – alpine snow, to draw on the ghosts body
  • Manhattan – 1010N, to dot on the ghosts face

on my ring finger:

  • O.P.I. – alpine snow
  • Manhattan – 1010N and a thin brush to draw on the mummy’s face and black lines

on my pinky finger:

  • Sally Hansen – 670 Midnight in NY
  • Halloween stamping plate from Tedi with Catrice Luxury Lacquers – Co1 Holo Manolo from the Holomania LE to stamp on the spider
  • Astor – Nail Artist glitter – 213109 as a top coat


Even if this is rather cute then scary, I hope you enjoy it :)

Have a great Sunday




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Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 15

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 15

Hey everyone,

this time I tried something different, using some of the holographic polishes I own.
Sadly some of the colors are not as bright and popping as I wished them to be.

Here is what I used:

  • as a base color Catrice – Holomania – C04 Plum Me Up Scotty
  • Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers – Holomania – C01 Holo Manolo
  • Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers – Holomania – C03 Holo In One
  • Catrice – LE Haute Future – C01 Eletrix Blue
  • O.P.I. – Snowflakes in the air
  • Catrice – LE Haute Future – C03 iROSEdescent

I applied two coats of C04 Plum Me Up Scotty and let it dry. After that I put two drops of color onto a stamping plate and started applying different length lines of C01 Holo Manolo on each nail near the cuticle, then did the same with C03 Holo In One and C01 Eletrix Blue.
After that I used O.P.I.’s Snowflakes in the air to apply some bling as well-
On the ring finger I used only two coats of C03 iROSEdescent and their new polish 04 Lost ‘N Roses.






What do you think? Is it pretty like that or should the colors, I used to apply the lines, be more bright?



[Review] Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers – Holomania

Hello everyone,

I know I kind of introduced these before in my HAULy friday – three from February, but I realized I did not show the on the nails or even posted a nail art.

So here we go!




C01 Holo Manolo







Somehow a few of the pictures turned out to show the silver holo kind of blue-ish. I am sorry for that, but the first and last nail pictures show the real color.

This is a super pretty silver holographic nail polish. I think it is perfect as a base for stamping.
Basically all of the polishes are great for stamping I think.


C03 Holo In One







When I saw the LE in my local DM this was the color that totally caught my attention. I just love it!
On the nails it reminds me of a day on the beach, sparkling, clear blue/turquoise water.
This is definitely my favorite polish from all four holomania polishes.

C04 Plum Me Up Scotty



Sorry for the bad color quality here as well, following you can see the real color.






This lilac holographic polish looks similar to the silver one, but there is still a difference. The lilac is very discreet but I love it. I think the silver one and lilac one would be perfect for a gradient nails with another polish I own. I will definitely try it once I figured out how to do gradient haha

The silver and turquoise one I already own twice, because I like them so much.
The lilac one I did not get again, it seems to be out of stock everywhere.
For those of you who follow me on instagram, you already saw the following nail art.

I did that right after I bought them by the end of February.
As you can see I used the turquoise one as a base color and one day later got bored with it which was why I used clear tape and the silver holographic polish to create the triangle shapes.
On my ring finger I used Essence stamping polish from the LE Love Letters to create the stamped design.







What do you think?