Sunday Mani – fourteen – more fuzzy nails

Hey everyone,

it is sunday mani time :D

Today we have a crazy mess of different fuzzy polishes and one glitter/sequin polish.

As a base color I used this shimmery grey polish from POP beauty – nail glam. I applied two coats and let them dry properly.

POP beauty – nail glam – 37 foggy



Then starting with the pinky I used the following:

L’oreal – color riche – 919 grace tweed


L’oreal – color riche – 842 sequin explosion




China Glaze – 1276 Flock Together


Sally Hansen – 500 fuzz sea


Essence – 19 bird of paradise


Here you can see the order of how I used the polishes.




For some you you this might be too much, but I love playing around with fuzzy coats. And I have no problem at all combining different colors and styles :)

How do you like this manicure?



Sunday Mani – nine – Ciaté feathered manicure fail

Hey everyone,

today’s sunday mani is no nail art post to admire, because I tried the feathered manicure by Ciaté and horribly failed.

First I want to show you how you are supposed to do the feathered manicure.
I did not look up how to do it before and did some things that totally caused the failure of my feathered manicure.
After I messed up I found a post by Steph Powell which explains it really well.

Please view the original post HERE. The following pictures and the text are all taken from Steph’s post. I really thought these were quality pictures so I saw no use in taking some myself. And since I post her link and everything as well, I thought it would be okay to do so. Anyway, all rights reserved by her.

I also used the colorful feather set (FM02UK) the first time I tried it. HERE you can see my HAULy friday – four – post when I bought the set.

Ciate feathered manicrue ASOS 3

As you can see it contains a base color (in this case PP091 ivory queen), the feathers, two buffers, a scissor and the clear top coat.

Ciate feathered manicrue ASOS 2

Ciate feathered manicrue ASOS

Start with two coats of the base color.


Then once they’re dry you add a coat of the clear topcoat (a good layer of it).


Then comes the fun part – place the feather tip towards cuticle onto your nail, and then press it down into the topcoat. Don’t be tempted to get creative with placement because the grain of the feather going in an awkward direction could be difficult later. 


Then you trim the feather with the scissors as close to the nail as possible. Do it in tiny snips to as not to disturb the feather strands and ruin the pattern.


Then it looks like this!


Finish with another layer of top coat, but this time brushed on the opposite way to usual, towards the cuticle.
This is very important: if you brush the other way you will mess up the feather and have to start again.


When it’s dry, you use the nail file block to remove the excess feather, with downward strokes.


The result.


 Let me tell you, that I did a few of the mentioned mistakes. and the result really frustrated me.
First of all, I think I did not let the first two coats of the base color dry properly.
Second, I used one coat of the clear polish and placed the feather. I pressed it down gently but still it kept bending up again as you can see on the following pictures I took.


I kept pushing it down, but it didn’t want to stay in place.

Also right after that I cut off the access, I found out later that it is better to let the clear top coat with the feather dry first and then cut the access, because cutting it while still wet will cause the feather to move.

After that you are supposed to put another layer of the clear coat on top, but brush it on from the tip of the nail to your cuticle.
I did not know that and put it on as usual (cuticle to top), which cause the feather to move as well.


After that I already saw how I messed up so I didn’t even bother to let everything dry and buff off all the access of the feather.


Here is my result. I really hated it and was so frustrated because I really liked this manicure on the pictures and hoped it to be easy.
After that I was too frustrated so I didn’t try again until now. Maybe I will…..I think I should since I have two of these sets.
I hope after learning what NOT to do, it might turn out better.
We will see.

Did you try the feathered manicure?
Do you have any other tips for me?

Please let me know.




HAULy friday – four – Ciaté….again

Hey everyone,

I went on a shopping spree again!
This is really bad haha
I actually wanted to check my local Karstadt for Ciaté’s new Flower Manicure Kit when I went out, but when I arrived and saw the Kit I was not excited enough to pay 20 euro. I was kind of disappointed. It looked so nice on the promotional pictures, but somehow I did not like it when I saw it. I don’t know why.

Anyways, since my Karstadt is STILL selling out the old kits, I decided to pick up two of the feathered manicure kits and the croc embossed kit.


About the corc embossed kit I was a bit hesitating since I usually don’t like crackling polishes, but since it was half price (10 euro) I bought it as well. The other two kits were half priced too, so as well just 10 euro.
Imagine, I bought 3 kits worth of 60 euro and only paid 30. Such things make me really happy, especially since I love Ciaté :D

So here we go, let’s start with the feathered manicure kits






ivory queen mini polish (now I have two of them)


colorful feathers :D







simple feathers is brown and black


snow virgin mini polish
this is my first white polish by Ciaté, I hope it is good. I am still searching for the perfect white polish for me.
It should be opaque but also not creamy please.
Any recommendations?




As you can see there is a ton of stuff included in both kits and the top coat is a full sized paint pot.
I think this is a really good deal even for the normal price of 20 euro, but half price is even better of course!



And last but not least, the croc embossed kit.
I could not wait to try this out, so I will post a manicure review on sunday. Stay tuned for that :D


DSC05345  DSC05346

DSC05347  DSC05348

I must honestly say that I am i LOVE with this green polish and the bottle design of the dark blue/purple color.
love love love!

What do you think?