Sunday Mani – fourteen – more fuzzy nails

Hey everyone,

it is sunday mani time :D

Today we have a crazy mess of different fuzzy polishes and one glitter/sequin polish.

As a base color I used this shimmery grey polish from POP beauty – nail glam. I applied two coats and let them dry properly.

POP beauty – nail glam – 37 foggy



Then starting with the pinky I used the following:

L’oreal – color riche – 919 grace tweed


L’oreal – color riche – 842 sequin explosion




China Glaze – 1276 Flock Together


Sally Hansen – 500 fuzz sea


Essence – 19 bird of paradise


Here you can see the order of how I used the polishes.




For some you you this might be too much, but I love playing around with fuzzy coats. And I have no problem at all combining different colors and styles :)

How do you like this manicure?



[Review] Ciaté PP082 cream soda + China Glaze 1276 Flock Together

Hey everyone,

I can’t believe, I almost forgot to review my first China Glaze polish, which I also bought from kosmetik4less.

Since this is more of a top coat I applied it over Ciaté’s PP082 cream soda.

Ciaté PP082 cream soda


China Glaze 1276 Flock Together



Like I said, this is my first China Glaze polish ever. I read so much about the company on different blogs and heard people talking and using them in nail art tutorials, so I was excited to try it out. Since I love fuzzy polishes and I loved the color combination of this I decided to order this one instead of a “normal” color.





I don’t know if you can see, but it is a mix of black, light green and light blue striped particles.
I love it, it doesn’t look like any other fuzzy polish I own and I think it goes really well with this slight grey-lilac polish from Ciaté.

The application is easy and you get a good amount of fuzz on the nail when applying the polish.

How do you like it?



HAULy friday – three

Hello everyone,

today is friday and you know what that means!

Today is HAULy friday!


This week I a showing you the stuff I bough from my local DM drugstore.

As you might know, Catrice recently released a new Limited Edition that is fully based on nail polishes.

The Catrice Website tells us the following:

Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE

Show Effects. Looks must be multi-facetted, the feel unusual. The new fabrics in the designer collections are there to be discovered with all your senses. Three-dimensional structures, elaborate applications as well as multi-dimensional colours with holographic or metallic effects turn the designs into luxury items. More is more. That’s why the Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE“, which will be available in stores in March 2014, offers a total of 24 nail polish colours guaranteed to be eye-catching. You have a choice of four different effects: Sand’sation, Chameleon, Million Brilliance and Holomania. All polishes shine in the trendiest colours of the season and offer ultimate coverage as well as a long-lasting texture. Limited Edition, unlimited Effects – by CATRICE.

The collection contains the following:


Special Sparkle. Multi-dimensional glitter and pearls sparkle in all facets and give your nails a luxurious coat. The result is unique and brillliant – absolute must-haves and suitable for all trendy looks.


3Deluxe. The Sand’sation nail polishes offer a sandy finish with high coverage and a sensational colour brilliance. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust to give them an unmistakable structure.


Pretty Prism. Holographic effects give your nails a unique look – exclusive and fascinating at the same time. The metallic colours with an ultimate prism effect come in cool silver and blue shades as well as a fashionable purple. Ultimate coverage and ultimate durability are guaranteed. On top of that, the professional brush offers a particularly easy application.


Colour Change. Intensive, powerful colour meets upon iridescent duo-chrome here. The unique chameleon effect makes a real statement. The shine is full of effects, the colour offers great coverage and the texture is especially long-lasting.

I love the idea of a full nail polish LE. Great job Catrice!

My personal favorite are the Holographic polishes.
I bought three of them, but only because my DM did not have all four of them.
I came back 3 times this week to check, but still nothing. :(
Also went to my second DM near by, but also nothing.

Catrice, please send me C02 ApHolo 7 :D

Anyway, here are my pictures of the polishes.




C01 Holo Manolo

C03 Holo In One

C04 Plum Me Up Scotty

I simply love those polishes. I swatched them all and looks absolutely stunning!
If you follow my Facebook Page you probably already saw my mid week manicure with Holo in One.
The coverage is unbelievable. Already after one coat the polish was nice and opaque!
I added a second coat, just to make sure. The dry time was also very good.

I will do a separate post on these polishes with different nail designs, so please wait for that.
But since the LE is out now or at latest in March, I wanted to hurry and recommend you to BUY ALL OF THEM!
i paid 3,45 euro each and it was totally worth the money.

Catrice, if you read this, please please PLEASE take these holographic polishes into your standard range!

The next polish is also from Catrice. It is the effect topper 50 glitterazzi.

I got curious about this polish when I saw it on LacquerVictim’s – January HAUL.
So far I don’t own an effect coat like this. I will let you know what I think of it. The reviews I have read recently were not that good, but who knows I might love it^^



P2 also has a new Limited Edition, called Square Affair,which is sold in all DM stores throughout Germany (and maybe also Austria and Switzerland).
I was not a big fan of the polishes so the only thing I bought was the glitter set.
I thought these were nice to create cute nail art designs. When I checked the recite for the price I almost fell from my chair. I though it was 3 euro something, turns out I actually paid 4,65 euro. WOW!
Well its too late now anyway haha

DSC05279 DSC05280





Recently I am not a big fan of the P2 LE’s. The Beauty Rebel, as well as Square Affair and the up coming Sea la Vie LE are really not my cup of tea. I don’t like the colors of the polishes, they are very boring to me.
I also saw pictures of the upcoming summer LE with lots of bronze colors…..I am so disappointed.
I totally freaking LOVED the polishes from last years Summer Attack LE, even bought bottles and bottles on stock for myself…..but the current releases….not for me.

What do you think? Any recommendations for me? What should I buy? What should I try?

Let me know :)