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Hello everyone,

the two weeks are already over, meaning my sponsored giveaway from WET N WILD Germany (please visit www.wnwbeauty.de and Facebook ) is over as well.


This time I had 209 participants!!!
I am really happy that so many of you were interested to win these beautiful polishes and entered. Thanks a lot for that!

The winner of this giveaway was randomly picked randomly by Rafflecopter and will receive the price directly from me.


I will send out all 4 polishes as soon as I get the winners address.

The winner is …… *drum roll*

Jenny B


Jenny from the UK (if I am not mistaken^^)


I hope you are as happy and excited about these polishes as I am and that you will enjoy them.
I sent you an e-mail (from my account allthesmallstuffandthings@gmail.com), if it is not in your inbox please check the spam folder and get back to me within 48 hours or I will sadly have to pick another winner.

To all the others, please don’t be sad. I am sure I will host other giveaways later on this year.
Just stay tuned and keep following my blog and Facebook page for that :)

Also, I know there are a LOT of scammers out there. Please DO NOT give your personal information to anyone but me (meaning if I sent a mail from the address above)





[sponsored GIVEAWAY] wet n wild + review

Hello lovelies,

today I have a very special post for you, I hope you are excited!

It has already been 90 days (!!!) already since my first ever giveaway. Can you believe it? – I know I can’t haha
Time passes so fast, but I am super happy with my Blog as well as I am thankful for all you wonderful people who are following me and for coming back daily to read my posts or also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

wet n wild logo – all rights reserved to wet n wild


To say THANK YOU for 5 awesome months I teamed up with WET N WILD Germany (please visit www.wnwbeauty.de and Facebook ) to host my 2nd giveaway but 1st ever sponsored giveaway.

If you remember, I received sample nail mail from Wet n Wild Germany by the end of May to test out the following 4 super pretty polishes.


Not only will I review them for you today, we will also give away a set of the exact same 4 polishes by the end of this post.

Let’s start with the review.

When I opened the package about a month ago I was super happy to see this white polish from the wild shine collection.
They must have seen that I am / was still looking for a really good white polish, so they sent this one.

wet n wild – wild shine – E449C french white crème 


When I applied this polish on the nail wheel to swatch it, I was not really convinced but I still wanted to try it on my natural nails.
Sometimes the application is more easy on the natural nail then on fake nails or something like a nail wheel. This is one of those polishes.
The brush is a little wide (maybe just mine) but it is still easy to spread the color and apply it nicely in front of the cuticle. I applied a thin first coat to get the edges right and after a short dry time added a more thicker 2nd coat. The result is just great!
It is such a nice clean white and it is very opaque. A perfect base for your nail design.
How long it took to dry? Not long at all. I felt it was good after 10 to 15 minutes, if you want to clean your apartment or any other heavy involvement of your fingers, you should wait longer I guess.

All left to say is that I love this white polish. If you ask me, it is way better then Essie’s – blanc, which soo~ many people praised and for me it totally failed. The wet n wild one thought is only around 1,70 euro (depending on where you buy).

What more could we want? – Exactly nothing!





Please excuse the super whiteness of the picture, but I still gotta figure out how to photograph white polishes best.


The next polish is from their megalast Collection. I was pretty excited to try this and the second one they sent from this Collection.
I only tried their wild shine polishes and some fast dry polishes so I was curious how these work.

wet n wild – mega last – E2143 I red a good book


I was really surprised how easy this went on, meaning because of the liquid consistency the application was nice and even. When I applied it on the nail wheel I thought it was pretty sheer, but when I used it on my natural nail I thought the coverage was better.
I used 2 coats, to be save you could apply 3 coats to get an opaque finish. What I also realized was the pretty shine these polishes showed after application. The red itself might not be my favorite, since I am more into the slightly darker red’s, but thinking back at my UNIQLO nail design, this color could have been perfect as a base. In general it is a great red to have in your collection.





The second polish from they megalast collections is this pretty mint polish. I remember seeing this one in reviews on other Blog’s, so I was super excited to receive it so I could try it out myself.

wet n wild – mega last – E2181 I need a refresh mint


Same as it’s “little sister” E2143 this polish was very easy to apply. Special about the megalast collection is this pretty wide pro brush, which is supposed to make the application as easy as at a nail salon. It does^^

I mentioned several times that I am a big fan of wide nail polish brushes, IF they are even and not too hard.

The color itself is very nice, I think so far I didn’t own anything like it.





Last but definitely not least is the polish I was most excited about. I saw it in SO many reviews on the internet and I just loved how it looks in the bottle.

wet n wild – fast dry – E237C Gray’s Anatonmy



This super pretty semi-sheer duo-chrome is not even duo if you ask me. When you look at the bottle shot it shows of so many more then just 2 colors. It shows off a grayish green and an iridescent but played down violet, as well as silver, turquoise and a bit blue.
Since this is a rather sheer polish you would need at least 3 coats to get near an opaque finish. Better layer it on top of a black polish to really see the duo-chrome finish. The application though is nice and even and streak-free.

The polish under my photo studio lights (without flash)









I tried to photograph as much angles as possible to show you the different colors.

Now two pictures under water with



no flash


I really like this polish and will definitely play around with it a bit more.

How do you like these colors? Let me know in the comments :)


on to the GIVEAWAY

START July 1st
END July 16th

To participate, please read carefully.

You want to win all these four pretty polishes?

Here are the rules / Hier sind die Regeln:

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This giveaway is open worldwide.
To participate in this giveaway you must be at least 18.
The prize can ONLY be shipped to a real address. I will not ship to PO Boxes, in Germany Packstationen or Post Offices.
The Winner will be selected by me via rafflecopter.com and be notified by email.
The Winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.
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Um an diesem Gewinnspiel teilnehmen zu können, muss mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein.
Der Preis kann nur an eine reale Adresse versendet werden. Ich versende nicht an PostfächerPackstationen oder der Post Filialen.
Der Gewinner wird von mir über rafflecopter.com gezogen und per E-Mail benachrichtigt.
Der Gewinner hat 48 Stunden, um auf meine Mail zu reagieren, bevor ein neuer Gewinner ausgewählt wird.
Der Gewinnpreis wurde von wet n wild Deutschland zur Verfügung gestellt und mir zugeschickt. Demnach werde ich den Preis versenden. Ich werde euch nicht bitten, für den Versand zu bezahlenIch werde für den Versand bezahlen.
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Wenn du mit den Konditionen einverstanden bist, klicke bitte HIER


I want to thank the sponsor of these polishes, wet n wild Germany.
I am very happy that they decided to support me by sending this prize.
Again, please cheack out their Website www.wnwbeauty.de and Facebook  page.


Sharing would, of course, be very much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.


Have a great night,





[sponsored] wet n wild Germany no.1

Hey everyone,

I was lucky enough and am really thankful for the 2nd nail mail during this month. This time from Wet n Wild Germany.

If you follow my blog you know that I recently bought a lot of wet n wild polishes and I really love them. They are affordable and most importantly the quality is super good. And the colors are just stunning!

Now on to my little un-boxing :)



The mail came in a small package like this…..


was wrapped beautifully in yellow paper…..


and revealed a letter, information paper and four wet n wild polishes in total. 1 is the wet n wild wild shine in white, 1 wet n wild fast dry and 2 wet n wild megalast polishes.





From left to right we see E449C, E2143, E2181 and E237C.

wet n wild – wild shine – E449C french white crème 

The Team from wet n wild must have read my post about me still searching for the perfect white polish, which is why they sent me this polish, I assume. Thanks a lot, I am excited to try it out and see if it is satisfying my needs :P

The sell the wild shine polishes in 18 different colors, each is 1,49 euro.




wet n wild – mega last – E2143 I red a good book

Oh this looks so pretty! A very nice red tone, not too bright, not too dark. And one thing be mentioned, the mega last polishes have a wide ManiCurve Pro Brush, which I am also excited to try out since I love wide brushes. They make the application so easy.

They offer 18 colors, whic I got two of. Each is 2,99 euro.


wet n wild – mega last – E2181 I need a refresh mint

This is a polish I was hoping to get, because I saw many reviews on them in other blogs and this color is so pretty.



wet n wild – fast dry – E237C Gray’s Anatonmy

Last but not least, another polish I saw in many reviews and I really wanted to try for myself. It just looks stunning in its bottle. The shimmer of blue, turquoise, purple and a little gold-grey makes it so pretty.

The fast dry polishes are also sold in 18 different colors, each is 2,99 euro.


Let’s check out the swatches.

I applied the polishes on a nail wheel in order as shown.



The white polish is really creamy and therefor kind of thick which made it a bit difficult to apply evenly on the nail wheel. But I will still try it out on my natural nails, because sometimes polishes who are difficult to apply on fake nails or nail wheels work pretty well on natural nails. The coverage is good, but a little streaky on the wheel.

The mint mega last polish was a huge surprise! It went on so smoothly and even and it super opaque! I think even one coat would have been enough, even though I applied a 2nd one.


The red polish is very pretty, but a bit sheer. So you would need either a base color or apply several coats. It is very shiny and glossy though which I really love.

And again, last but not least, the fast dry shimmer polish.
Such a great color! I applied it once with a white base color and once without it. With the white 2 coats were enough to get a nice finish. On its own I applied 3 coats. I am excited to try it on my natural nails and see how it looks in the sunshine with natural light.





I tried to photograph them from different angles, hoping the fast dry polish will show off the different shimmer colors.
It may appear a bit grey, but it really is pretty and does show the different colors.











Here is a single shot of the fast dry polish.


For my first impression, especially on the mega last polishes, I can say I am super impressed. I would even say they are a good dupe (quality wise) to the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure. Maybe even better. And they are a lot cheaper.

How do you like these? Any wet n wild recommendations?