[Event Review] DM Marken Camp Beauty in Dusseldorf

Good evening everyone,

as promised yesterday, I wanted to tell you about the DM Marken Camp Beauty which was held in Dusseldorf on the 13th of September.

I can tell you that I was pretty excited about this. I applied and was picked and invited to the event. Even though I had to pay for the trip myself, it was totally worth it. For me it was the perfect opportunity for a small weekend trip to Dusseldorf, which I always wanted to visit. Thanks to my sister in law I had a place to stay for free, so the only thing I had to pay was the flight.

flight 1
flight to Dusseldorf

The event was on a Saturday, so I took Friday off from work and went to Dusseldorf in the morning. I met with my brother, sister in law and my niece and we spend some nice time in the city. In the evening I met a friend of mine which I haven’t seen in 2 years.

On Saturday I went to the event, which was simply overwhelming. There were so many Bloggers and YouTubers. I couldn’t believ it^^
Even though the event started around 10 am and ended at 7 pm, there was not enough time to talk to everyone, which I felt a bit sad about. I love those events for networking and getting to know new people.


I got to Meliá Hotel at around 10 am and was welcomed with a nice refreshment drink and breakfast buffet with fresh coffee. After a short time of being alone I met Jule (Julchens Traumewelt) and Inga (NostalgiaQueen). Inga even had a small present for me! She bought me a few Sally Hansen polishes while she was in London. She is so sweet and I still am very happy and thankful about that!

Look what she had for me


  • Sally Hansen Magnetic – 908 graphite gravity
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic – 912 cosmic blue
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – 400 sweetie
  • Catrice – LE arts collection – C03 bronze-deco
  • small grey polish from the styleranking fashionbloggercafe_shoe edition
  • Catrice – LE rocking royals C01 of royal blood (velvet nail powder)

The event itself started with a talk about the sessions which the girls who prepared, introduced to us.


Everyone got a badge with their name and some information materials.



DD 1

The day was packed with sessions which were partially held by the other girls or employees from the DM Team.


There was also a session held by two lawyers who taught us a lot of interesting and important things regarding blogging.

My first session was held by Malte and was about SEO. Something I didn’t know s*** about :D

DD 3

I also visited AnnKristin0’s session for nail art and one about taking good pictures. To be honest though, I didn’t really understood much of it haha

There were also different rooms for the DM brands. One was for their brand Alverde, another for Dontodent, p2 and the last for Ebelin and Balea.





We got to see new products and try them out. Some things we were allowed to take home with us.


The Dontodent room also had a Barkeeper who reminded me of my friend Dominic….so that’s how I called him all day haha
He mixed drink made of tea, tapioca’s and for example ginger foam. YUM!


Ebelin / Balea




In the Ebelin / Balea room we even had the chance to get our hair done and a professional Make-up.

get yo hair did gurl


around 12 o’clock it was time for lunch!



In the p2 room I was talking to Arndt about their nail polishes, telling him that I already have been to 5 different DM stores to get the new leather matte effect polishes, but the two colors I desperately wanted were sold out EVERYWHERE!

I offered him to give him the money so I could take them from the shelf, but he said it’s okay and gave them to me.
Thank you again Arndt, that was so lovely of you.


left: 070 insider’s diary
right: 080 thrilling style

At the end of the day we had a small discussion again about the things we liked and didn’t like. To be honest, the only negative things that was mentioned was that there were not enough electricity plug for that many social media girls haha

For me it was not much of a big deal, because I always carry my emergency easyacc haha

DD 2

In the end, each of us got a goodie bag to take home to. Here are the things I got in the several rooms and my goodie bag.




A few Balea Men products, which I took for my younger brother Keno. I hope he will enjoy trying these. :)


A few Alverde products, from hair mist, over eye-shadow to conditioner and soap.




pocket sized Ebelin nail files


a pocket mirror and plug


as well as a hair brush / teaser


Dontodent toothbrush, mouthspray and gum



Balea bath bombs in a strong chocolate scent and Balea Shower gel



p2 nail wax, lip primer and lip color


and last but not least Princes glitter soap for my niece

Sunday morning it was time for me to go home.

Flight 2

I really had a good time in Dusseldorf and was really happy to meet at least some of you and get to talk a bit.

I am really looking forward to the next event :)

Have a great night



[sponsored] DM – Dontodent LE – pink grapefruit

Hello lovelies,

I know I have been away far too long. Life got the best of me the past 3 weeks and I simply had to enjoy all those things that opened up to me.

Today I am back with a little review. A few weeks ago I received some new products from  the German drugstore DM.
They sent me the new pink grapefruit LE by Dontodent and also the new intensive clean toothbrush and toothpaste so I could try them out.


I regularly buy Dontodent products, because I really think they are good quality for a fair price. In general I love the DM brands like Balea, Ebelin and well Dontodent. They also have their own range of household products, candles, pet food and pet products in general etc.

Trust me, I tried A LOT of the DM products, my boyfriend always makes fun of me for spending so much time at this drugstore.
Of course they do have products I didn’t like that much, but most of the things I tried I really liked.

No matter if sponsored or not, I will honestly tell what I think.

Let’s go

Dontodent – pink grapefruit mouthwash 

IMG_1493 IMG_1494


I am quite sure girls who love pink and grapefruits, would really like this product. I felt the mouth wash was very refreshing and it also smells so good. My boyfriend told me he could really smell and taste the grapefruit when I kissed him. He did use it though, because he is pretty sensitive to mouthwash.

This mouthwash is basically alcohol free (ethanol free), which I really like. I don’t like mouthwash’s that have this super strong, almost burning, alcohol taste. You use it as probably every mouthwash, sip a bit, rinse for about 20 seconds and wash your mouth with clean water. Make sure not to swallow^^
That would be a bit gross I guess.

The bottle is huge, so you get a lot of product (500 ml) for the small price of only 1,15 euro.


Dontodent – pink grapefruit toothpaste and intensive clean toothpaste

IMG_1495 IMG_1496


I bought the intensive clean toothpaste a while ago, but apprenetly it has a new formula now. I was pretty happy with the “old” one, so I haven’t gotten around to try this one now. I wanted to concentrate on the pink grapefruit toothpaste and use it for a few weeks so I could give an honest opinion.

The toothpaste has a nice smell and taste to it. It foams nicely when you brush your teeth and I feel it also did a good job on cleaning my teeth. Again, if you like grapefruit, this might be a nice option for you – to get a good alternative to the usual menthol or mint flavored toothpastes.

You get 125 ml each for 0,75 euro.



Dontodent – intensive clean toothbrush



This is my absolute favorite product from this sample mail. I love the way the bristles are aranged and I love that it is not too hard, not too soft – it’s just right! I am usually very sensitive when it comes to toothbrushes, which is why I normally use my electric toothbrush.

But it was not hard to use and try this one out for about a month now. Definite recommendation.

This would definitely be my go to travel toothbrush. I just wish they would have them in different colors and maybe also sell travel cases for them :)
Recently I wanted to buy a few more of them as stock, but my DM sadly didn’t have them. I hope I will be able to get them at the other DM which is also near my place.

Price: 0,85 euro



intensive care toothbrush with pink grapefruit toothpaste


I was pretty happy with these products. The grapefruit flavor is a thing of personal taste and preference though. For the price you have nothing to loose, so maybe give it a try.

Thanks again to Tanja and Arndt for sending these products to me, so I could try them out. You know, I always love to try new products.


Have a great night