[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2015

Hello everyone,

if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I was invited to the third BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking on October 17th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.

Along with 120 other Beauty Bloggers I was able to experience my 2nd BeautyBloggerCafé and a wonderful day of networking with fellow bloggers and companies/brands as well as getting to know new products of the beauty industry.

I met up at the location with lovely Heidi from HeidisPolish and Mandy from PaintHarmony

The location had a total of 300m² and was divided in separate rooms. We arrived early and were stunned by the beautiful old building and the pretty rooms. For me, the kitchen was first. The team of StyleRanking always takes such good care of the invited Bloggers. They prepared a lot of snacks, drinks and other goodies to try out. If you check the links of the other Bloggers you will find tons of pictures of the food ;)

In the several rooms we found all the partners and sponsors of the event and immediately started chatting with them and asking tons of questions about the displayed products.

I started with Tria Beauty, a company that invented the LightSheer™, a in-clinic laser for hair removal. They made it their goal to transform the LightSheer™ (which weighed in at a whopping 120 pounds and cost $100,000) into a handheld laser small and easy enough for at-home use, and capable of delivering permanent results.



I talked to the representatives for a while and was really intrigued by the different laser-products. They basically offer three interesting variations that are available at Douglas now. If you checked the link you saw that there is a bigger laser (~450,- €), which is perfect to be used for bigger areas like the legs and a smaller precision version (~300,- €) which can be used for smaller areas like the armpits or bikini area. They also offer the age defying laser which is supposed to give you a fresher complexion and in general get rid of smaller wrinkles. (please correct me if I am wrong)

I tried all the products for a short amount of time and was surprised that the lasers didn’t hurt at all. They come with different settings so you do feel the laser depending on how strong you set it, but for me, it didn’t hurt.

If you do have the money to purchase one of the above, give it a try. And if you already own them or tried them, please tell me about your experience.

Located in the same room, in the so-called Beauty-Attack Area, were three brands I was already pretty familiar with. First up bareMinerals, the popluar american make-up brand from San Fransisco. On the market for over 35 years now, bareMinerals creates innovative products powered by nourishing, skin-loving materials. They offer a wide range of products from skin preparation to face, eye and lip make-up products to enhance your beautiful features.

Sadly I have to say that I totally missed to photograph their presentation, but like I said before, please check the other Bloggers posts. There you will find tons of pictures. The same goes for the other two brands, Beni Durrer from Berlin and Schaebens.

There is so much to tell about the Berlin based brand Beni Durrer. You should check out their website since they nicely wrote down all the needed information about founder Beni Durrer and the companies philosophy. I already heard of the brand and was really excited to meet the team behind the products and learn more about them. Beni Durrer also creates the full range of make-up products, as well as skin care products and make-up brushes and other essentials. But not enough, Beni Durrer also founded a make-up school in Berlin, where you can learn to be a professional make-up artist oder take workshops on how to do bridal make-up or other things as well. I got the chance to visit the school and again, learn more about the company and everything involved. Since I have a lot to tell you about it, I will publish another blog post soon. As for now, you should definitely check out their website and online shop to see what they offer.

The last brand in that room was Schaebens. They offer different products, but are mostly known for their high quality facemasks. Furthermore they offer beauty concentrates with highly concentrated active agent combinations and a dead sea product line for people with problem skin. Other than cosmetic products they also distribute food supplement products, over-the-counter products and medical products for better health, vitality and efficiency. I know the brand for a long time and always re-purchase their face care products. I also buy them as gifts and make little care and relax packages for friends and family. They also love their products.

The next room was dedicated to the new home brand of DM, the make-up brand trend IT UP.





They offer several different make-up products, but let’s be honest, I have my focus on the tons of pretty nail polishes and nail care products they offer.



trend it up

I spend a lot of time in this specific room, not only to try out all the polishes, but also because I was able to meet dear Tanja again. Our Blogger contact for everything DM. I already met her at the DM Marken Camp in Dusseldorf in 2014, so I was happy to see her again and catch up with her.

Another great thing was the brand new trend IT UP LE Sparkling Glamour, which was introduced to us at the BeautyBloggerCafé. Of course Heidi, Mandy and I had to swatch the polishes first. How do you like them?

You can find the products in stores now or learn more about them here.



Oh~ and I almost forgot to tell you about dear Janine from Lackliebe! I met her the first time at BeautyBloggerCafé 2014, as well as Inga from NostalgiaQueen. Two people I really like and appreciate. I was really happy to see them again this year.

Back to trend IT UP. Polishes as far as the eyes could see.


Needed a new mani? No problem, they were there for us.


I already owned a couple of the trend IT UP polishes, so I knew that the quality was really good and that they offer some really pretty colors as well as nail care products. This was the chance to try all the products I haven’t been able to try so far. Also at the end of the day, Tanja told us that we could take as much products from the display as we wanted, so I grabbed all the polishes and nail care products I didn’t own so far.

Guess what, I own all their nail products now and I am currently preparing a HUGE blog post for you guys to review all of them! In there you can find swatches and manicure example for all the polishes in one place!

Last stop was the room of Braun, which I was also very familiar with. I already own a couple of their hair styling products, and visited them with a specific wish. I wanted to try out the new Satin Hair 7 brush for thin hair (white) and also the Satin Hair 7 EC1 hair curler. Said and done.

They displayed a lot of products, not only hair styling, but also hair removal tools….



…. as well as their face cleansing brush.


I used the opportunity to get dolled up. Dear Miriam, thanks again for all these pretty curls and the stunning hair style.


Like I said, I already do own the black Satin Hair 7 brush and tried the new brush at BeautyBloggerCafé 2015. I also tried the hair curler and I can tell you that both products totally convinced me. I also already own the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare hair straightener, which is a really great product as well! If you care for your hair but still want to straighten it, this straightener is the way to go. I will not go into too much detail, since I will have another post specifically about a all these great Braun products. Please bear with me and let me give you more informations on the products in the seperate post.

By the end of the day we got a nice goodie bag full of products from the partners and sponsors, as well as further information’s.











Beni Durrer









trend IT UP






IMG_4681b IMG_4682b


I had a really wonderful day! Thanks again to StyleRanking and all the partners and sponsors who made this day possible and so special. I think the BeautyBloggerCafé will always be dear to my heart, since it was my very first event shortly after I started blogging. I really appreciate all the hard work and passion everyone put into making this day so great.

If you would like to learn more about StyleRanking or their events FashionBloggerCafé, BeautyBloggerCafé or ElternBloggerCafé please check the links below.

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I hope you have a great day, please let me know how you liked this post.

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[sponsored] DM – Balea Cell Energy elixir

Hey everyone,

a few weeks ago DM sent me the Balea Cell Energy day elixir to test out.



After using it for a few weeks I can say that I am really impressed. Usually I use two types of face cremes. During spring and summer I use the Nivea Soft (tube) with Jojoba-oil and Vitamin E and during fall and winter I use Eubos Omega 3-6-9, 12 % with Defensil, since my skin tends to be even more sensitive, dry and itchy during that time. It also helps wonders with my red spots.

But well, I wanted to try this one for you guys to tell you how it worked on my sensitive skin and if I would recommend it to you.

While I was using the creme I was reading a lot of reviews from other Bloggers who also got to test it out and I was shocked how many wrote bad reviews. I think this products is really a case of trying for yourself. I had really good results with the creme. I used it after washing my face, before going to bed and I did not have any bad reactions to it. I felt the creme was really gentle on my skin, moisturizing and nicely scented. My skin felt smoother and refreshed as well.

I can not recommend this creme after reading other peoples reactions, but I can say it worked fine for me. If you are curious, you should try it yourself, but be careful and maybe at first only try it on a small spot of your face or skin in general.




[Event Review] DM Marken Camp Beauty in Dusseldorf

Good evening everyone,

as promised yesterday, I wanted to tell you about the DM Marken Camp Beauty which was held in Dusseldorf on the 13th of September.

I can tell you that I was pretty excited about this. I applied and was picked and invited to the event. Even though I had to pay for the trip myself, it was totally worth it. For me it was the perfect opportunity for a small weekend trip to Dusseldorf, which I always wanted to visit. Thanks to my sister in law I had a place to stay for free, so the only thing I had to pay was the flight.

flight 1
flight to Dusseldorf

The event was on a Saturday, so I took Friday off from work and went to Dusseldorf in the morning. I met with my brother, sister in law and my niece and we spend some nice time in the city. In the evening I met a friend of mine which I haven’t seen in 2 years.

On Saturday I went to the event, which was simply overwhelming. There were so many Bloggers and YouTubers. I couldn’t believ it^^
Even though the event started around 10 am and ended at 7 pm, there was not enough time to talk to everyone, which I felt a bit sad about. I love those events for networking and getting to know new people.


I got to Meliá Hotel at around 10 am and was welcomed with a nice refreshment drink and breakfast buffet with fresh coffee. After a short time of being alone I met Jule (Julchens Traumewelt) and Inga (NostalgiaQueen). Inga even had a small present for me! She bought me a few Sally Hansen polishes while she was in London. She is so sweet and I still am very happy and thankful about that!

Look what she had for me


  • Sally Hansen Magnetic – 908 graphite gravity
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic – 912 cosmic blue
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – 400 sweetie
  • Catrice – LE arts collection – C03 bronze-deco
  • small grey polish from the styleranking fashionbloggercafe_shoe edition
  • Catrice – LE rocking royals C01 of royal blood (velvet nail powder)

The event itself started with a talk about the sessions which the girls who prepared, introduced to us.


Everyone got a badge with their name and some information materials.



DD 1

The day was packed with sessions which were partially held by the other girls or employees from the DM Team.


There was also a session held by two lawyers who taught us a lot of interesting and important things regarding blogging.

My first session was held by Malte and was about SEO. Something I didn’t know s*** about :D

DD 3

I also visited AnnKristin0’s session for nail art and one about taking good pictures. To be honest though, I didn’t really understood much of it haha

There were also different rooms for the DM brands. One was for their brand Alverde, another for Dontodent, p2 and the last for Ebelin and Balea.





We got to see new products and try them out. Some things we were allowed to take home with us.


The Dontodent room also had a Barkeeper who reminded me of my friend Dominic….so that’s how I called him all day haha
He mixed drink made of tea, tapioca’s and for example ginger foam. YUM!


Ebelin / Balea




In the Ebelin / Balea room we even had the chance to get our hair done and a professional Make-up.

get yo hair did gurl


around 12 o’clock it was time for lunch!



In the p2 room I was talking to Arndt about their nail polishes, telling him that I already have been to 5 different DM stores to get the new leather matte effect polishes, but the two colors I desperately wanted were sold out EVERYWHERE!

I offered him to give him the money so I could take them from the shelf, but he said it’s okay and gave them to me.
Thank you again Arndt, that was so lovely of you.


left: 070 insider’s diary
right: 080 thrilling style

At the end of the day we had a small discussion again about the things we liked and didn’t like. To be honest, the only negative things that was mentioned was that there were not enough electricity plug for that many social media girls haha

For me it was not much of a big deal, because I always carry my emergency easyacc haha

DD 2

In the end, each of us got a goodie bag to take home to. Here are the things I got in the several rooms and my goodie bag.




A few Balea Men products, which I took for my younger brother Keno. I hope he will enjoy trying these. :)


A few Alverde products, from hair mist, over eye-shadow to conditioner and soap.




pocket sized Ebelin nail files


a pocket mirror and plug


as well as a hair brush / teaser


Dontodent toothbrush, mouthspray and gum



Balea bath bombs in a strong chocolate scent and Balea Shower gel



p2 nail wax, lip primer and lip color


and last but not least Princes glitter soap for my niece

Sunday morning it was time for me to go home.

Flight 2

I really had a good time in Dusseldorf and was really happy to meet at least some of you and get to talk a bit.

I am really looking forward to the next event :)

Have a great night