Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 3

Mara's Birthday nail art month


Hello everyone,

welcome to the third day of my Birthday nail art month.

Since I want to show you something different everyday, I decided for statement nails today.
I don’t know if I told you, but I really like Beyoncé. I saw her live last year in May and it was amazing. I guess I don’t have to tell you that I went nuts when she secretly dropped her visual Album.

Today’s nail art is inspired by one of the songs and the video to it. The song is called “Blow” and the video is super fun and bright with lots of neon colors. If I am not mistaken, they even used Ciaté’s corrupted neon kit on all the girls on set.


I can not begin to tell you how excited I was to try out my new Ciaté kit (corrupted neons). As you know, I bought the one with the yellow polish and the loos yellow glitter. This was also the perfect chance to try out some of the glitter I bought in January at Micheal’s Arts and Crafts during my stay in New York.

Michael's Arts & Crafts USA - glitter set


The only actual polish I used was the one from the kit, it’s PP065 – big yellow taxi.


What else I used? Glitter, tons of it^^

  • Ciaté – megaphone – neon glitter
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts – Recollections™ Signature Glitter & Microbead Set- Peacock
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts – Recollections™ Signature Glitter & Microbead Set – Muse
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts – Recollections™ Signature Glitter & Microbead Set – Bubblegum
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts – Recollections™ Signature Glitter & Microbead Set – Emerald

You can get the whole Recollections™ Signature Glitter & Microbead Set here. It was $ 29,99.

This manicure is actually pretty simple. I started by applying two coats of PP065 – big yellow taxi and let it dry in between the two coats.




The second coat was applied one nail at a time, because while the polish was still wet I applied the yellow neon glitter. Make sure to use something under the nail while applying the glitter so you can put the glitter back using a funnel. I always use a small plastic tray that was the packaging of other Ciaté kits. When all the nails are covered in glitter, take a wide fan brush to brush off the access glitter.

Let everything dry and take a nice liquid clear top coat afterwards. I used an very thin paintbrush which I trimmed myself to apply the clear polish. Again, one nail at a time, I wrote a B, an L, the O and the W for BLOW each time using a different glitter and putting it on top. You really have to be sure that the polish below and the yellow glitter are dry, else you will ruin the whole Manicure.
For me it worked very well as you can see and I really love the result.
I did not use a top coat for this but you probably should if you plan on wearing it for longer. You can also use the “black light” top coat which came with this kit.





How do you like this Manicure?
Let me know in the comments, I am excited to hear your feedback.

Have a great night



HAULy friday – 23 – oops I did it again …. TKmaxx HAUL

Hey everyone,

a little late is today’s HAULy friday post.
After moving I went to TKmaxx again, I couldn’t help it.
This time I bought some ORLY, Sally Hansen, Ciaté, models OWN, O.P.I. and my first KOH polish.

Let’s see what I got.

O.P.I. top this! set

It includes (from left to right) top coat, matte top coat, snowflakes in the air and my boyfriend scales walls.

I am very excited about these because I read many good review on the matte top coat, also the glitter polish looks very lovely.




Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – 500 Razzle-berry

After I bought two others and loved them, I needed this one as well :P


Sally Hansen Insta Dry – 375 Gone Grey

la la la can never have a enough Insta dry’s.


ORLY Ultraviolet

I am in love with this polish!


Melodious Utopia

A lovely yellow with a hint of rose/pink shimmer, so special and soo~ pretty!


KOH (no number or name available)

My first ever KOH polish. Usuly those coast around 20,- euro. I got this one for 6 euro. Let’s see if it’s good.


models own – green flash

I admit it, I discovered models own polishes for myself. They have a good quality and some really nice colors.


Ciaté – corrupted neons kit

oh dear Ciaté, you will cost me my last shirt… you say it like that in English? Anyway, it basically means I love Ciaté polishes so much that they will make me poor. Wanted to buy the corrupted neons for so long but they are still at the original price. At TKmaxx I got the yellow one for half the price, YAY! Because let’s be honest, they yellow one would be the only one I would actually use :D

I looooo~ve the packaging! Just saying….




Including PP065 – big yellow taxi, megaphone – neon glitter and NT012 – mini black light top coatIMG_1003


The glitter looks like that




Again I am really excited about all the stuff I got. I payed about 40,- euro, which is okay I think if you know what the normal prices are for these.

Which is your favorite?

and please comment here, telling me what you think about my idea for my birthday month.