[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 749 electric yellow & 110 urban coral

Hey lovelies,

as you might remember, a few weeks ago I bought some of the Maybelline Colorshow polishes together with their new nail art pens.


Today I want to review the first two of them.

749 electric yellow

a nice bright yellow polish which makes me want to do a fun Bee nail art.
Sadly it is not super opaque so I applied three coats – with two coats the nail tips were still shining through.




110 urban coral


for my taste a too pink for a coral named polish. Not a big fan of it, but maybe I can use it for some nail arts.
The application was just as normal as with all the Colorshow polishes. I feel the brushes are just between thin and wide, so I say they are normal^^




In general I like the Colorshow polishes, because the quality is mostly good and they have some super fun colors and LE’s – plus they are super affordable with just 1,75 euro. So even if one polish is a miss it is still not a big problem.

What do you think of them?
Let me know in the comments. :)

Also I am sorry for being late again, was making myself some shirts. Would you be interested to see something like this as well?



[Review] p2 – last forever nail polish – 621 summer calling

Hello everyone,

sorry for posting so late again. After the move things will be back to normal, I promise.

Today I have another p2 polish for you.

last forever nail polish – 621 summer calling






This is  an orange / coral shimmer polish. Very unique because of the shimmer. I feel it makes it more wearable and a bit elegant.
The quality is good. The consistency is not too creamy, which makes the application easy for me.

I am curious to use it for nail designs because I think it would be great in combination with a cute design.

How do you like it?

Have a great day





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HAULy friday – nineteen – sickness & Maybelline

Hey lovelies,

today I have a little different HAULy friday for you.
As you might know I am currently sick. My throat hurts, the nose ist running and I have headaches. DM is not only a great store for nail polishes, they also sell several health related things, so that’s what I bought.

nose cream with Camomile


classic tissues


tissues with Calendula


several drops for my hurting throat and some tea.


as well as hot lemon, acerola and ginger with honey. the one in the box is not from DM but from Japan.


While I was there I also saw the new Maybelline Colorshow Nail art pens. DM currently has a great offer. if you buy one Colorshow polish (1,95 euro) you get one of the nail pens (4,95 euro) for free!!!
I boguht 8 polishes and got 8 nail pens for less then 14 euro. In my DM they sell the Colorshow polishes for 1,75 euro. What a great deal!!

On the picture you only see four of the pens though I got eight, two of each color (white, silver, turquoise, gold/bronze)



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