[Review] B. Kettner – VisoClean

Hello lovelies,

about 2 Months I received my prize from the giveaway which was held by Billchens Beautybox.

I was very happy to be chosen as the winner, because the prize was the face cleaning system VisoClean by B. Kettner (FB).

You might know that besides the super expensive ClearSonic there are many electric face cleaning brushes from other brands on the market. I have read a lot reviews on all those different brushes, but was very indecisive about which one would be best for me. In the end I was always hesitant to decide for one, since for one I was afraid if I would get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied and second because I still think 150 or over 200 euros are way to much for a face brush, even if it does a good job.



The VisoClean starter set from B. Kettner consists of a an electric rotational brush that is combined with creamy cleansing foam for daily cleansing and with ultra-gentle peeling for deep cleansing.

Box contents

  • VisoClean with Charger Base
  • Cleaning brush attachment (white with grey rim, skin type normal)
  • Cleaning brush attachment (white, skin type sensitive)
  • Protective cover
  • Charging cable
  • User Manual
  • B.Kettner creamy cleansing foam (150 ml Dispenser)
  • B.Kettner ultra-gentle peeling (25 ml Tube)
  • Travel Pouch



I really like the packaging and presentation of this set. My first impression was very good. The brush seemed of good and durable quality and I like that it came with 2 different brushes to try out.

Cleaning brush attachment (white with grey rim, skin type normal)


Cleaning brush attachment (white, skin type sensitive)


I actually used both over the past 2 months. The normal brush for peeling once a week and the sensitive brush for the regular use. My skin get’s red and irritated easily which is why I prefer the brush for sensitive skin. I recently touched the different brushes of the ClearSonic and I gotta admit I was shocked how stiff and hurtful they seemed. Even the sensitive one was harder then the one from the VisoClean. I am pretty happy I didn’t get the ClearSonic I must say.

As for the VisoClean, I am pretty impressed. I used it regularly the past 2 months, also tried the cleansing foam and the sensitive peeling. The foam is fine, the peeling didn’t do much for me. I prefer the stronger grained ones, which of course you can also use with the VisoClean. I also used it with my regular face cleaning products and also with my japanese make-up remover. Especially the result with the make-up remover is great. It gets rid of all the residue and leaves you with deeply cleaned skin. Just add your creme or lotion afterwards and you are done.

You should change the brushes every 3 months. They come in a set of 2 and cost around 15 euro, which is also cheaper as the ones for the ClearSoinc for example.

The battery durability is also very good. So far I only had to charge it once!

I totally recommend you to try the VisoClean if you like good quality for an affordable price.

You would like to find out more or would like to order?

Please check here (Eng) or here (Ge)

Also, do you have experience with these kinds of face cleaning brushes? Which one do you use?
Let me know!

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