my fall/winter skin care routine

Good evening everyone,

today I would like to follow-up on my introduction to skin care by telling you all about my fall/winter skin care routine. If you haven’t read the post, I advise you to do so, to find out about my skin condition and history.

I have tried a bunch of skin care products over the past years (drugstore and others), but most of them caused problems like break outs and irritation, which is why I was pretty discouraged to even find my personal skin care routine for years. I told you that my turning point was talking to Daniel from Beni Durrer, who I trust and who is very dear to me now. He advised me to take better care of my skin and therefore is responsible for me reading up on things and finding my personal skin care routine.

In this post:

  • step by step skin care routine (fall/winter)
  • favorite products & recommendations

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HAULy friday – 36 – LoveMyCosmetic


Hello everyone,

I am really getting into korean skin care and have so much fun learning and trying new products. Maybe you remember my HAULy friday 34 from december last year, where I talked about my first korean skin care products.


Today I am back with another HAUL, again with products I have bought from Bianca, the owner of Love My Cosmetic.

I hope you enjoy reading.

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[Review] Bioré Japan in Germany

Hey everyone,

I am back with another jbeauty blog post. I am happy to announce that Bioré Japan has finally released a couple of their products on the germany beauty market. They are available at DM, Rossmann and Müller drugstores and are really worth a try.

In this post:

  • introduction to Bioré Japan
  • product overview in Germany
  • introduction of the products I have tried
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: some of the products were sponsored by Bioré Germany, this does not affect my honest opinion though

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