HAULY friday – 25 – Lovenails


YAY! It’s finally Friday again and I am back with my HAULY friday series, where I’d like to show you which products I recently bought.

Oh no no no, don’t get the wrong idea. The fact that I haven’t posted a HAULY friday in a long time does NOT mean I stopped buying new things, I just didn’t have the time write a post about them or wanted to write about other things^^

While I was recently looking for the best stamper, I figured the creative shop stamper might be a good match for me. I searched the net and found a german online shop located called LoveNails.

lovenails logo

The shop was founded in 2014 and is focused on stamping. Besides the creative shop stamper, they sell a lot of stamping plates, nail art brushes, water decals and the nail polishes from indie brand crazy polish lady (handmade in Portugal).

I liked what I saw and wanted to order a few things for myself, so I contacted Philip – the owner – and told him that I wanted to introduce his shop to my Blog readers in Germany. He was happy to hear that and helped me with my questions and advised me on a few things as well.

You wonder what I bought?
(included are a few goodies Philip added to my order – marked *)

Let’s see:


creative shop stamper, scraper and stamper bag


  • high quality, very soft, slightly sticky head
  • long-term life
  • ergonomic holder
  • diameter 32mm (1/8 in)

The stamper is originally from the Ukraine and sold all over the world. LoveNails is one of the few shop that sell’s it in Germany though. The stamper and scraper come in a set. The head and the silver holder of the stamper come separately packaged. You can also buy separate stamper heads if you need.


This stamper is one of the biggest on the market and is supposed to be a great stamper for beginners and pro’s. Because of its softness and the sticky surface it fully picks up images, very nice and sharp. You do not need to prime the stamper, but you can. My one works fine, so there was no need to prime it. Depending on the polishes you use for stamping, you should work fast though. You can either roll it over the stamping plate or press it on. I prefer rolling. Then place the finger into the stamper for best results.

Do NOT clean it with polish remover, especially not with acetone – or it will be ruined.
Preferably use a lint roller or scotch tape.



nail art water decals


These pretty decals totally caught my attention. The reminded me of the nail wraps from thumbs up, which I recently bought, so I am excited to see how these work and look.


I was pretty surprised that I found these Chi’s sweet home water decals. I used to watch and love this japanese animated TV show. Had to buy it!

French Sticker FJ-009 (0,95 €) *


stamping plates and storage bag



This stamping plate bag holds round and square plates the size of about 5cm. It fits up to 26 plates and since I already have a few plates I needed a secure way to store them.



hehe 060

picture rights reserved by
hehe 060


Well, what can I say? I love christmas and had to have this in my life. LoveNails only sell’s the original hehe stamping plates, which explains the price. I do not support fakes or imitations, so 4 € for a stamping plate is totally fine for me.

hehe 008

picture rights reserved by
hehe 008


Let’s admit it, if you look at the images of this plate, there was no way in hell I wouldn’t have bought this. It’s perfect for an addict like me.

stamping plate JQ-32 (2,19 €)


picture rights reserved by



picture rights reserved by


I gotta say that this just might be my favorite stamping plate so far. The patterns are so pretty and I already tried a few of them several times. I am very happy with it.


  • stamping plate BC-04 (2,99 €)

picture rights reserved by


This plate is so lovely, but it kind of gives me headache when I try to stamp with it. I don’t know if I am just too incompetent to use it or if the images are truly difficult to pic up and stamp. Does anyone of you have this plate and could give me advice?



I am in LOVE with this polish!!! The blue is something special. In my collection of about 800 polishes (or more?) is nothing like it. The holographic glitter also gives a very unique look to it. I am currently wearing it and got so many compliments and questions about the polish and which brand it is from.

All crazy polish lady polishes are hand mixed and are made using the best polish ingredients, making sure they are cruelty free. They use a 3 free base to make them, so they are hypoallergenic, free from the big 3 toxic chemicals: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Seriously guys, don’t be afraid to buy from indie brands! They might be a bit pricier but keep in mind that these are handmade and mostly 3 or 5-free. If you don’t know what that means, please check here.






Isn’t that pretty? You can also use it for the accent nail and stamp on white base with some pretty swirly designs.



On the following pictures you can see some more results with my new stamping plate designs.




I am very happy with my products and already placed another order at LoveNails.

I hope you will check out the online shop and maybe find a few things you would like. I totally recommend the creative shop stamper and the crazy polish lady cosmic love.

Thanks again to Philip for adding the goodies to my order. You seriously made me a happy girl :)


 photo Mara2.jpg


lovenails logo

Website  DE
Facebook  DE


[sponsored] Nicka K. NY – nail polishes

Hello lovelies,

I am sorry this post is late, I already wanted to publish it on Thursday, but I got a terrible migraine and took some new medicine which totally knocked me down.

So today I would like to introduce you to the wonderful colorful world of Nicka K. New York nail polishes.

A big thank you to Nicka K. New York for sponsoring the products so I can test and review them for you.

Nicka K Bottle

picture rights reserved by
Nicka K. Ney Work


The super-glam nail polish bottle aside, what’s contained within is equally as pleasing to the eye!

The Nicka K. Nail colors come in the most impressive collection of shades, so that you’ll be able to choose which one to try first. From pretty pastels like lilac and mint green to swirling metallic shades and deep berry red hues there’s a colour for everyone!They glitter, shimmer and come in plain base colors without any texture or special finish.

Salon quality – each polish around 8$

Since I like complete overviews of colors, I prepared this little chart for you, including colors and the matching names. I hope this helps to find your favorite.

Note: 106 Pinky Promise was discontinued

key ingredients:

Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Propyl Acetate, Tosylamide / Formaldehyde, Resin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Triphenyl Phosphate, Ethyl Tosylamide, Camphor, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Diacetone Alcohol, Stearalkonium, Hectorite, Benzophenone-1, Citric Acid, Dimethicone. May Contain: Black 2, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Titanium Dioxide, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Yellow 5 Lake, Red 6 Lake, Red 7 Lake, Red 30 Lake, Red 34 Lake, Aluminum Powder, Aquamarines, Blue 1 Lake

Made in the U.S.A – free of harsh chemicals such as DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.

I received 6 of their polishes to try out.


Let me tell you I am in love with the bottles, yes they are easy to hold and very pleasing to the eye. Each bottle holds 15ml of different textured/finish goodness.



As you can see on the swatches, the colors are vibrant and very opaque. I usually apply two coats, even though it’s not always needed. Do you see how crazy shiny the blue one is? Yeah, that’s Dolphin, are real babe.

Let me introduce them to you individually.

157 Crystal Pink


Such a pretty pink glitter/sand polish. I know some people don’t like the texture of sand polishes, but I just love them. Together with 159 Crystal Gold and probably all the other Crystal shades, this is a great example for quality sand polishes. And their glitter is just stunning!


159 Crystal Gold


Even though I am not a big fan of gold, this just might be my new favorite. Pictures can’t do this polish justice, that’s how pretty it is!


132 Dolphin


Don’t you just love the name of this polish? I know I know I do. This stunning blue polish reminds me of the Caribbean ocean. Clear and deep blue. So pretty.



With this polish I am not sure who she is exactly, since my bottle didn’t have the name tag. I assume it could be 104 Garden Rose. Nevertheless a very pretty rose-pink polish. I like it, even though I don’t wear pink polish that often.


126 Dove


A very lovely grey polish. Kinda reminds me of cream soda from Ciaté but then again is different :)


On the following nail art you can see some of the colors. Dove is used as base under the nail foils on my ring finger. Garden Rose is used on my pinky with some shimmer on top to match the whole mani and Dolphin is used on my middle finger. The green on my thumb is #120 tantalized from Revlon.



Last but not least I would like to share every nail polish addicts dream with you.

lamp 1

lamp 2

Dear Nika K Team, it’s my birthday next week and I still don’t have proper nice lamp or chandelier for my nail polish room *wink wink*


Girls, which is your favorite color from the polishes above? I know I would like to own them all. There is such a great variety and the quality totally convinced me.


 photo Mara2.jpg

Nicka k logo

Website USAEurope
Buy USA | UK | DE
Facebook USA | DE
Instagram USAEurope


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[sponsored] just cosmetics – first impressions

Happy Sunday everyone,

today I have a long post for you on a new cosmetic brand which I was sent a few nail products to try out. I would like to talk about my first impressions and give you my honest opinion about the products I was able to try.

just cosmetics has 5 easy philosophy guidelines.

just confident
just cosmetics produces for confident women. who love to try new colors and products.

just design
with the elegant, yet discreet appearance they focus on the fundamental thing – their cosmetics.

just quality
all of their products are thoroughly tested for skin and eye-compatibility. Their complete face and mascara line perfume and paraben free. In addition, the products are not tested on animals.

You can also check the list of ingredients here (PDF – German)

just get it
all you ladies from Hamburg-Germany are able to get the products right there in all Budnikowsky Drugstores. For exact locations please check the store locator

You can also purchase their products at www.iambeautiful.de

just cosmetics is a cosmetic label based in the charming Austrian capital Vienna.

Overview of products

Lips (Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Lip Cream)

Eyes (Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrow products)

Face (Make-up, Powder & Blush, Concealer & Primer, Bronzer)

Nails (polishes, base & top-coat, nail care)


For the launch of their products just cosmetics offered a little present to the first 1.000 subscribers to their newsletter. I did and received a red nail polish from their colorazzi nail polish line.


140 be sexy



I was also lucky enough to receive a big bag of their different polish ranges to try out.






They sent me 3 gummies, 2 gelicious and 3 (+1 for the newsletter subscription) colorazzi nail polishes, as well as their base and top-coat.


Let’s get to the fun part, first I would like to talk about the gummies nail polishes.
This highly opaque , semi – matte nail polish with latex finish is available in 8 fresh sorbet colors. Apply the polish in two coats for optimal results and allow to dry thoroughly. Do not use a top coat, otherwise the effect will disappear.


020 sweet apple

a very nice and soft green shade with great coverage and a nice finish. I applied 2 coats.



010 spicy mint

such a pretty light blue polish, which reminds me of a clear blue sky. I also applied 2 coats.


070 delicate cherry

not the usual pink polish if you ask me. I love this shade and the finish is just as pretty as with the other two.


I must honestly admit, I am a fan of the gummies polishes. I love the colors they picked for me and I love the finish. I can imagine using these for a cute spring nail design with polka dots.


Next I would like to introduce to you the gelicious nail polishes.
This innovative formula with plumping-effect gives an ultimate high-gloss finish. The wide brush allows an easy application without leaving streaks. They come in 9 colors, mostly pink and red shades.


010 be a ballerina

such a nice light pink polish, prefect for spring nail designs.


040 be a vamp

this might just be the usual red polish, a classic which I must say I already have a lot of.


I applied 2 coats for both of them and must say that the glossy finish really surprised me. It is very pretty how shiny those are without any top-coat.


Last not least are their colorazzi nail polishes, which come in 29 colors and combines high opacity and shine.


110 be crazy

not really neon, but a bit lighter and not as exciting orange polish. I am not sure what to think of it, but that might be because I am simply not a big fan of orange.


020 be calm

a simple white without any shimmer or glitter. You know I like trying different white polishes and this makes a pretty good first impression.


270 be friendly

a simple blue/turquoise polish, which looks darker on the nail then in the bottle.


I am not so sure about the colors I received. I am happy I got to try the white, but the other two are not really convincing me.

The two red polishes seemed pretty much the same so I did a comparison picture of the swatches. The gelicious looks a bit darker but the seem very similar.


gelicious nail polish 040 be a vamp and colorazzi nail polish 140 be sexy in comparison




As I said, they also sent me their base and top-coat, which I haven’t gotten a chance to try yet.



They offer so much more nail care products. I am always big for nail care, so I also wanted to show those to you.

bright up polish


cuticle remover


iron nail hardener (with formaldehyde)


nail hardener (without formaldehyde)


pro calcium gel


rose nail oil
Their products are very affordable, in the price range of p2 or Essence products. But if you live in or near Hamburg, those might be worth a try. My favorite are definitely the gummies polishes.
How do you like the colors? Anything interesting for you?
Please also check my friend Heidi’s Blog (www.heidispolish.com). She also received some colors to try out. Her Blog post is in German and very informative.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
 photo Mara2.jpg