[Review] Rossmann Christmas Box

Good evening everyone,

I know I am late, but today I am reviewing the Christmas Blogger Box from Rossmann which most Bloggers got around the middle of December. Due to some circumstances my package did not get to me in time, but the lovely Blogger team from Rossmann was so kind to send me the box again. I already saw what was in the Box all over Instagram but that’s okay. It actually made me even happier because I was really looking forward to the products.

Let’s take a look at the Box



I was so surprised of how pretty the box is! All the pictures I have seen on the Internet didn’t do it justice. It is such a cute purple and white winter wonderland pattern. I will keep it and use it to wrap and send over some Christmas presents to my best friend in Japan by the end of this year. She will surely love it as much as I do.


Inside the box you could find a Christmas Card and a press paper that included information about all the products that were included.



What was inside?

  • For your Beauty face-peeling pad
  • Weleda MEN active-shower gel
  • Rexona cotton deodorant spray
  • Pantene Pro-V dry-oil
  • Essence lash princess mascara
  • Sebamed body-milk
  • Tetesept bath salt – time for you
  • ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel
  • NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry
  • Colgate total whitening tooth paste


NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry

YAY! for Neutrogena Hand Creme, it is prefect for my everyday bag. I love their cremes because my hands tend to get dry at work. I am very happy about this product.

Essence lash princess mascara

This is the only product I will try, but probably give to someone else. I do not use make up that often anymore and I already have 2 of the Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara which I got with all those Birthday Colours polishes a wile ago. There is no way I can use that many Mascara^^

Sebamed body-milk

One of the great products I was really looking forward to. I am sure we will use this body milk, since my boyfriend and I have sensitive skin with dry spots, especially during winter.

Rexona cotton deodorant spray

A nice small bottle of spray deodorant, great for my everyday work bag. Rexona makes great deodorants, so I am sure I will use this regularly.

ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel

One of the two products they included for men. My boyfriend might try it or he might not. We will see, but I am happy they not only included products for women.

Weleda MEN active-shower gel

I was very happy to see that they included another product for men and even happier when I saw it was from Weleda, which is a great company for sensitive as my boyfriend has it. He doesn’t use many products because his skin reacts negatively.

For your Beauty face-peeling pad

A year or so ago I bought the peeling pad from Ebelin, which looks very similar. I am excited to see how this one is working.

Tetesept bath salt – time for you

I am a big fan of the Tetesept bath products. I regularly buy them and use them, so I was happy I got this one. I used it before it is really relaxing and calming after a stressful day.

Thanks again to Rossmann for sending this cute Christmas present full of nice products. I really appreciate it!

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Merry Christmas 2014 and happy New Year 2015

Merry Christmas

The holidays are finally here and the year 2014 is almost over.
At times like this I like to think back and cherish what the past year has brought me.

2014 was a very exciting year for me!
After years of passion and professional experience in the field of decorative cosmetics, I’ve decided that I officially wanted to share my knowledge and go online with this blog.

I started almost one year ago, in February, so there are many things that I can look back to.
It is still very exciting for me to see how little by little, more and more people find pleasure in what I do and therefore follow my Blog, Instagram or like my Facebook page.
For me, my readers are not just numbers but people who share the same interests as me and whom I want to help with advice on products in general.

During the past year I had opportunities to cooperate with different partners and take place in Blogger Events such as styleranking’s Beauty Blogger Café in Berlin and the DM Brand Camp Beauty in Düsseldorf!
I met a lot of lovely people and even made some new friends along the way.

Another regular event for me was the #SocialMovieNight powered by Robert Hofmann.
The name is pretty self-explanatory. As you might have seen during the past months, depending on the shown movie, I create a fitting a nail design and try to combine the beauty and movies, which is another huge passion of mine.
In this context, I got the chance to work with Maskworld, who supported me by sending in some products so I could create 3 different Halloween Make-up looks.
You see, my interests are very widely spread.

I wanted to say THANK YOU!, to each and everyone who supported me during my first few months. I do not take it for granted.

Now I will leave you with a few pictures of my Christmas decorations and wish you and with your loved ones a happy, merry Christmas.








And in case you are too busy celebrating and eating yummy food during the holidays, I want to wish you all the best for New Years as well.

Happy New Year

I will see you again in 2015!

Stay safe, Mara





Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend!
I know I have been away for a bit now, I really appreciate your patience.
The past 2 weeks and especially the past weekend was super busy for me. As you might have seen on my Facebook or Instagram, I went to Duesseldorf for the DM Camp Beauty which was held on Saturday at Meliá Hotel in Düsseldorf and organized by DM Germany.

There was so much going on, not only did I have to wake up super early, after only 4 hours of sleep on Friday to catch my plane, there were also so many lovely ladies and inspirational Bloggers and YouTubers I haven’t met so far. Some of them I already got to know at the BeautyBloggerCafé from StyleRanking earlier this Year in Berlin.

All together it was really nice, fun, informative and overwhelming. I loved it!

I will publish a Blog post a little later this week to tell you all about it, but first I am attending tonights #socialmovienight to Dracula untold which is happening in Berlin. I created a very special nail art for this event, which I will post tomorrow.

I hope you are all fine :)

xoxo Mara