Sunday Mani – seventeen – ombré dotticure – grey, blue, green

Hey lovelies,

I am still devastated about yesterday. As you know I was really looking forward to the World Cup match Ivory Coast vs. Japan.
I was sure that Japan would win this, but sadly Honda felt too safe after his first goal. At least it felt this way to me, he simply didn’t keep pushing and trying anymore. And as always with such behavior, the other team gets the chance to win, which is what happened.

I hope we will do better during the next 2 games and that we will at least make it to the next round.

Anyway, here is today’s Sunday Mani which I did with some of my new KIKO polishes.
I really like the result, I think the colors match perfectly.

What I used?

KIKO – 517 (base)


KIKO – 533 (dots)


KIKO – 532 (dots)


KIKO – 530 (dots)


stamping plat to spread the colors for the dotting tool and of course the dotting tool itself^^





I applied 2 coats of the base color, put on a fast drying top coat and waited about 10 minutes before I started dotting away^^
To get a nice and even dotting result, I started in the middle, placing 2 dots of each color, starting with the lightest. Then continued with the sides.






How do you like this design?




[Review] KIKO – 530 + 529

Good evening everyone,

today I want to review the next two polishes from my KIKO collection. I am again not feeling so well which is why I am gonna cut right to the chase.




What a pretty polish, I think this went right into the cart together with those two polishes from yesterday. I just love the sparkle. This also reminds me of the ocean, so I think it is perfect for summer.

The quality is as good as the polishes from yesterday. The consistency is good and liquid, the application easy and the dry time a dream :)










A lot darker, but just as pretty :)
Can you tell I like blue? I think blue polishes is what I wear the most? Well maybe as well as beige or brown polishes.

This one looks darker on the nails and it also has a nice shimmer in different blue shades a little bit of purple.
I think with all the blue polishes I bought (and there will be more to come), I could make nice gradient nail designs.







What do you see? Which colors can you make out?




HAULy friday – sixteen- KIKO polishes

Hey everyone,

the open apartment was crazy today. I am still super tired from yesterday and had about 30 people (15 couples/friends) checking out our apartment today. I was busy for around 4 hours after work and now I am even more tired haha

Luckily my BF is making food now and I have time to blog.

Also tomorrow is a day I was really looking forward to since September last year. I will finally see my favorite comedian again. I am so happy.

Anyway, today it is time again for a HAULy friday.
I know I am a bit late with it, but I bought tons of new KIKO polishes shortly before and after the Blogger Event.
I didn’t wanna miss showing them to you :)

This was my first KIKO polish ever. I think I bought this one about a year or longer ago? So this is basically the only polish I did not buy together will all the following^^

221 – the shimmery light copper

I love this polish. This is my go to color when I don’t know which polish to pick. It is similar to my favorite UMA polish, but not as glittery.

KIKO - 221

The rest of the polishes I will show in order of the color.

203 – the french manicure striper

Yes, a striper. I was hoping it would be a simple white polish, but it is not. Also the striper brush is way to big, but at the same time maybe good for french tips? I am not sure since I always free-hand paint my french tips with a normal white polish.


508 – the simple nude

This is a nice nude beige tone. No shimmer, no glitter – simply a discreet beige polish.


512 – the slightly darker brown-ish nude with a hint of purple shimmer

Yes, it has a purple shimmer and I think that is why I was attracted to it. I felt it was different and unique, let’s hope it looks as nice on the nails too.


303 – the glitter metallic beige/brown

I am not sure as what to describe this polish. I think a light brown or even beige metallic describes it best.


511 – the kind of rose glitter metallic one

Really, this is so pretty. I had to get it!


497 – the dark red-ish purple one

also a very pretty color, so I had to buy it.


255 –  the super glitter purple

very pretty with silver glitter in it. I am excited to see how it looks on the nails.


493 – BAM! the awesome glittery red

what more to say^^


533 – BAM! no 2 – the golden glitter green

I had to have this when I saw it in store, same goes for the following polishes.


532 – the glitter dark green with blue shimmer

Isn’t this super pretty? I told you I am a sucker for glitter polishes.


530 – blue like a lagoon

This was also one of the polishes I didn’t think twice, I just had to get it.


529 – the pretty blue shimmer polish


298 – the super sheer light blue / baby blue


518 – the light blue / grey-ish toned


335 – the marine blue


522 – another shimmer blue


517 – the shimmer grey polish


466 – the DENIM LE one

Super happy I bought this! It has a kind of matte finish, but with the slight shimmer it looks just gorgeous!


382 –  the dark grey

You never know when you will need this^^


524 – the “I am note sure what color I want to be”

As you can see this polish is not quite sure if it wants to be blue, purple, grey-ish / silver or bronze……


514 – the brown with gold glitter

I was actually not sure if I should buy this but in the end I did and I am happy I did. Because it is very pretty and unique…..who know when I will need a polish like this^^


374 – the pretty dark brown


all together now…..






You see, I went crazy at the KIKO store, but since they ALL were discounted to 1,99 euro I didn’t pay too much. Only around 30 euro….or so.

How do you like these?

Of course I will review them for you, just be patient^^


Have a great night