Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 13

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 13

Good evening Bae’s,

back to crazy popping colors? Keep on reading / scrolling, because that’s what I have for you today.

Here is what I used:


  • Ciaté – PP065 – big yellow taxi
  • Essence – show your feet – 27 electric blue
  • ORLY – BAKED – Tropical Pop
  • Faby – 201 – the venus’mantle
  • Catrice – green

On each nail paint a different colored tip, not horizontal, but across the nail. After you are done with all nails, apply a coat of fast drying top coat.



Now take a dotting tool, a stamping plat and apply on drop of color onto the stamping plat, pick it up with the dotting tool and dot along the edge of the colored tip. Pick the colors you want to use before you start. This way you won’t use the same color for the dots as you used for the base.





It’ just simple as that.

How do you like it?



Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 2

Mara's Birthday nail art month


Good evening bae’s,

welcome to the second day of my Birthday nail art month.

Today I wanted to show you a very colorful and fun nail design compared to yesterday’s simple glitter nail design.
This look was a lot of fun. It took a while but it was totally worth it.

Polishes I used



I used several different colors, trying to pick colors that are bright and without shimmer or glitter in them.

  • Astor – Fashion Studio – 202
  • Ciaté – PP060 – ditch the heels
  • Ciaté – PP065 – big yellow taxi
  • p2 – sea’ la vie – 030 navy
  • p2 – color victim – 999 aloha dreams
  • p2 – last forever – 230 hot tango
  • ORLY – BAKED – 20497 tropical pop

It is very easy to accomplish this look. All you need are the different colors and a dotting tool. I used the bigger end of the tool to get bigger dots. I also used the back of a stamping plat to drip on the polishes so I can dip in the dotting tool. Start using one color and keep dotting away. Place the dots on different parts of the nail but of course leave free space for the other colors. If you are done with one nail, do the next etc. until all nail are down using the first color. Now continue these steps with each color you picked. Fill out the blanks with the rest of the colors. When you are down your nails should look like this.




I know it is a crazy design and maybe not everyone’s favorite or wearable to any occasion, but I think it is really fun and different.
I really liked creating this design and it was very easy.

How do you like it?



[Review] ORLY – 40790 harmonious mess / 20497 tropical pop / 40053 crawford’s wine

Hey lovelies,

today I want to review the nail mail I recently got from ORLY.
In my [sample nail mail] ORLY Germany no.1 post I only swatched the polishes on a nail wheel which is why I wanna get into them a bit more today.







The team from ORLY Germany send me those three awesome polishes which I have learned a little bit about so far.


40790 harmonious mess is a pastel lilac polish from ORLY’s Mash Up Collection. It contains 18ml of product and costs 12 euro or 8,50$. Here in Germany you can buy them separately or you can also buy the whole Mash Up Collection for 60 euro, containing 6 polishes here.
I am not sure if they sell them like that in the USA as well.

Mash up

They say take risks. Rock opposites. Start a riot with Mash Up. Hyper-brights and high-attitude hues work the weird and wonderful with wild abandon.

The texture of the polish is pretty creamy and so for me a little difficult to apply. The good thing about creamy polishes though is that even if you see some stroke while applying, they mysteriously appear when the polish is setting :)

I applied two coats just to make sure, but actually the color is really opaque.




Next you can see how to mix it up a bit.
I let the polish dry a bit, put an clear coat on top and with a dotting tool applied different sized lilac stars.





I like this polish and this manicure, reminds me a bit of Regina Rainbow. Do you know her?



Moving on, 20497 tropical pop is a bright neon polish in the color orange. It is one of their Baked polishes. There are 6 in total.
The polishes are infused with heat-treated pigments, specialty micas and minerals that deliver an ultra-smooth application and maximum color payoff PLUS Vitamins A, E and B5 to help nourish and protect nails. They also contain 18ml of product and also cost 12 euro in Germany or 8,50$ in the US.

Same as the Mas Up Collection, we in Germany, can buy them all together for 60 euro here.



After opening the nail mail, this was the polish that totally caught my attention. So I had to apply it first haha

It is a really REALLY bright neon and while wearing it at work I got really distracted haha

Anyway, the texture is also creamy and thick, took me a bit to get used to, but the dry time was pretty good. I did not expect that from such a thick polish. If you follow my blog for a while now, you know I usually don’t like or wear any orange, but with nail polishes it is different^^
I am open for everything. For me nail art is supposed to be fun and this polish is definitely it!




I can imagine paring it with a black base and maybe use it for stamping. Excited to try out more with this.

The last polish is also very pretty and after applying it I am an even bigger fan of it.


40053 crawford’s wine is such a pretty red shimmer polish. I am really in love with it, especially after trying it on my natural nails. It is one of the Dazzling Shimmer nail lacquers, which are free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene.
As far as I know they are sold separately and not in a set. From what I saw they offer 50 different shimmer shades and they all look gorgeous!

The texture is a bit different here, it is very liquid, which I personally love!
The brush is thin which is why you have to be carefully not to pick up too much product, else you will drip it everywhere.
Trust me, you really don’t need much anyway.

I applied 2 coats and see how wonderfully opaque the result is.






Here as well I put some studs on. Depending on what you personally like, I think it is an easy way to make your manicure looks special and it doesn’t take much skill :)







I am not sure if the arrangement of the studs at the bottom means something. I hope it doesn’t. I remember seeing it before, but I am not sure what it stands for. Maybe some of you know. I hope it is not offending.

Anyway, all the ORLY polishes are equipped with the professional and award-winning Gripper Cap. This patented, rubberized cap provides ease of opening and flawless performance, and is exclusive to ORLY products. ORLY has been recognized by the professional beauty industry, along with many awards from trade and consumer magazines, and is one of the top nail care brands.


I own 5 polishes so far. Three I bought myself and three (the ones in this post) were sent to me by ORLY Germany.

I tried them and I like them a lot. To me it is important to give you my honest opinion, which is why I hope you take my sample nail mail posts is is. If I say I like the products I tried, then I do like them. Regardless if I got the products for free or if I bought them myself :)

I hope you like this post.

Let me know what you think, you know I always love to read your comments.

Have a great night.