[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2017 (UK) – glittery nail file

Good evening everyone,

today we have another non-polish item in this years Mini Mani Month by Ciaté.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following product was bought and paid by myself.

Tadaaaa~, we got one of the glitter-nail files again. These are a popular goodie in the advent calendar or other gift set’s I own thre of them by now, though I wish they would switch it up. I am honest, I don’t use these. They basicially just lay in my nail polish shelf and collect dust, even though they are really cute.

I am totally in love with their crystal file though. I have the mini version and think this would be a much better addition to the Mini Mani Month. It has the finest crystal particles for long lasting properties and comes in its own elegant slim-line storage box. It is amazingly gentle on the nails and even helps to prevent chipping, splitting and peeling.

There is not much to say or show you today, so I guess this is it. I will see you again tomorrow.

What would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments.


Have a great evening

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