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Good evening everyone,

today I have another exciting blog post for you. You may remember that I met a couple of great brands while I was at this years BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking. At the event I was able to get to know to a bunch of new brands and make new contacts as well.

Of course, I already knew Nestlé through other products, but for the first time I came across the Special. T tea capsule machines and their tea assortment. Their tea area was beautifully set-up and I had an insightful conversation with them, which resulted in me being keen to try the Special. T. Luckily, when I asked them they said yes, so I received a lovely package which content I’d like to introduce to you today. I will write several posts on the topic, so if you love tea and want to learn more about the Special. T please stay tuned.

In this post:

  • introduction to the three Special. T capsule machines by Nestlé
  • introduction of the the products they sent to me

Disclaimer: advertisement – the products were sponsored by Nestlé Special. T

To be specific, I actually received two packages. One included the tea’s I was allowed to pick myself and their advent calendar. The other package included the Special. T capsule machine – MY.T Lights.

The capsule machine also came with a box of 10 tea’s to try out and a super pretty tea cup.

Nestlé offers three variations of the Special. T, they are the Mini T., the MY.T Lights and the MY.T Chrome. All of them have the same basic functions, as well as some individual additional functions/features.

Making tea is an art of its own, which requires precision. From the selection of the best tea leaves to their optimal storage and preparation, Special. T unites all the factors to make every cup of tea perfect . To release all the flavors of a tea, all parameters of the preparation must be on point: dosage, water quality, temperature and brewing time.
Some black teas unfold best at 92 ° C, while the ideal temperature for a jasmine green tea is 86 ° C and for a gyokuru green tea it is 70 ° C. The Special. T machines are inspired by Japanese tea masters. They filter the water and recognize which tea was inserted thanks to the sensors on the capsules. Therefor the temperature and infusion time will be adjusted to each individual tea, automaticially.

I drink a lot of tea, which is why I was excited to try the machine in the first place but i also asked if it would be possible that, besides the advent calendar, I could choose some teas to try out.


The goodie-bag from this years BeautyBloggerCafé already contained the red romance tea and some candi sticks.

In addition, I’ve choosen the following varieties:

I also wanted a box of their genmaicha, but it sadly wasn’t available at that time.

A box of tea includes 10 capsules and costs 3,70 €. In Berlin, the products are either available through the official Nestlé Special. T website or from Galeria Kaufhof, Media Markt or Saturn. Should you live in other parts of Germany, you can use the shop finder to check where you can get both, the machines and the teas.

I was especially looking forward to the advent calendar, what is better than trying a new type of tea every day ?!

I think the idea of ​​such an advent calendar is absolutely great, let’s be honest we are getting so many sweets at this time of the year anyway. My actual plan was to show you one tea each day on my instagram account, but sadly the delivery through DHL was delayed so I didn’t get the products in time. Instead I will start today and keep on showing you the varieties a bit delayed.

In the coming weeks you will get a detailed review of the MY.T Lights, the advent calendar and the teas. I hope you find it as exciting as I do.

Let me know in the comments if you have already tried coffee or tea capsule machines and what you think about it. I look forward to your feedback.

Also, please check out my Instagram account, where I’ll show you which teas are included in the calendar.

Have a wonderful evening

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