[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2017 (UK) – PP305 – cosmic love

Good evening everyone,

it’s december first and I can finally show you the first polish from this years Mini Mani Month by Ciaté.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following product was bought and paid by myself.

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[sponsored] Special. T by Nestlé

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Good evening everyone,

today I have another exciting blog post for you. You may remember that I met a couple of great brands while I was at this years BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking. At the event I was able to get to know to a bunch of new brands and make new contacts as well.

Of course, I already knew Nestlé through other products, but for the first time I came across the Special. T tea capsule machines and their tea assortment. Their tea area was beautifully set-up and I had an insightful conversation with them, which resulted in me being keen to try the Special. T. Luckily, when I asked them they said yes, so I received a lovely package which content I’d like to introduce to you today. I will write several posts on the topic, so if you love tea and want to learn more about the Special. T please stay tuned.

In this post:

  • introduction to the three Special. T capsule machines by Nestlé
  • introduction of the the products they sent to me

Disclaimer: advertisement – the products were sponsored by Nestlé Special. T

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