[Review] Ciaté Mini Mani Manor 2017

GUYS, I am so excited! It is that time of the year again, Christmas is almost here!!!

For the first time ever, I was able to buy the Ciaté Mini Mani Month way before the first day of december. That means we can finally open all the little doors of the advent calendar the day they are actually meant to be opened. That also means tomorrow starts this years Ciaté Month. I will post one Ciaté blog post per day (plus other topics from time to time) for the whole month of december. I am really happy to open all the doors with you and read your comments and opinions on the polishes.

Ciaté’s Holiday Collection was already introduced and reviewed by me here, and is still available on the Ciaté London Website. If you want to see what I got, check here.


Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were bought and paid by myself.

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