[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2017

Good evening everyone,

today’s blog post is about the 5th BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking October 14th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.

It was my fourth time already and it always feels like coming home, since it was also my first Blogger event right after I started.

You may have seen some of my pictures from the event on my Instagram, I also try to use my story to let you be a part of those events, so let me know if you saw it :)

Along with about 100 other Beauty Bloggers I was able to experience my 4th BeautyBloggerCafé and a wonderful day of networking with fellow bloggers, as well as companies/brands. This event is always a great chance to network and have a lovely day with my blogger friends Heidi (from HeidisPolish) and Mandy(from Paint Harmony).

For those of you who don’t know the location, the Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin has a total of 300m² and is divided in a couple separate rooms. I actually arrived way ahead of everyone else, since I accidentally woke up one hour to early. The girls arrived around 12 and we got in and received our name tags.

The first room was as always the kitchen. We really enjoyed the beautiful decoration, yummy snacks and were excited to meet the first partners in the so-called Beauty-Attack Area.

The team of StyleRanking always takes such good care of everyone. They prepared a lot of snacks, drinks and other goodies to try out.

Cattier Paris was actually one of the first partners we were able to see. They are a key brand on the organic cosmetics market. Since 1968, Cattier has been committed to bringing consumers all the richness and benefits of nature. These macarons were heavenly delicious!

I was talking to them to learn more and immediately found a couple of favorites I am excited to try for you.


Swiss Smile (by Curaprox) was the 2nd partner, which I already knew from last year. I tried their tooth pastes and liked them.


The next partner within the Beauty-Attack Area was Chris Farrell Cosmetics. Later that day I had a skin-analyse appointment with them, very interesting. I personally didn’t take pictures of their booth, so I am showing one each from dreaminginberlin and shirintabatabai on Instagram. Please check out their accounts.

picture rights by @dreaminginberlin


picture rights by @shirintabatabai


Softwings presented us with something that I already knew from my time in Japan. They introduced us to their 3D armpit pads. They will keep your clothes from being stained by sweat during hot summer days or nerve wrecking dates. They also had some really cute sweets, mini cupcakes with pink icing.

The last partner in the Beauty-Attack Area was JOICO, a brand which I was already familiar due to my hairstylist education. I was really happy to get to know them and chat about all things hair. Another highlight was that they brought the Berlin hair stylist Max Höhn, who is also author of the book “Der Astrofriseur” (The astrology hair stylist). I loved talking to him and surely will visit him in his salon soon.

Anyway, they told me about their new color butters, a new product which is treatment and color-pigments in one. I got all the colors they had and am excited to try them, but first I will have to get rid of my directions and lighten my hair again.

The next room belonged to p2 cosmetics, who are not a stranger to the BeautyBloggerCafé either. They had the best decoration ever. I don’t know, this whole silver and white totally hits my esthetic. They introduced us to a bunch of new make-up essentials, like their pro beauty make-up base, easy touch-up concealer,  eyes brightener, strobing wonder, prep + fix spray and the new fix + matte loose powder. We each got a box with all the new products so I am excited to try them.


In the next room we got to meet lovely Susanne from Medisana, who offer all sorts of wellness products, to health control products, personal care products, sport gadgets, healthy home and therapy products, as well as kitchen scales. I tried their shiatsu neck-massage pillow and fell in love with it. After sitting all day on the PC at work and my PC at home, I am often in need of a neck massage. They also introduced us to their standing mak-up mirror that lights up! Susanne really took lots of time to tell us more about all the products they had for display. I was so thankful for that.


Another highlight of mine was the booth of Dyson. I have heard so man good things about the Supersonic hair-dryer that I was very excited to try it out and see it in action. It’s amazing how gentle it works and how quick it dries the hair as well.


Last but not least we have Nestle Special T., whom offered fresh tea out of their Special T. capsule machines.

They had a really nice chill-out area set up where I sat down with my girls Heidi and Mandy to let all the impressions sink in and learn more about the Special T. Due to some kind of bar-code the machine actually knows which capsule was put in and automatically adjusts the temperature, which is really important if you drink lots of green tea, like I do.

girl gang selfie

As always, it was a really nice day that ended around 6pm.

picture rights by @josephine_neubert_fotografie


We were blessed to receive a huge goodie-bag with tons of products to try.

picture rights by styleranking



I had a really wonderful day! Thanks again to StyleRanking and all the partners and sponsors who made this day possible and so special.  I really appreciate all the hard work and passion everyone puts into making this event so great.

If you would like to learn more about StyleRanking or their events FashionBloggerCafé, BeautyBloggerCafé or ElternBloggerCafé please check the links below.

StyleRanking links:


BloggerCafé links:

Official Blog post from http://www.StyleRanking.de

If you want to read more and see more pictures of this years BeautyBloggerCafé, please check the Blog posts of all the fellow Bloggers who attended this year and wrote a post about it.

Svenja from Reviermädchen
Mo from just-take-a-look – Fashion in Berlin
Gaby from Beauty in the City

Leave me links to your event reviews too, so I can add them as well.


I hope you have a great night, please let me know how you liked this post.

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6 thoughts on “[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2017

  1. Liebe Mara,
    es hat mich sehr gefreut dich auch dieses Jahr wieder beim BBC zu treffen! :)
    Ich hoffe das behalten wir so bei, und auch ich fand den Besuch dieses Jahr wieder klasse. Viele tolle Leute und Firmen.
    Ich freue mich wenn du in meinem Bericht vorbei schaust ;)

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Svenja von Reviermädchen <3

  2. Liebe Mara,
    ein sehr schöner und gelungener Beitrag. Es freut uns, dass dir das BeautyBloggerCafé auch dieses Mal so gut gefallen hat.
    Wir freuen uns darauf dich und natürlich alle anderen Beauty-Blogger bei unserem nächsten Event begrüßen zu dürfen.
    Bis ganz bald und
    liebe Grüße aus dem styleranking-Team
    Janice 🙂

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