[Review] essie – winter collection 2015

Good evening everyone,

today I am back with a review on the Essie winter collection from 2015. I know it is kinda dated, but since I have gotten the small collection set I wanted to review it for you.

In this post:

  • introduction to Essie
  • overview of the winter collection 2015
  • swatches of the polishes I own
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were given to me by friend

On their website it sais that Essie is USA’s nail salon expert since 1981, they aim to inspire a love for the manicure experience with a wit and style that touches the hearts of women everywhere. They also say that Essie is the go-to nail brand for beauty professionals, industry insiders, celebrities and fashion icons around the world. Essie is a leader in nail luxury, committed to high-quality standards with an award-winning line of polishes and nail care products. Since its introduction by Essie Weingarten, Essie has now created more than 1,000 shades and is part of L’Oréal.

The winter 2015 is just one of many other collections that they have been releasing over the years. I have bought only one Essie polish in my life, but have tried a few others from my friends and family and have to say that I might be one of the few people who do not praise them to the heavens. I got the winter 2015 set from a friend and was curious to see these would persuade me. They didn’t, but mor on that later.

The winter 2015 collection clearly has New York as its theme, each of the 6 polishes stands for one significant area or sight.

Dear Mandy from Paint Harmony got the whole set. If you want to see swatches on her nails, please check out her blog post.

The small set, which I got, had three mini versions of the polishes. Included were haute tub, virgin snow and shall we chalet?.

To me, Essie polishes are pretty boring (sorry for being blunt). Most of the colors are plain, not much shimmer or glitter, no holo, multi-chrome, flakes or anything else that makes a polish special to me.

I am sure a lot of people will disagree, maybe that is exactly the reason why you like the polishes. Sure, a plain base color can seem classic and timeless and I sure do like a plain base color too, but to me most of the colors aren’t unique. I always feel like I have already seen a polish like that’s when I look at Essie polishes.

Nevertheless I do think haute tub is pretty, sadly you can’t really see the tiny flakes on the nails.

To make my nail design a bit more exciting I decided to create a splatter nail art with haute tub and virgin snow. Below you can see the shiny and matte version


conclusion: what I think

Looking at my swatches and the pictures from Mandy, I will say “nice try Essie”.
To me, personally, the collection is not really that unique and special. As so many other Essie polishes, I wouldn’t buy it in the store.
It also doesn’t scream winter (and therefore christmas) to me. Why wasn’t there a unique white polish in there? Why no green or pretty glittery red? The silver one looks streaky and yeah, virgin snow is kinda pretty, but as so many other polishes from them it was too thick. The light pink polish has nothing to do with winter for me and why are there two reds?
I said it before, haute tub looked really pretty in the bottle and I was so excited about it, but sadly the effect is lost on the nails.

Then there is the quality of the polishes. Why do all Essie polishes have to be so thick? That thickness makes it difficult to apply a nice thin and even layer, also the thin brush. I know that they have a wider brush now, but I have tried polishes with the old thin brush and it was a total nightmare. I used to own blanc, because the internet made me buy it. Everyone said it was the holy grail of white polishes! “If you have tried blanc, you would never want to use anything else!” – they said. I was looking for a nice white polish that would be opaque but not too thick so it would not build bubbles. Sadly blanc was all that, I had to give it away to my friend Heidi.

Overall I think I can say that Essie polishes are not for me. Everyone is free to love them and praise them, but I simply don’t understand the hype.

Have a great night

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