[Review] Bioré Japan in Germany

Hey everyone,

I am back with another jbeauty blog post. I am happy to announce that Bioré Japan has finally released a couple of their products on the germany beauty market. They are available at DM, Rossmann and Müller drugstores and are really worth a try.

In this post:

  • introduction to Bioré Japan
  • product overview in Germany
  • introduction of the products I have tried
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: some of the products were sponsored by Bioré Germany, this does not affect my honest opinion though

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[Review] facial pore cleansing strips

Hello everyone,

following up on my introduction to skin care and skin care routine blog posts, today I want to review a bunch of facial cleansing strips for you.

Within skin care, pore cleansing is an important step. Besides facial pore cleansing strips, there are also a couple other tools to help you get rid of those ugly white and black heads that sit underneath our skin. This way you will be able to get and maintain the smooth and clean skin you are looking for.

I bought and tried a bunch of different pore cleansing strips and want to present my results to you today.

There will be no gross, graphic content, so don’t worry to click and read more.

In this post:

  • introduction
  • overview and review of the strips I have tried
  • pro tips to using pore cleansing strips
  • conclusion: what I think + favorite
  • alternative pore cleansing tools/products

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were bought and paid by myself.

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[sponsored GIVEAWAY] www.lovenails-shop.de

Hello everyone,

today I am coming to you with a new giveaway!

Like I said many times, I really appreciate your support here on my Blog, Instagram and Facebook which is why I love to give back to you from time to time.

This is not only a giveaway, but more so a little contest which is sponsored by http://www.LoveNails-Shop.de

Read on to find out what you can win and what you have to do for it.


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