#BuffySlays20 – nail designs

Hello everyone,

today I have a short post for you regarding the Buffy – The vampire slayer reunion for you. Fans all over the world use the hashtag #BuffySlays20 to show their love for Buffy who fought 7 years against vampires, demons and other monsters, while trying to grow up. If you have seen my post from 3 years ago (omg, that long?!) you know that I am a huge fan of the show. I love everything Buffy, Angel and Joss Whedon so I decided to re-create my Buffy related nails designs from back then.

First up is this design I created 3 years ago.

This time I wanted to make it more colorful and use some stamped designs that could be associated with the show.

I also loved Drusilla’s nails in the show, the vampire that was a bit mad and who also created Spike. Both were some of my favorite vampires on the show. Drusilla used to have plain black or deep red nails with white tips. I loved this twist on the french tip design and love to wear it even until now.

Now tell me, were you a fan of the show? I wanna hear all about it.Have a great night and stay safe.

 photo Mara2.jpg

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