[Review] Sally Hansen – color therapy

Good evening everyone,

as mentioned in my Sally Hansen brand introduction I would like to give more insight in each of their different polish lines.

I will start with the most recent, which is their Color Therapy™ line.

Grab a drink and enjoy reading.


In this post:

  • introduction to the Sally Hansen Color Therapy™ collection
  • overview of the available polishes
  • swatches of the 2 polishes I tried
  • nail art with the 2 polises (gradient and stamping)
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: products marked with an (*) were sponsored by Sally Hansen, it does not affect my opinion though

By the end of 2016 Sally Hansen introduced their new Color Therapy™ line. These polishes are not only offering beautiful shades, but also care for your nails while you wear it! The patented argan oil formula is supposed to fuse intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails.

Because of that you are not supposed to use a base coat. Simply add one coat of polish to clean, dry, nails and allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes. After that apply a second coat and let dry thoroughly. To finish off you manicure add the Color Therapy™ Top Coat for a glossy shine and extended wear.

To care for your cuticles make sure to apply the Color Therapy™ Nail & Cuticle Oil. It will nourish not only your cuticles, but also your nails. You will see instant results of healthier, restored and rejuvenated cuticles.

The range of colors is much wider in the USA than in Germany. Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, ULTA and Kmart offer 38 shades.


Compared to that DM, Müller and Douglas in Germany only offer 14 shades. I think they might stock up later on this year, though.

Each polish and also the oil and top coat are available for around 9$ / 10€.

I created a little overview for you to check which polishes are available in the USA and which ones in Germany as well. I hope it helps.

110 Well, Well, Well USA
120 Make My Clay USA
130 Therapewter USA
140 Haute Stone USA
150 Steely Serene USA+GER
160 Mud Mask USA
170 Glow with the Flow USA
180 Chai on Life USA
190 Blushed Petal USA+GER
200 Powder Room USA+GER
210 Re-nude USA+GER
220 Rosy Quartz USA+GER
230 Sheer Nirvana USA+GER
240 Primrose and Proper USA+GER
250 Rosy Glow USA
260 Berry Smooth USA
270 Mauve Mantra USA
280 Robes and Rosé USA
290 Pampered in Pink USA+GER
300 Soak at Sunset USA
310 Couple’s Massage USA
320 Aura’nt You Relaxed? USA+GER
330 Shea Dream USA
340 Red-iance USA
350 Haute Springs USA+GER
360 Red-y to Glow USA+GER
370 Unwine’d USA+GER
380 Ohm My Magenta USA+GER
390 Slicks and Stones USA+GER
400 Exotic Açai USA
410 Indiglow USA
420 Good as Blue USA
430 Soothing Sapphire USA
440 Ja-cozy USA
450 Reflection Pool USA
460 Teal Good USA
470 Cool Cucumber USA
480 Bamboost USA


The team of Sally Hansen Germany was kind enough to provide me with some of the products so I could test them out for you.

Left to right you can see 220 Rosy Quartz*, 360 Red-y to Glow*, Nail & and Cuticle Oil* as well as the Color Therapy™ Top Coat*.

Lindsay from www.nailthataccent.com explained it very nicely:

The argan oil complex is a patented micro-delivery system that contains argan oil, acai and evening primrose oil to condition weak, dry nails by penetrating the nail beds and nourishing the nails. Argan oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant vital for healthy skin and nails. Acai berry oil is rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that are known in nutrition to help condition skin and hair. Evening primrose oil features essential fatty acids that are known to help reinforce hair strength.





220 Rosy Quartz* is a very sheer natural rose polish, which is great for natural looking nails with a french tip.


360 Red-y to Glow* is a nice deep red polish with great luminosity. Surprisingly, even without a base coat it does not stain the nails.

My nails are currently pretty thin and weak, which is why I was very happy to try these out. Though especially with Red-y to Glow I was a little concerned about stained nails since you use these without a protecting base coat.

The polishes are nice on their own, but as a nail art addict I wanted to know if you could use them for gradients or stamping as well. So next up, I applied two thin coats of Rosy Quartz, let it dry, added latex around my nails to avoid a mess and later on used a silicon free make-up sponge with both polishes applied to create a beautiful gradient.


dab, dab, dab to make it fab …

The result looked like this.



Because of the colors, it took a couple of coats to get a nice blend, but I think they worked pretty well together.

Last but not least, the stamping test. I used my hehe 73 plate, which I bought from Lovenails.de to create a simple floral accent nail.

When everything had time to dry a little, so it wouldn’t smudge, I applied the Color Therapy™ Top Coat.




Conclusion: what I think:

I felt that the polishes applied very smoothly and therefore easy. The dry time was good and while I was wearing them they only started to chip after about 4 days. I think the reason that mine only lasted 4 days might be that they are currently really weak and easy to bend, which would cause chipping earlier than the 10 days that they are advertised to last.

Disclaimer: Durability is always a matter of application, nail condition and what you do in daily life. If your nails are thin and weak and you soak them in dish water all day, the polish won’t last as long as the advertise it to last. My polish in general last a couple of days to a week. Also always depending how fast I wanna change me :)
That’s why I will never promise that a certain polish works the same for everyone.

The biggest surprise for me was the Nail & and Cuticle Oil. It is the concentrated version of the argan oil complex, comes in the usual 14,7 ml bottle and will probably last you a long time. Usually I am very sensitive to artificial scent, which is why I actually hate most nail and cuticle oils. My favorite one so far was the love me oil-almond cuticle oil from Ciaté, but it sadly got discontinued. This new Color Therapy™ Nail & and Cuticle Oil on the other hand does NOT have a bothersome scent at all. It is easy to apply and sinks in pretty quickly. You might have guessed it, this is my new favorite nail care oil.

I know I will definitely have to stock up on the Nail & and Cuticle Oil and out of the shades available in Germany I also need to have 390 Slicks and Stones.


If you would like to see all the beautiful shades on natural nails, please head over to Lindsay’s post. She created a great in-depth post and collection of swatches of all of the polishes available in the USA.


picture right reserved by http://www.nailthataccent.com

Which ones are your favorite?

I think from the ones available in the USA I would also like to have 170 Glow with the Flow, 180 Chai on Life, 410 Indiglow, 420 Good as Blue, 430 Soothing Sapphire, 450 Reflection Pool, 470 Cool Cucumber and 480 Bamboost.

I was also to able to test out the new breathable polishes from ORLY, which I will show you in my next blog post. There I will also compare the Sally Hansen Color Therapy™ and the ORLY breathable polishes.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me a comment on what experiences or thoughts you have on the Color Therapy™ line.


Have a great night.

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