Sally Hansen – introduction


Welcome everyone to today’s brand introduction. If you are interested in beauty and especially nails, chances are high that you already know about the american brand Sally Hansen.

Today I would like to tell you everything you need to know about them and their products, so grab a drink and enjoy, ‘cuz reading this post might take a while.

Disclaimer: advertisement – because of links to the brand


Let’s start at the beginning, Sally Hansen was created in the late 1950’s, when Sally Hansen and her chemist husband  pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. Touted as “the nail clinic in a bottle”.

From the beginning, Sally Hansen prided itself on producing quality nail care products. The philosophy was simple: educate the consumer and develop quality, practical products that were competitively priced and easy to use.

While Hard As Nails continues to be a best seller, Sally Hansen has developed not only nail care products, also a huge variety of nail polishes, beauty products (like waxing and tanning) and beauty tools (nail and eye care tools).

It is important though that you keep in mind that the assortment of the products may vary in your country to the ones available in the USA. My post today shows mainly the wide range of products from the USA.


Sally Hansen offers different types of tools for nail care (manicure and pedicure) and even eye care, such as lash curlers, tweezers and razors.




Moving on to the products that interest me the most, nail care and nail polish!



Sally Hansen offers a wide range of nail care products, from several types of base coats, to treatments for nails and cuticle removal & care.

You can view all the products on their website, I haven’t used all of them yet, but quite a few which I will review in a separate blog post, where you can also find out about my favorites.



NAIL POLISH (make sure to click the pictures to enlarge)

LE’s are polishes that are only available for a short period of time, hence the name limited editions. Sally Hansen always comes out with new LE’s and collections. I tried my best to research thoroughly to give you an overview of all the LE’s and collections that have come out so far.

Please feel free to correct me or give me more information on the ones I might have missed. I try my best to add the missing information.

Magical is probably the oldest LE I could find, which came out around 2002 in the USA. Back then there were no press pictures I assume, but you can check Spit & Polish’s blog post to see nice swatches of most of the polishes from this collection. If I am not mistaken, there were 8 holographic polishes, which were Copper Coldron, Fairydust Pink, Mystical Mandarin, Ruby Slipper, Magenta Magic, Purple Potion, Crystal Ball and Blue Aurora.

In the following picture from Superficially Colorful you can see from left to right Copper Cauldron, Mystical Mandarin, Magenta Magic, Ruby Slippers, Fairy Dust Pink, Purple Potion and Blue Aura. Crystal Ball is missing.


The Hi-Definition LE  came out in 2009 and contained of 8 iridescent colors with a shiny finish. You can see the PR picture and names of the polishes below.


I am not sure if this LE would have been something I would have bought, the colors are pretty but not really something I would wear.


If my research is correct, next up would be the Nail Prisms collection. From what I could find, they might have come out around 2010. Again there were no press pictures to be found, so just hit Sally Hansen nail prisms into Google search and you will see. It seems there are a bunch of duo-chrome polishes, holographic polishes and some plain shimmer as well. There seem to be way too many which is why I am not even trying to name all of the polishes, I am sorry. Was that even an LE? Again, I don’t think I would have bought these.


The Crackle Overcoat collection came out around 2011 and hey! I found some press pictures again! This collection contained 8 polishes with the crackling effect. You applied a thin coat of them over regular polish and the magic started to happen.



The Magnetic collection seem to have come out in 2012. 8 metallic polishes (with a magnet included in the cap) that created a unique wavy pattern within the polish.


Later on they came out with 5 more colors and different magnets for new designs.


I own actually two of them, which are Graphite Gravity and Cosmic Blue. My friend Inga from NostalgiaQueen gave them to me after her trip to London. My favorites of these polishes would have to be Pink Force and Cosmic Blue.


The Lustre Shine collection was also released in 2012. Again, there were 8 polishes but this time with a beautiful duo-chrome effect. From what I saw, Firefly would probably have been my favorite, but they all look very pretty.



The Gem Crush collection was the last one being released in 2012. It contained 8 super glittery polishes that were supped to look like jewelery on your nails. They look gorgeous in the bottles and especially Bad Luck is very pretty, but judging by the pictures they had a slightly textured/sand-like finish.



The first collection of 2013 was the Fuzzy Coats LE, which I really love. My dear friend Casey from Bronzer and Booze sent all of them to me from New York. I still cherish these very much. Again, there were 8 fuzzy polishes, including different colored bar particles in a clear base.



I am not sure if the Shimmer & Sugar Coats came out at the same time as the Fuzzy’s or slightly afterwards, but they also came out in 2013. This was honestly the hardest collection to get a complete picture list of all the polishes. I found PR pictures to all of them except Pink Sprinkle and Spare-A-Mint?. You can see they look a bit different in the image below. I own a bunch of the sugar coats and I really like them, but I somehow don’t use them as much. Same as with glitter, the texture is a pain to get off the nails.



The Color Foil collection came out in 2014 if I am correct. This time with 10 beautiful liquid metal colors. This collection was and still is pretty popular. I own only one of them and yes, liquid metals are pretty and can be used for stamping, but they also stain your nails and are difficult to get a nice non-streaky result. The colors are to die for though.



Also in 2014, the Satin Glam collection came out. Again, 8 colors, this time with shimmer/glitter and a satin matte finish. I think most of these colors are very pretty, but I don’t really get the orange.



Patent Gloss and Luxe Lace came out together in 2014.

The first four were meant as the base color, the four lace ones were meant as a top coat to create a unique look. Judging by the pictures, I probably wouldn’t have liked these. The gloss polishes maybe, the lace ones maybe not so much.




Another collection from 2014 is the Color Frenzy LE. 8 confetti like top-coat effect polishes in a clear base (as far as I can tell from the pictures).  I am not sure. I like the combination of some of these, Paint Party for example, but I think I would have bought only a few of them or none.



The first collection of 2015 was the Velvet Texture LE. A collection of 8 slightly textured and semi matte polishes in really nice colors. I really like the color choice within this collection, not sure though about the texture.



The Insta Ombré  collection also came out in 2015 and contained again 8 sheer glitter polishes perfect for french-tip kind of glitter manicures. Alone they don’t really fit my taste, but in combination with a simple base color these really create a nice ombré glitter effect.



The last LE I could find is the Pearl Crush collection that also came out in 2015. These look very pretty in the bottle and judging by the pictures seem to be sheer shimmer polishes with bigger hexagon particles. They really remind me of a mermaid’s tail and in combination with an opaque base color they look very pretty.



Please correct me if I am wrong, but besides LE’s for the Salon Manicure polishes I think there wäre noch other Limited Editions released after 2015.

Besides all of these LE’s Sally Hansen also has a huge range of regular polish lines.

  • Hard as Nails
  • Hard as Nails Xtream wear (~45 shades)
  • Diamond Strength
  • Maximum Growth
  • Smooth & Perfect
  • Triple Shine
  • Insta Dri (~40 shades)
  • Complete Salon Manicure (~56 shades)
  • Miracle Gel (~66 shades to be used with Miracle Gel top coat)
  • Color Therapy (~38 shades)

wheee that was a lot of input!

I really tried my best, but please feel free to correct or complete my info above. I hope this post was helpful, please tell me about your favorite Sally Hansen products and your experience with them.



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