baking bad[ass] – premiere for demain tout commence

Baking Badass

Hello everyone,

today I am back with another cake :)

This time a real special one. Tobis Film, who will release the new movie demain tout commence, or in german plötzlich Papa, on January 5th, asked me for cake related help.  On Monday was the Premiere at Zoo Palast in Berlin and I was asked to create a cake inspired by the movie.


First of all I really want to thank Tobis Film for their trust in me and my cakes. This was a great opportunity for me and I am very happy with the result.

The weekend before the premiere was the time I baked and decorated the cake, so it would be all done by Monday for the event.

Monday evening was the premiere, which I was also invited to join.


Before the movie started, the managing directors of Tobis Film as well as director Hugo Gélin and the main cast, Omar Sy and Gloria Colston, were gathered on stage.


picture rights reserved by
Zoo Palast Berlin


As a surprise, the cake was handed to them. It was so great to witness that and see how Hugo, Omar and Gloria took a bite out of it as well.




picture rights reserved by
Red Carpet Reports – Laurenz Carpen


To read the full report of the premieren, please check Red Carpet Reports

A HUGE thank you to Laurenz for the great pictures and Tobis Film for asking me to help with this sweet surprise.


About the movie

Demain tout commence was directed in 2016 by Hugo Gélin and is a French comedy-drama film. The movie is starring Omar Sy as Samuel (Gloria’s father), Gloria Colston as Gloria, Clémence Poésy as Kristin (Gloria’s mother) and Antoine Bertrand as Bernie (Samuel’s best friend).

Samuel is a single man who enjoys his life with parties and women while working on a boat in France. One day he is woken up by a woman carrying a baby she claims is his. She drives off leaving him with the wailing infant. Knowing that the mother of the child is from London, Samuel follows her to the airport and later London, trying to bring the baby back to her. The plan fails and Samuel and Gloria are left in London, where Samuel finds work and raises Gloria by himself, even though with a lot of help from his new-found friend Bernie. Later on, after over 8 years without any contact to the mother, Kristin comes back into their life and makes things complicated.

I really enjoyed watching the movie! Even though, since it’s a drama as well, the end left me in tears. It was great to see Omar and Gloria harmonize so well throughout the whole movie. I really recommend watching it, since it nicely shows that living every moment in life is very important. Don’t waste time putting things up to tomorrow or the day after. Life is short, so spend time with your loved ones and show/tell them how much you love them.


I also found these two pictures on the instagram profile of IF Film & Media (



picture rights reserved by
IF Film & Media

The cake

The base of the cake was made pf a rich chocolate cake, then topped with a cream cheese icing and fondant. As you can see it was also decorated with meringues and candy baby soothers and a toy Playmobil pirate. I also placed the silhouette of the main characters and the german title at the front of the cake. The cake was about 50-60 cm high, around 5-6 kg and took me about 17 hours to make and decorate.


I was pleased with the result and very happy and relieved that everyone liked it as well.

Please check out the Social Media Accounts as followed:

Tobis Film Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter
Zoo Palast Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram
Red Carpet Reports Website  |  Facebook


Please let me know what you think of the cake and the movie, if you were able to see it yet.

Have a great day

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