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Hello everyone,

as you might know, I have a serious addiction for any kinds of face masks.

When I am not using the sheet masks from Japan, I use the different types of face masks from Schaebens.


Today I would like to tell you a little bit more about the Company and their products.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were sponsored by Schaebens

About Schaebens

Haus Schaeben is a medium-sized German enterprise, family-owned and operated, domiciled in Frechen near Cologne. The company looks back on a long tradition grown from historical roots that date back to the 16th century. At the time, it was still a “brandy distillery” located in the neighborhood of the Cologne Cathedral.

Schaebens’ product quality standards are very exacting: Before any product is launched into the market, its recipe is subjected to efficacy and skin tolerability tests conducted by “dermatest,” an independent institution. Only products that are rated “excellent” in these tests, i.e. if optimum skin tolerance is ensured, are considered adequate by Schaebens in terms of quality and can be launched into the market.

Their most popular products are the Schaebens facemasks, but they also specialised in beauty concentrates with highly concentrated active agent combinations and a Dead Sea product line for problem skin. Other than cosmetic products they also distribute food supplement products, over-the-counter products and medical products for better health, vitality and efficiency.

Their products in the segments cosmetics and pharma are available in drug stores and retail grocery stores.

Like I said, I use their products, especially the facemasks, since I was a teenager. Also, their Dead Sea line helped me with acne and problematic skin during my teenager years. My friend Momo is also a big fan of the facemasks and Dead Sea products, which is why I regularly send them over to Japan.

During the years I think I tried all the different types of facemasks they offer/offered, it also helps that they started sending their new products so I can try them.

Below you can see a few of the masks that I bought and tried, as well as some that have kindly been provided by Schaebens.










In total, Schaebens currently offers 16 facemasks, always adding new or re-occurring ones, as well as limited editions.

They have facemasks for cleansing the skin, caring for the skin on a daily basis and also wellness masks that are used to give intensive care.


These were especially developed for clearing the skin and meeting the needs such as pore refinement or elimination of impurities.


The masks above are for skin with particular demands, whether it’s hydration, moisture, calming the skin and many more.


The last few masks are for pampering your skin with relaxation and wellbeing. They provide intensive care, improve radiance and let stress and tiredness disappear.

Like I said, I have tried my fair share of these face masks and of course not all of them are great for my type of skin, but I do have some favorites that I think everyone should try.

My favorite Schaebens facemasks

Dead Sea Mask– fights pimples and blackheads

with mud, algae, zinc minerals, aloe vera and camomile


A true classic is the Dead Sea mask, which was especially developed for impure and problematic skin. It fights pimple causing bacteria, removes excess grease and cleanses skin deeply. Regular use prevents pimples, blackheads and impurities. Clinical tests prove that skin condition is visibly ameliorated. Thanks to their anti-oxidative properties, the spirulina algae protect the skin from damaging environmental irritants and thereby support its natural functioning. Aloe vera and camomile have a soothing effect.

The result: a refined complexion, visibly healthy and pure skin.

Special features:

  • prevents pimples and blackheads
  • for deep cleansing
  • refines skin visibly
  • free from colouring agents and perfume


Aloe Vera Mask – provides extra moisture and refreshes

with sea buckthorn, shea butter and panthenol for all skin types


The extracts of aloe vera which is a desert plant, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids. It’s healing and regenerating effect is appreciated by many ethnic groups for centuries. This mask contains an extra portion aloe vera and therefore provides the skin with rich moisture. The rich formula with sea buckthorn and shea butter smoothes dryness lines. Panthenol regenerates the skin sustainably.

The result: your skin appears fresh, smooth and vitalized.

Special features:

  • provides extra moisture
  • smoothes dryness lines
  • regenerates, relaxes and refreshes


Moisturising Mask – improves the skin’s moisture

with aloe vera, avocado, cucumber, urea and thermal water


A measurable and significant increase of skin moisture is noticeable in just 30 minutes! This prevents premature skin aging and reduces fine lines caused by dry skin. Panthenol and bisabolol have a soothing and calming effect.

The result: Your skin does not only feel supple and velvety soft, but will also look younger and better nourished.

Special feature:

  • improves the skin’s moisture in an instant
  • protects the skin from moisture loss
  • reduces and smoothes fine lines resulting from dry skin
  • regulates the skin’s hydration balance


Thalasso Mask – provides moisture and regenerates

with algae, plankton and pearls


The best from the sea: this Thalasso Mask unites valuable ingredients from the ocean in an innovative formula. Maritime extracts from algae, plankton and pearls give the impression of a relaxing thalasso spa treatment to daily stressed skin. Combined with a special moisture booster the skin is being well hydrated, gently vitalized and intensively regenerated

The result: your skin appears fresh, recovered and smooth. Beneficial and relaxing like a day at the sea.

Special features:

  • with a special moisture booster
  • regenerates stressed skin
  • ensures a fresh appearance

Next up are the concentrates


These contain combinations of highly concentrated active ingredients and are light in consistency. These effective serums can be spread easily onto the skin and are very well absorbed. Concentrates are a valuable supplement to daily face care and also offer specially tailored help for specific skin problems such as impurities, dry, or irritated skin. They are also suitable as an intensive anti-wrinkle treatment, for smoothing and firming the skin, or for achieving visably refined skin. Theses concentrates are available in individually proportioned capsules for simple, hygienic application.

I have tried all of them and must say my favorite has to be the night concentrate. Even used under a sheet mask, this serum works wonders and gives a special boost to your daily skin care routine.


The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been known and appreciated for over 2000 years. Its salt is particularly enriched with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It firms and revitalises the skin. The Schaebens cosmetic products contain special combinations of active ingredients with salt or mud from the Dead Sea to moisturize the skin, deeply cleanse pores, counteract impurities and blemishes, or to help against dandruff – for pure and healthy skin.

Recent dermatological studies show that the Schaebens Dead Sea products can also serve as fundamental skin care for those suffering from neurodermitis or psoriasis.

In addition to the skin care, I have a few tips that really helped me clearing up my skin. Nowadays I only use make-up for a night out or special occasions, but I do not wear make-up on to work on a daily basis.

My tips:

wash your hands when you’ve been outside and had contact with rails or handles in public transportation, wash your hands any chance you get.

do not touch your face if you don’t have to. I know it sounds weird, I used to touch my face without even noticing it too. But try to be more aware and just don’t do it. I used to touch my face when I was thinking or when I was talking to people (especially my chin). That’s what caused me to break out on my chin and cheeks on a regular basis.

thoroughly take off your make-up! It seems like a normal thing to do, I know, but I know many people who don’t do that. It is not enough to use make-up wipes to get rid off make-up and all the bacteria and grease that is on your skin.

deep cleanse your face daily: I was always too lazy to do it, now I force myself. It really makes a different if you care for your skin.

get your personal skin care routine: I haven’t had one for so many years, but I realized how important that is.

I usually wash my face in the morning and put on my Beni Durrer 24h creme. When I come home from work or rather before I go to bed, I cleanse my face with my VisoClean from B. Kettner and also use my powder peeling from Beni Durrer 2-3 times a week. Afterwards I spray on a thin layer of Thermal Water from Avéne, then the Beni Durrer Caviar Serum (especially during winter) or otherwise the night concentrate from Schaebens – and after that one of my japanese sheet masks. Like I said before, sometimes I switch it off with a mask from Schaebens as well. When that has sunk into my skin I again apply my 24h creme.

I will post separately about my skin care and will show you all of the products I use, perhaps in a video. Would you be interested in that?


I hope today’s post gave you a little insight on the products that Schaebens offers. Especially the facemasks are really affordable, maybe take a trip to your local DM, Rossmann or Müller and pick a few for you to try out. Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite.


Have a great evening

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