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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. Today I would like to review the BRAUN FaceSpa, which I received recently for testing.


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About Braun

Braun is a german premium brand for electrical appliances, they offer products for men and women, from kitchen supplies to beauty products like razors, epilators, hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and even skin care products like the FaceSpa epilator and cleansing brush.


In October I met the PR team for Braun again and learned more about their products, such as the Silk-épil 9, the FaceSpa and the Silk Expert IPL.

As you know from last years post, I am a big supporter of Braun products. I already own their Satin Hair 7 IONTEC  brush for fine (white) and normal (black) hair ,  the Satin Hair 7 EC1 hair curler, Satin Hair SensoCare hair straightener and the Satin Hair SensoDryer. All of them really high quality and a total recommendation.

Since I have annoying facial hair, I was really intrigued by the idea of a face epilator, though I was wondering how much pain it would cause. A few years back I bought the silkpil 5 Xelle solo 5180 for the purpose of epilating my legs, but I gave it away after trying it a few times. Even though I was epilating with open pores (after taking a bath), the pain was pretty much annoying and kinda unbearable for me. I don’t know, waxing just worked better for me.

Anyway, I still wanted to give the FaceSpa a try. I have sensitive skin so I was also interested to see if this would be an option for people like me, who have easily irritated skin. The FaceSpa also comes with a face cleansing brush attachment, which I was excited to compare to my current face cleansing brush, the VisoClean from B. Kettner.



The FaceSpa lets you enjoy multiple treatments with just one device.


Depending on the attachment it either precisely removes facial hair or cleanses/exfoliates your skin with the different facial brushes. You can also use the sponge attachment to work in skin care or make-up.




Most women have facial hair, some more and some less. Some have thin, light hair and others thicker, dark hair.

I have thin, light hair, but still don’t like the look, especially when I wear make-up. So far I did what everyone tells you NOT to do, which is simply shaving it off. The more excited I was to try the epilator attachment.

It’s supposed to plug the hair by the root, doing it gently and yet precise. The extra slim head of the epilator has 10 micro-openings that gently capture even finest hairs down to 0,02 mm. Without a problem you can remove hair on your chin, upper lip and forehead or even maintain your eyebrows shape. It removes hairs from the root for up to 4 weeks of hair free skin. And with 20.000 plucking motions per minute it is much more thorough and considerably faster than a manual tweezers.

Before I used it, I cleaned my face and put it over a bowl of hot water. I remained under the towel for a good 5 minutes to open my pores and make the plugging less painful. Afterwards I used the FaceSpa. Honestly, yes it was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, weirdly more on the left side of my face than the right side. But it was pretty gentle compared to the silkpil 5 I used for my legs.

The result was great! Nice smooth skin after a very short time. I am really impressed and will use the epilator regularly now.


Facial cleansing

The Braun FaceSpa comes in different variations.


They offer basic sets in white/silver, purple, blue and also pink.
Usually they come with the white brush attachment for normal skin and a second brush for your particular skin type. As you can see the protector cap for the epilator and the little pouch changes with the set as well.

normal brush


peeling brush


sensitive brush


They also offer a complete set with all their brush attachments and the beauty sponge.

The complete set comes in red (which also has a loading station)


or rose gold, which is what I picked.


The brush attachments can be bought in packs of two for around 15 €.


I mentioned it before, I already own the VisoClean from B. Kettner, which is a great facial cleansing brush.

So let’s compare.

The BRAUN FaceSpa with the brush attachment will basically do what every facial cleansing brush is designed to do.

It’s supposed to gently clean off any remaining make-up or dirt of your skin. In general cleansing brushes will do the job better than you can by hand. The FaceSpa is 100% waterproof, so you can make gentle and thorough cleansing a natural part of your shower routine. It has been tested with dermatologists and is suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin.


Mix and match your facial cleansing brush to your individual skin type.

There are 3 different brushes available.

  • white = normal skin
  • pink   = sensitive skin
  • blue   = exfoliating

Also as an extra you can get the beauty sponge.

I really hoped that these brushes would be as gentle as the ones from B.Kettner, which also come in normal, sensitive and exfoliating. Before I got it, I found it pretty difficult to find a nice cleansing device with a good brush for sensitive skin. I went to my local Douglas and touched the displayed brushes to see if they would work for my skin. I touched the brushes of the Clarisonic and the VisoClean from Philips. Sadly all brushes were way to hard for my skin. For the FaceSpa even the sensitive brush was not that comfortable for me, but since the FaceSpa has such a nice compact size and travel pouch, I will still use it when I am traveling.

Maybe BRAUN could come out with an even more soft brush and call it super sensitive? :)



You should clean the epilator after every use and also wash the brushes thoroughly.

Please replace your brush every 3 months.


What‘s in the box?


As mentioned above, I received the full set in rose-gold.





My FaceSpa set costs around 70 to 100 €, depending on where you buy it. It comes with the epilator head, the brush attachments and three brush heads, as well as the beauty sponge, a cleaning brush for the epilator head, a travel pouch and a batterie.



I know the review is long, but I wanted to break down all the information I could get for you. I think even without the brush attachment, the epilator is worth the price.

Please let me know what you use or if you have experience with the BRAUN FaceSpa.


Have a great night

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