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Hello everyone,

today I have a very special blog post for you. I want to tell you about my make-up consultation at Beni Durrer in Berlin, which I had recently.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy reading.



picture rights reserved by www.benidurrer.de, unlesss watermarked by me

If you follow my blog you might know that I first got in touch with the brand at the BeautyBloggerCafé 2015, even though I knew about them before due to my hairstylist and make-up education. After the event I visited their show room and make-up school while they presented us the winter look Zahira. I bought and tried a couple of their products so far, so I was very happy that I got the chance to have my personal make-up consultation.

I told you before that I was using strong peelings for many years, lastly the sea sand peeling from AOK, but didn’t get the result I wanted. I still had danders, which you could really see when I had make-up on. So at the winter look presentation I talked to Beni and Daniel who advised me to try their powder peeling.



Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Talc, Sucrose Stearate, Maltodextrin, Allantoin, Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Subtilisin, Lipase, Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil Expressed, Juniperus Virginiana Wood Oil.

The highly effective and at the same time super mild Beni Durrer powder-peeling rejuvenates the skin with its dual effect of enzymatic, revitalizing exfoliation and pore-deep cleansing. Through the effective enzyme complex excess keratinization and sebum is released and will be removed . The combination of oils from jojoba, orange and juniper creates a silky smooth, fine-pored skin, as a perfect base for high-quality skin care and makeup.


Turn the opened bottle upside down and pour the metered quantity of product into your moistened hand. Now foam up by rubbing your hands together and apply to the moistened face and neck. Massage your skin gently and after up to five minutes thoroughly wash your face with water.

Make sure that no moisture enters the bottle and keep it always well sealed.

After using it for months in combination with me B.Kettner VisoClean (face cleansing brush), I can say that it really works magic. My skin feels so much better now. It is smoother, feels healthier, the danders are gone and I can apply make-up now without feeling bad. I was never that impressed and satisfied with a product as I am with this one. I use it at least twice a week (between my regular cleansing) and it really is a product I can not go without anymore.

Today I also want to introduce you to my three musketeers of make-up.



Beni Durrer is one of the best known make-up artists in Germany. After an international career for M.A.C. Cosmetics and Yves Saint Laurent, since 2001 he teaches at his own make-up school in Berlinand has developed his own make-up line. The philosophy of his certified training is as simple as demanding: custom training concepts, professional, intensive and practical to form the basis for a successful career as a make-up artist.



After his state exam Daniel Schleicher received his training at the Beni Durrer make-up school and then worked as make-up artist for CK Calvin Klein. Since 2008 he has been CEO of the company Beni Durrer and a lecturer for make-up and sales.



For over 15 years the Hair &  Makeup professional, Eric Schmidt-Mohan, works at international film and photo productions before and behind the camera. Trained at Vidal Sassoon and the London make-up school he is today i.a. consultant for international cosmetic companies, columnist and he teaches the art of perfect make-ups.


I had the pleasure of meeting all three of them, talking to them and spending some time with especially Daniel and Eric. Those two are such a joy to be around, very attentive and kind-hearted. They really know a lot about all kinds of make-up and are truly inspirational. Daniel already took some time with me at the BeautyBloggerCafé, refreshed my make-up there and gave me some tips for my brows. All three of them advised me at the winter look presentation and always answered my questions patiently, honestly and yet kindly.

The consultation

Daniel was again the one to do the make-up consultation with me, which made me really happy since he already knew about a few of my problems and we could go more into detail this time. He asked me what I wish for in this consultation and we agreed on a “learning by doing” kinda session. At first he took a close look at my skin and told me that I should think about switching to a different skin care routine, with a cream/moisturizer that contains more lipids to moisturize my skin with a more lasting effect. He was so kind to give me a sample of their 24h creme. It is rich and yet not pore clogging, which is the problem I have with most cremes. The sample is empty now, but since I had good results with it I might be buying it next time I visit them.

Daniel started to apply the 24h creme before starting with the make-up. In the beginning he used their HDTV make-up in a light shade with a hint of pink in it. Usually I applied my foundation all over the face with my make-up sponge. This time we only applied it where it was needed and worked it in with a small foundation brush. He did the right side of my face and explained the application, afterwards I did the left side of my face. I also tried it at home, which really works great for me. Quickly we realized that my skin was still a bit of a challenge. It kept absorbing the products which led to less coverage and a slightly dry look. Later on we tried adding a bit of their studio-make-up, which has a different formula and can have more coverage depending on the application. Topped with a bit of powder to set everything, this really did the trick.

On the top of my cheeks we used a light creme pigment to give a nice, natural highlight.

creme pigment BERIO

Beni Durrer Lippenfarbe Berio

For the eyes we choose neutral colors, a soft beige and a little darker brown for the crease. To add more volume to my natural lashes we added the fake lashes GRETA.

For the lips we used a nice rosé/mauve tone called ROSENHOLZ with a bit of lip lacquer on top to give a nice shine. Sadly I don’t remember the exact shade anymore.

lip liner ROSENHOLZ

Beni Durrer Konturenstift Rosenholz

I was very happy with the look and got some really helpful tips on application and usage of their products. They are so versatile and really high quality.

Sorry that I didn’t take a picture of the final result, but I simply forgot.

I was really happy with the consultation. Daniel really took enough time and explained everything to me patiently. He was honest and really attentive. I definitely enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.

If you ever were interested in a make-up consultation and want to learn more about make-up and the Beni Durrer products, please take a chance on these guys. The consultation is about 90-120 minutes and costs 120,- €, which I think is a fair price for what you get.

I also told my co-worker about it and she was really interested. She wanted to have a personal make-up consultation and took my word on this. She called them and made an appointment. I will let you know what she thinks of the consultation and if she was as happy with it as I am.


Since I already own a few of their pressed powder pigments I decided to pick up a couple more to create a palette for myself. Daniel was so kind to provide a little goodie bag, so now I have two palettes to choose from. The colors are very pretty and perfect for my blue eyes.

The powder pigments I tried are great quality. They are highly pigmented, easy to apply and last all day.

palette one


left to right – top to bottom

swatches applied with my fingers, with a primer as base


palette two


left to right – top to bottom

swatches applied with my fingers, with a primer as base


Make-up consultation: 120,- € for 90-120 min consultation


powder peeling: 49,- €
24h creme: 49,- €
HDTV make-up: 39,- to 42,- €
HDTV concealer: 19,- €
studio make-up: 25,- €
powder: 36,- €
pressed powder pigments: 13,50 € each
creme/lip pigments: 13,50 € each
single pigment pan: 5,- €
4er pigment palette: 15,- €
9er pigment palette: 17,- €
16er pigment palette: 19,- €
eye lashes: 12,- to 16,- € each
mascara: 19,- €
lip liners: 13,- to 15,- €
lip color: 13,50 (lip pigments) to 19,- € (lipstick)
lip lacquer: 22,- €
make-up brushes: between 10,- and 50,- €

I have a long wishlist of products I want to get in the future, but since I don’t want to bore you here, I wrote it down separately. If you are interested in it, CLICK HERE. Maybe you can find some inspirations for yourself too.


I shortly want to address that Beni Durrer is a Make-up brand made in Berlin. The range includes three professional makeup lines, 164 eyeshadow shades, 113 lip colors and more than 60 accessories, makeup brushes and tools . The product lines are manufactured under aspects of sustainability and meet the latest standards of science. All products are made in Germany and are animal cruelty free. High-quality ingredients, great processing and exceptional color diversity as well as professional skin care products guarantee make-up at the highest level.

I decided to only buy my make-up from Beni Durrer in the future and therefore support a local brand that produces locally and animal cruelty free. I think it is important to take responsibility as a consumer and not support brands and cheap production under inhumane conditions in third world countries, that in the worst case also test on animals.

That does not only go for make-up , but also clothing. I know I am not perfect, but I am willing to change and make a change within my behaviour as a consumer.

I hope even after all the text you are still reading.

I would be happy to hear about your experience with Beni Durrer products and your opinion on what kind of brands you think should or should not be supported. Please leave your opinions in the comments below.


A huge thanks to the team of Beni Durrer for always being so kind to answer all my questions, as well as the treats you provided me.


Have a great day

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