HAULy friday – 28 – first order from Hypnotic Polish

Hello everyone,

today I am back with another HAULy friday post.


A few weeks ago the online shop Hypnotic Polish yet again had one of their 20% quick sales, which was the perfect chance for me to finally get my frist ILNP (I love nail polish) polishes.

Hypnotic Polish

Hypnotic Polish was founded at the end of 2013 by Maria, who has a life-long passion for beautiful manicures and pedicures. She opened the shop to offer some of the best products, including those from indie, artisan and bigger commercial brands. The online shop is located in the Netherlands and offers fast and reliable worldwide shipping. They offer friendly and super helpful customer service and therefore assist you with any issues you may have and offer advice.

I choose to order at Hypnotic Polish, because the store is located close to Germany and because they not only offer great nail polishes, but also the Seche Restore kit which I wanted for a long time.

My order was shipped super fast and arrived at my place just a few days after I ordered. WOW!


Everything was wrapped carefully and super pretty. Maria even included her business card and a tiny chocolate heart :)

What did I order?


On the website it sais

Seche Restore is the only thinner to thin a bottle of Seche Vite to its original consistency. Will not diminish shine or dull colours and only replaces those ingredients which have evaporated from the bottle.

Use by adding a few drops of Seche Restore to top coat bottle and rolling it slowly before adding a few more drops until consistency is fully restored.

Pack contains 1 x 59ml bottle of Seche Restore + 1 applicator pipette (11.25 €)

I have used the Seche Restore a couple of times to restore my older polishes and must say it is better than any polish thinner I have tried so far. Most of the polish thinners come in tiny amounts (p2 polish thinner contains 9ml – 1.65 €) and cost way more than the one from Seche. I think this kit is a great deal for people like me who own a ton of polishes.



These three polishes by ILNP were on my wish list for a lo~ng time. Sadly they are often sold out. Why? Well because ILNP makes great holographic nail polishes that are 3-free!

The MEGA polishes currently come in 4 different kinds.


They are described as followed:

MEGA is the mother of all holographic nail polishes, period. Each bottle of MEGA is JAM PACKED with a blend of ONLY the highest quality holographic pigment on the market today.
The moment you step outside into the sun wearing this bad-boy (or girl), you and anyone nearby are almost certain to be overwhelmed with the most vibrant fingertip rainbows you could ever imagine! Feeling creative? Try adding a few drops of MEGA to an old polish and watch something wonderful happen!

MEGA (S) is the brightest, most intense pure holographic nail polish out there! If you love the original MEGA but wouldn’t mind something a bit more in-your-face — this is it! When it comes to holographic intensity, MEGA (S) is in a league of its own. This stunner is exclusively loaded with the largest and most vivid top-shelf holographic pigment available today. The end result will be some of the most blindingly beautiful fingertip rainbows you’ve ever seen… ever! Take my word, MEGA (S) is absolutely incredible!

MEGA (L) is a new version of MEGA for the die-hard holo connoisseurs out there! MEGA (L) is the most linear, pure holographic polish out there. The difference between MEGA and MEGA (L) is subtle but extremely significant to holo lovers everywhere! MEGA (L) is made up of much smaller holographic pigment particles than the original MEGA. The end result is an intense holographic manicure with beautiful and silky appearing coverage along with a much smoother (“linear”) appearing rainbow effect in direct light.

MEGA (X) is composed of an array of oversized holographic pigments for maximum holographic sparkle to the 10th power! MEGA (X) has a seriously over-the-top scattered holographic sparkle that’s even visible indoors and is practically blinding in the sun! Definitely a power player, MEGA (X) absolutely does not disappoint!

picture comparison from the Hypnotic Polish website:



Like I said, I choose MEGA (S) and MEGA (X), because they seemed the most fitting for my personal taste. I love in-your-face holo and I love me some glitter holo.

I really love the packaging and the design of the bottles and caps as well.



In comparison, you can see a clear difference between those two babies, even in the bottle.


When moving them around I knew I had picked the right versions of the MEGA family.





Last but not least I wanted a nice black holo that would take my breath away, so I picked Missed Calls.


Picture from the Hypnotic Polish website

On the website it sais

Missed Calls is definitely here to make a statement! Inside of this black nail polish is so much holographic sparkle that it practically explodes off the nail. Don’t miss this one!

Missed Calls is part of ILNP’s new Ultra Holo class of super intense holographic nail polishes; specifically formulated for maximum, in-your-face holographic sparkle! Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!


Missed Calls


This baby is just as stunning as the other two polishes. Just look how it sparkles!!!


I used these polishes a lot and love them even more on the nails as in their bottles or these nail tips. Check my Instagram or Facebook to view my little videos of the polishes in direct sunlight.


This picture of the nail tips was also taken in direct sunlight. Aren’t they stunning? I am totally in love.

Another polish I wanted to buy at Maria’s website, but sadly was out of stock, was Blonde Ambition from Colors by Llarowe.

So my friend Janine from Lackliebe got it for me.

Blonde Ambition is a light nude taupe with a strong linear holo finish. It dries to a shiny finish and is 5-free and cruelty free.




I am wearing this polish right now and gotta say it is very pretty. In plain office light it looks totally different than in direct sunlight. Only when in sunlight it reveals it real blinding beauty.

All of these four polishes have a nice smooth texture than makes it easy to spread the polishes on to your nails.

I am obviously a holosexual. Thanks Cristine for bringing it out in me.

no hate


 photo Mara2.jpg

Hypnotic Polish


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