my attempt at #polishmountain

Holo everyone,

if you follow me on any of my Social Media accounts you might have seen that I attempted the #polishmountain last Friday.

You may think “what the hell is this s**t?”, especially when you saw it you might have thought “WTF?! Who would wear that?!”
Well today I will explain what all of this was about.

If you are interested in nail art, chance is that you’ve come across the YouTube channel Simply Naillogical, which was build by a lovely canadian girl Cristine.

Check all her Social Media accounts below and add/follow/subscribe to her, cuz she is awesome and hilarious!

Instagram Cristine
Instagram Cristine’s feature account
Instagram Menchie (Cristine’s cat)
Instagram Zyler (Cristine’s cat)
Instagram Ben (Cristine’s BF)


By her subscribers, Cristine was challenged to paint as much different polishes on her nails as possible.

The result was a super hilarious video, showing how she did exactly that and how 116 coats of polish took her about 12 hours.


Just like that the term and hashtag polish mountain was born. Cristine also asked her subscribers to do the same and out-coat her.

People might call me crazy, but I loved the challenge and HAD to do it. So last Friday after work I sat down at my nail polish desk and started painting. I picked many different finishes (satin, matt, shimmer, sand, plain creme colors, holo, duo-chrome) and made sure to apply very thin coats and to let them dry in between. When you look at my pictures you might think, that doesn’t look as high as Cristine’s or the others or that it doesn’t even look like 142 coats of polish, but trust me it is. It took me around 12 hours (5 pm to 5 am) to re-create this stunning piece of art and I must say I really like the result. I love how you can see all these different types of polish and finishes.

polish mountain 2

polish mountain 1

I think Cristine created a great thing. Nail art is supposed to be fun, creative and help us get our minds off of our daily life.

I love how she even re-tweeted me on twitter. On that matter, do you use twitter for nail related things?


How do you like this fun nail design and Cristine? Any fellow holosexuals out there?

Say HI! in the comments below!

 photo Mara2.jpg

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