[LACKtastischer Adventskalender] 3.Advent – favorite christmas polish

Hello everyone and happy 3rd Advent to you all.

Another day, another door. Janine from Lackliebe, a few other bloggers and I open the third Advent door to our [LACKtastischer Adventskalender].

Today’s theme is a very easy one. Favorite christmas polish/es.

You heard correct – polishes, because I obviously have too many to pick just one. Today I will show you a few of my favorites and you are very welcome to join in as well. If you do it on Instagram, please make sure to use #lackvent2015 so we can see your Advent nail designs as well.

Which are my favorite christmas polishes?

First up is Spoiled – Show me the Money. A very nice green shimmer polish with tons of small glitter in it. It also has a super subtile green shimmer to it, which does not turn your base color green though. A very big plus, since a lot of glitters/shimmers can change the color of your base.


I also very much enjoy it with this pretty green glitter polish from HOMEI – HM-7K. It has a clear base and big round green glitter in it with a few stars as well. On top of the Spoiled polish it gives you a nice green glitter top, especially on a white base. This combination is not only great for St. Patrick’s’ but also for christmas.


Another favorite of mine is HM-20R from HOMEI. It has a clear base with a slight red shimmer and different colored and shaped glitter particles. It kind of reminds me of a colorful christmas tree. In the bottle more than on the nails, this is perfect for christmas. Of course you can always sponge on more layers to get a better coverage.


Next is tinsel from ORLY. It was part of their sparkle collection and boy does it sparkle :D
If you ask me, a must have for christmas manicure.


It also looks great with a white gold base as you might have seen for my Saint Nicolas nail design.


Next up are four Ciaté polishes from the Candy Cane House collection from last christmas. These are also a must have for christmas if you ask me. Look how pretty they are!



PP230 – snow fall

IMG_2449b IMG_2449bb

PP229 – tangled tinsel

IMG_2448b IMG_2448bb

PP228 – ginger snap

IMG_2450b IMG_2450bb

PP227 – candy craze

IMG_2447b IMG_2447bb

And last but not least is ANNY – 046 private party. A simply stunning red that dries matt and has a slight golden shimmer to it.



I already did a manicure with gold triangles back when I received it from ANNY and I think it really is a great mani for christmas.



How do you like these and what is your favorite christmas nail polish? Please let me know!

yesterdays door: Eliane from Die-Lackmamsell
tomorrows door: Steffi from Gepunkteter-NagellackBlog



The themes for next Advent Sunday’s are as followed:

4th Advent (Dec 20th) – Advent wreath


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I hope you have a nice 3rd Advent.
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