[sponsored] maskworld contest – pimp your vader helmet

Hello everyone,

today I have another exciting Blog post for you.


How many of you are Star Wars fans? The new movie is right around the corner and Maskworld.com called for a little creative competition.

Pimp your Vader helmet

Maskworld.com, is the leading Online store for everything you need to create the perfect Costume and was founded in 1999 in Berlin. They offer a wide range of products, from high quality and trendy costumes, to Wigs, Make-up, special effects Make-up and Contact lenses. They ship worldwide and also have a huge new store located near Hackescher Markt at Oranienburger Str. 86a in Berlin.

Of course, since it is almost time for the new movie, Maskworld also offers a wider range of Star Wars costumes. If you are looking for on, maybe you would like to check them out.

Until November 29 everyone who knew of this competition had time to mail in an idea on how they would pimp one of the Vader helmets. 10 finalists were chosen by the Maskworld Jury and I was picked as one of the 10.

So what was my idea you ask?

Well, you will see. I wanted to incorporate the main theme of my Blog, which is nail polishes and decided to transform Vaders “face” into Darth Maul. I also wanted to represent Anakins struggle between the good and dark side before he turned into Darth Vader, which is why I wanted to place Yoda on one side of the helmet and the imperator on the other side. This wouldn’t be my version of creativity if I didn’t use nail polishes to draw these on.

On Friday December the 4th I received my Vader helmet, which was sponsored by Maskworld.com.


They also send a little folder with all the important information for the competition.


That gave me about a week to bring my idea to life and show the transformation in pictures on my Blog. Today it’s time to go public and show the world what I did. I really hope you enjoy this presentation/tutorial.

I would also very much appreciate if you could vote for me. Voting starts on Monday December 14th on the Maskworld Facebook page.

The helmet itself can be separated into two parts and is actually wearable since it’s sold for costume purposes.


The helmet is made of a black synthetic substance. The eyes are see-through and you can nicely breath through the opening around the nose/mouth area.




After I separated the actual helmet from the mask I used a white wax pencil to sketch out the pattern of Darth Maul’s face. Since the mask itself is wider and because of the shape, different then Darth Maul’s face I had to adjust the pattern a bit.


I used this picture as a reference

source unknown
google pictures

I used tape to get the rough shape and protect the parts I needed to leave black from the following red paint. In this case I did not use nail polish, because it would have taken too much product and wouldn’t give me an even result. I used spray paint instead.



The spray paint gave me a bit of a headache. The color simply didn’t stay on evenly, I think it’s because I didn’t use a base spray.

I also got a little heart attack after removing the tape. The red color was stuck everywhere, but luckily I could get rid of it by using acetone free nail polish remover.



The clean result was pretty nice though. I touched up most of the part with nail polish anyway, but all together I was quite happy with it.





I added a few more details with black polish and Darth Maul’s face was done.





For the sides of the helmet I used the following pictures as a reference.

I wanted to place Yoda on the one side …


and the imperator on the other side.


To get a clean base I added white nail polish with a make-up sponge. This allowed me to get apply color without having to worry that the color wouldn’t show off.




Once that was dry I used black print paper to transfer the sketches as my guideline on to the helmet.




The next step was to bring the characters to life and color them in. Again, for Yoda I could not use nail polishes. This little buddy has so many different shades of skin tones and shadowing that I used acrylic paint. His “shirt” and coat were painted with nail polish though. Especially with Yoda I tried to be as detailed as possible. Getting the right shades for his skin was really not that easy, but I think in the end he turned out pretty nice.


The imperator was pretty easy compared to Yoda. He mainly exists of black, but since black on black wouldn’t work I decided to color his coat/hood in different grey shades (even though it appears more blue-ish).


Once I had everything done I used a clear matte spray paint to seal everything in. I felt matte would look better than shiny and I was right.






The finished result looks like this.




I had tons of fun creating this new version of the Vader helmet and I really hope you like it too.

I am really excited what the other finalists came up with. On Monday we will be able to see the result on the Maskworld Facebook page. You can also voted there starting Monday. I would really appreciate your vote to know if you liked my version of the Vader helmet. :)

Have a great Sunday.

 photo Mara2.jpg


Please check out the Maskworld Online store Maskworld.com

as well as their other social media accounts

Maskworld Instagram
Maskworld Facebook
Maskworld YouTube


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