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Hello everyone,

today I have another exciting post for you. Like I said in my BeautyBloggerCafé 2015 – Event Review I want to introduce you to all of my Braun products and talk about the experiences I made with them. Two of these products were sponsored by Braun, you can recognize them since they are marked with a star (*)

Pictures marked with a * are from the Braun website, all rights are reserved by Braun.



About Braun

Braun is a premium German brand for electrical appliances. Some associate Braun with design, based on the pioneering industrial design led by Dieter Rams and his successors. Others think of German engineering and innovation: Braun’s invention of the Plexiglas lid for turntables or discovery of two-component molding, or its innovations in metal surfaces or plastics molding. Many simply consider the indestructible nature of Braun appliances, renowned for their reliability, longevity and sustainability.

All are true and relevant facets of the Braun brand. But Braun is more than this. Braun wants to go “beyond design.” This does not mean design is no longer important – today it is more important than ever. Going beyond design means viewing design in the context of consumer experience.

Braun offers products for men and women, from kitchen supplies to beauty products like razors, epilator, hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and even skin care products like their face cleansing brush.

I got the chance to meet the PR team for Braun and learn more about the company and their products, which was really exciting for me since I am a big supporter of Braun. If it comes to hair styling products, I only own Braun.

Let me show them to you piece by piece. First up are the products I received from them for free, the Satin Hair 7 SensoDryer* and the new Satin Hair 7 IONTECH hair brush* in white (for thin hair).

They both came in a lovely box, accompanied by a sweet note from the team.



The hair dryer also came with a styling set for free. Included were a comb, some hair ties, bobby pins and a black ribbon. A very nice goodie for people who travel. You can put all the hair essentials in it.



The SensoDryer comes with a couple of good extras. It is the most premium and sophisticated dryer and has a unique combination of intelligent sensor technology with professional performance. Since I have learned the professional handling of hair and the right care during my hairstylist education I know what is important in any hair care supplies. Heat is a main point. You want to dry your hair, not burn or fry it. The SensoDryer has built-in sensors that measure the temperature 600x a minute and adjusts it for the best nonstop performance of the device and healthy-looking hair. A professional AC fan system creates robust airflow that in combination with extra precise attachments helps creating salon looking hair. If you have thin hair and the problem of it flying or being staticly loaded you will love the additional IONTEC technology. It gives a smooth and frizz-free hairstyle. It is available for around 55,- €.

Satin Hair 7 SensoDryer highlights

Thermo Sensor
Feels air and adapts temperature for maximum heat control.

Professional AC motor
For 5x longer life time.

Professional fan system
with fast concentrated airflow.

dryer 1*

SensoDryer: Always optimal heat and robust precise airflow.

dryer 2*

Conventional dryer: Heat increases.

dryer 3*

dryer 4*

To learn more, you can also watch the product video:


Before I received the SensoDryer, I used the Braun creation 1700 which I bought about 2 years ago for ~20,- €. To me it is a great hair dryer for a small price. It comes with adjustable heat settings and a nozzle, as well as a button for cold air.



Looking at both dryers next to each other you can see the slightly different form. The creation is shorter and wider but it is also lighter.


When you hold the SensoDryer you can clearly feel the weight difference. I think it is because of the stronger motor inside the SensoDryer.



The nozzle is also slightly different.




The SensoDryer comes with a lot more additional settings and goodies, but if you don’t really want them or don’t know how to use them the creation will be fine for you too. I especially like the heat and IONTECH setting. Something any girl with long hair should know to appreciate.

Even before I received the SensoDryer for free, I wanted to buy it for myself. I like the new technology and definitely feel a difference when using it. My hair is less hot and more healthy looking when I compared to when I was using the creation for a while.

I think especially with long you hair you have to be careful which products to use, especially when it comes to heat. Hair can easily burn and get damaged so it is a big help that the SensoDryer has heat-sensors that measure and adjust the heat.

I definitely don’t want to miss it anymore.


A great addition to the SensoDryer is the Satin Hair 7 IONTECH hair brush. I got the black one about 5 years ago and use it daily.



Like I said before, I do have thin hair and especially in winter have the problem of my hair being staticly loaded. This hair bush gets it rid of it and also gives instant shine and smoothness from the first brush stroke. You could use it anytime and anywhere – just push of a button. In that matter I wish there would be a little case to carry it outside. I wouldn’t want to damage the bristles which is why I only use it as home. When you use it, you can clearly see and feel the difference as your hair will look shinier and feel smoother.

IONTEC – Active ion jet

brush 2*

The ion jet releases millions of active ions creating a halo around your hair. Active ions work very much like a conditioner. They instantly tame frizz and flying hair for touchable smoothness compared to brushes without active ions.

brush 1*

Satin Hair 7 Brush highlights

Removable cushion pad
The extra soft cushion is specially designed for a sensory experience on the scalp and enables gentle brushing without snagging your hair. It’s also removable for easy cleaning.


Automatic switch off
The Braun Satin Hair 7 Brush has an automatic switch off function to prevent it from accidentally being switched on when carried in a bag.

Seamless bristle technology
The seamless bristles with a super smooth surface enable exceptionally gentle brushing to help prevent damage to the cuticle.

Now I also received the new, white version of the brush.


It is specifically designed for thin hair since it has natural bristles. I already tried it at the BeautyBloggerCafé and was kind of hesitant, but it’s true. It really works much better for thin hair.


Both brushes work great, it really is just a matter of hair condition. If you hair ir strong and thick, you should get the black brush. If your hair is like mine, thin and easy to break then I advise you to get the white one. They are both available for around 39,- €.



close-up of the different bristles


So what did I do with the “old” one? I gave it to my boyfriend. He also has super long, but thick hair. So the “old” one is prefect for him.


Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler is a hair straightener and curler/styler is one. It is equipped with a little computer that “feels” the hair, adapts temperature for ultimate heat protection.Because of the automatic temperature adaption and better gliding, you have longer-lasting results and healthy-looking, shiny hair.

I bought the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler myself, because I was really intrigued by the technology. I think it is really important to do what you can to not damage your hair as much if you use hot devices like a dryer, straightener or curler.

As most Braun devices, the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler comes well packaged and protected.


At first sight it looks like many other hair straighteners, but you see the difference at the top….


it has cooling pads that won’t heat up with the straightener and allow you to touch and hold it there in case you are using it to make waves or curls.


It is also equipped with a display that allows you to save up to two profiles. You enter your hair length, thickness and whether it is coloured or not.

picture rights reserved by

From this point on you can quick start with your profile whenever you use the straightener. Another great option is the manual function, which allows you to set the temperature. It heats up in about 30 seconds and is currently available for around 75,- €.

SensoCare technology

straightener 1*

Like I said, built-in sensors in the plate detect the moisture level of each hair strand and automatically adapt to the ideal temperature from root to tip for smoother, longer-lasting styles. Clearly this will give you great styling results without the risk of heat damage.

straightener 2*

Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler highlights

Active curling edges and a cool tip
To achieve perfect and controlled creation of curls and waves.

Automatic temperature adaption
Continuously adapts temperature from root to tip for ultimate heat protection.

Nanoglide ceramic plates
For 3x smoother gliding vs conventional plates.

Patented floating plates
Distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage.

Advanced display guidance
Provides feedback on your styling process for better styling results in less strokes.


Healthy curling with the Satin Hair 7 Curler (EC 1)



Another great product which I bought myself is the Satin Hair 7 Curler with IONTEC. When I used to live in Japan and had natural hair extensions I curled my hair everyday. I really love the look on myself but don’t really have the time and patience to do now. I tried getting curls with the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler, but don’t really get the hang of it. For my thin hair the curls don’t turn out as pretty and they don’t last as long as when I do them with a curler.

The Satin Hair 7 Curler with IONTEC is specifically designed to restore the shine and health of your hair when styling. It is a great addition to the other products I mentioned above. It also give you nice defined curls, which you won’t be able to get with a hair straightener/styler I think.

curler 1*

As all Braun Satin Hair 7 product the curler features Braun’s breakthrough innovation IONTEC, which is a unique technology that is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and is therefore your reassurance for healthy styling. The green ion jet releases millions of satin ions effectively onto your hair to attract moisture particles from the air while curling. The result is an impeccable radiant shiny style that reflects the health of your hair.

curler 2*

Satin Hair 7 Curler highlights

Moisture level balance
Satin ions envelop every single hair and quickly restore the moisture balance of your hair that usually gets lost during styling with excessive heat.

Anti-static styling
Braun’s unique ion technology produces a rich stream of satin ions that envelop every single hair. This advanced ionic performance acts like a natural moisturizer during styling, taming frizz and static and leaving your hair gorgeously shiny and smooth.

Anti hair breakage
Specific sensitive hair ends protection through uniquely designed ceramic care barrel prevents the excess dry-out and maintains the health of your hair’s cuticula.


Braun belongs to the biggest hair care company world-wide and has been the inventor of numerous hair care innovations. In alliance with the DWI (an independent German Fibre Research Institute), Braun has discovered that curling with temperatures over 200°C is irreversibly damaging the structure of the hair. True to our passion to care for the health of your hair, Satin Hair 7 Curler operates with accurate temperature control up to 185°C and superior IONTEC.

Those who expressed a preference; Source: MM Research Institute, Germany; Jan 2006

I tried my best to take good photos of myself/my hair in each different condition. Let’s see the result’s:

First off I would like to show you my natural wavy hair after I washed and dried it. You can see that I have whirls and waves at the roots as well as the length and ends. My hair is also toned (not permanently died) and very long.


My biggest con about my hair is that they are super thin, which always results in staticly loaded, flying hairs. Let’s brush them with the Satin Hair 7 IONTECH hair brush.



Like I said before, I think it makes a big difference and give you a good foundation to continue styling your hair.

Afterwards I heated up the Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler to straighten my hair.


The result is great and clearly all I want from a good straightener. I love that you can see all the different highlight in the lengths.



Of course, after I was done I brushed it again with the IONTECH hair brush.


For a little fun in between I also tried to do a hair flip picture.^^ I think it turned out quite nice :)



Curling my hair was next. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the process, but I am sure there are lots of videos on YouTube that show you how to do it. Personally, I start at the bottom/neck. I part my hair in sections and clip them up. Then I curl step by step, strain by strain, making sure to hold the curls in my hand a bit and clipping them up as well so they can cool down like that. This ensures you for nicer and longer lasting curls.

After the complete hair was done I looked like this.


I usually like reading a bit or watching videos on YouTube.


After 10 minutes you can take out the clips and admire your beautiful curls. Add a bit of hair spray and you are done.



I think I don’t have to tell you again that I am very happy with all of these products. They are definitely worth the money or at least worth a try.

Do you have any product you can recommend or any experience you would like to share with me? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks again yo Braun for sponsoring these two products as mentioned above.

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